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Story: China's Angel ( I was at a loss of a better title)
Author: me! oh yeah need a name uh... JHSRockerbaby

Fa Mulan ran at full speed. She was unaware of her destination, only the main fact that she had to run away. She then noticed that Shang was also running at top speed next to her, the road they ran was long and curvy unchanging, dense forests surrounding them. It seemed that Mulan's legs were wearing out. No way, she could keep runing at the speed she was running. She goes further knowing that she has to run, Shang is in front of her now, not looking back on her 'Have to keep up' her mind raced. Suddenly and inevitably she stumbles over a root that had emerged out of the ground it was from a large tree somewhere deep in the forest.
"Shang" was all she could call out, she was too frantic and too tired to yell anything more. Shang, hearing his name, turned around and saw her. Quickly he ran back kneeling down to her,
she saw him reach out for her hand. She almost took his hand when ,out of nowhere, an arrow flies through the air, then another then another, Mulan watched in horror as Shang was hit by one of those arrows
'Shang!' He had fallen, dead. It was then that Mulan had felt utterly alone.
There was a sound in the bushes, a rustling noise, someone getting closer. Mulan squeezed her eyes tight she knew who she was about to see.
'we meet again Fa Mulan' that was all that Shan Yu had said. Mulan knew he wanted her head on a silver platter. She knew he would kill her.
"No! Stop" she pleaded hoping he'd just leave, knowing that would be impossible. She saw the shining of his sword, the one she used to have. He raised it over her head, slashing down hard.
"Nooooooooo!!!!" Mulan woke, screaming, falling off of the bed, landing gently as possible.
"Another nightmare?" her husband, Li Shang asked looking at her sitting on the floor. "I had tried to wake you up." Mulan could just nod and look guilty. She wobbily, stood up. Her head ached. She had had nightmares ever since she and Shang had married. They started out small, Mulan running, then things kept adding and adding, she had no clue what it meant. "Why do I always have to have those nightmares?" she groaned
"Maybe they're a sign," Shang offered helpfully,"maybe something is about to happen." Mulan cringed. What if Shan Yu does come back? Or what if Shang dies then she'd be alone, save......
A cry broke out through the house, all the noise Mulan had made had woken up Sai-Yen, their son. Mulan rushed over and picked him up out of his crib - like bed. Mulan smiled remembering when she had him. She was beyond pain. But when he was born she had felt like she had done something right. She wanted to go down to the matchmaker and show her she was capible of having a son. But that was about 5 months ago since Sai-Yen was born.
Mulan was still in a daze about it all. The wedding about a year or so ago then Sai-Yen. All had happened not long after she returned from the small war. The one almost all of China was talking about. The talk about her being in the war got both stares of admireation and stares of disapproval. Mulan could care less. Shang still let her train and Lin-Mei, her mother in law, was unlike other mother in laws she was patient and didn't mind Mulan practicing martial arts. She loved the idea. Sai-Yen was able to stay around her and she didn't mind giving her new grandson all the attention she could give him.
"Mulan?" Mulan snapped out of the daze when she noticed Shang was calling her. "are you okay?"
"Shang, I'm fine." she smiled. Why was she dazing off so much. Her thoughts were again interrupted, by the sound of drums, that sound was infamous. It always meant the Emporer's aide sent something to someone. Shang started to leave. Mulan placed, a sleeping Sai-Yen down and followed him.
" This notice from the Emporer declares all people in the war must report to Meng Tao camp tomorrow for further instructions." Chi-Fu had called then, bewildered, looked again. "well it says people, But I don't want to see HER there, she should know her place by now." Chi-fu smirked pointing at Mulan.
"It says people for a reason, that means she can go back also!" some villager shot back. Mulan smiled, glad someone was on her side. After giving his notice Chi fu left.
"Is it alright if I go?" Mulan asked once inside the privacy of her own home.
"Who will watch Sai-yen?" Shang asked
"I will" came another voice, Lin-Mei an elderly lady, really not that old but, she was not fat yet not as small as Mulan she was gentle and loving. "Shang you know I love watching over my grandson, Mulan will be okay with you." Mulan smiled that famous 'I beat you smile'
"Thank you Popo." she bowed. Shang knew before she even asked that she would be accompaniny him. The Emporer had made her Captain after he was promoted to general.
"You may go, but please TRY to stay out of trouble" like that was ever going to happen he thought with a slight smile.
"Me?! trouble? Never..." she quickly added.
Shang knew this was going to be an interesting time at camp.
"Where do I pack my dresses?"

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