After what seemed like forever Shang stood up, looked down at Mulan. He smiled softly at her and kissed her cheek as if he was just saying I will see you later. He then briskly turned and walked out of the tent. Wei looked after him. Praying shang wouldn't do anything too rash.


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China's angel

Chapter 11. Cherry Blossom



"And you didn't follow him?!" one of the men yelled looking at Wei in disbelief. The men were heading down the hill to explore the burnt out villiage of the huns.

"It wasn't my place to follow him. He needs time a lone to cope. If he wanted to do anything rash, I couldn't stop him." The men nodded and followed their way down towards the villiage.


Shang walked briskly he had passed the villiage a little while ago and had no intentions of entering. **My men will go explore** he thought sadly. He kept walking. He entered grassier planes and came to a stream. He walked up the soothing sounds of water splattering on the rocks. He looked up to see a small water fall and the soft mist rising from the water near the waterfall. **Mulan would have loved it here** He thought looking down into his reflection in the water. Shang got down to his knees and pulled out his sword **This will be the perfect place to join her.** he thought poising the sword right at his heart. He closed his eyes preparing for the pain.

"Don't do it, Shang." He heard the stream whisper. Shang opened his eyes and in the mist by the waterfall was Mulan. Shang hastily got up and walked towards her. "Shang, you can't do it." She smiled at him. Her body was sparkling like the waterfall. Her dress was simple and elegant all at the same time. He remembered that dress. It was the dress she had worn to the matchmakers back when she first went. She wore that dress infront of the emporer when he asked them to accompany him to dinner. He loved that outfit. Her face had color and she looked just as lively as ever.

"I missed you, Mulan." Shang whispered forgetting that he could talk and trying to choke back tears. Mulan felt a few tears threatening to fall down her face as well.

"And I miss you too, Shang." She whispered slowly getting closer to him. "But you killing yourself will not help our son, or the others who need you desperatly." Shang reached out and touched her. She felt real, yet cold. Like she had been swimming in the stream. He reached further and held her in his arms. She embraced him, and they stayed that way for a while. Shang started sobbing.

"It's going to be so hard without you Mulan, I loved you."

"And I love you too Shang, We have had more love in the little time that we have known eacher, than most people will ever get." Shang nodded, too choked up to say anything. "Promise me, Shang, that you will never commit suicide, please." Shang nodded again.

"I promise. " She loosened her grip on Shang and stepped back away from him.

"Shang there is something else." Shang was regaining composure and smiled at Mulan seeing her small childish expression of trying to be serious. "There is a girl down there in the villiage. She is very young. And the only survivor. Raise her for me Shang, Treat her like she is your child. So much is going to come from her. She has the destiny our little girl was going to have. Please keep her alive." Shang was quiet for a moment letting it all sink in. They were going to have a girl. He wanted that child more than anything, now.

"I will take care of her." Mulan's body started to become translucent.

"You better hurry then Shang. I'm keeping her safe right now. She will be okay when she is found, but your men will try to have her killed. If you don't hurry she will be dead." and with saying that Mulan dissappeared. Turning into nothing more than a memory. Shang watched her dissappear and then turned and ran towards the villiage.

**at the villiage**

"well, so far no survivors. But with the looks of it there are a few things worth keeping." Wei announced holding up a golden goblet. The men continued walking around taking care to walk over or avoid the dead bodies that littered the area.

"Look!" One of the men called. "This Gher (hun house) Doesn't look to badly destroyed!" Wei and the other men walked towards it. There was a body in the way. From the looks of it. The body was a woman running away from the house. The expression on her face showed that she clearly wanted away from the house. The men walked closer.

"Stop!" Shang called running closer avoiding all the dead bodies. The men waited until he got closer. "Did you find any survivors?"

"No, not yet Shang." Wei answered." We were just about to check this house." Shang, while catching his breath, followed them. The house was empty. No fine arts or artifacts. Nothing of importance. The men walked further. Shang stayed behind and tried to catch his breath.

"Uh, Shang you better come here." one of the men called. Shang walked in and looked on the bed. There was a baby lying there. In her hands she had a chinese comb ( Much like the one Mulan had) and a magnolia blossom was lying right above her head. Shang smiled ** didn't think I'd notice it was her?** he mentally thought to Mulan, who to him, was probably showing off with the magnolia blossom. One of the men unsheathed his sword.

"Let's make this quick and put her out of her misery." The man said raising the sword.

"No! Don't!" Shang barked. The men looked at him in surprise. "Don't kill her."

"Shang, leaving her would be even worse than killing her fast." Wei reasoned.

"Then, we'll take her with us." Shang replied.

"Shang, we can't raise her." Wei remarked. "We're men."

"I'll raise her." Shang smiled walking over towards the girl. " Mulan wanted me to." The men got silent. They were still unaware of how Shang would react to the mentioning of Mulan's name.

"Shang, you have a son. She's just a girl. Leave her." Wei replied silently. Shang looked up at Wei glaring.

"Mulan was JUST a girl." he replied quietly. The men stayed silent. It was pretty much decided that Shang was going to raise her.

"Well, what do we call her then, Shang?" Wei asked trying to understand his friends predicament. It was silent. Shang heard Mulan's voice whisper. and he smiled

"I'm going to call her Ying fa."

**The next day.**

Shang walked up the hill with his new child. His little Ying-fa. (a/n: Ying-fa means Cherry blossom) He had gotten home that night and burried Mulan right between the magnolia tree and the Cherry blossom tree. He sat down beside the grave. He had laid The Magnolia blossom that was found with Ying-fa and a Cherry blossom from his own tree on the grave. He held the sleeping Ying-fa in his arms and he began to talk.

"Well, It has been a few days now without you. I miss you more every day. But I know you still see me. and I know you're helping me and Ying-fa. She looks like you. It's hard to say why. But she has made my days a little easier. I still love you Mulan and I will love you forever. And it's just hard right now. Thinking that I won't be holding you in my arms anymore. I miss you so much." He started to feel his throat constrict. " I'm going to go to the villiage where my mother and Sai-Yen are. I'm going to be bringing them back home. I'm going to introduce them to Ying-fa. I'll tell them that you gave birth to her before you died. I want them to always think of her as our child. Well, honey, I better go it's getting dark and the winds are starting to pick up I don't want Ying-fa to catch a cold. I should be back tomorrow night with Sai-yen. I will take him out here tomorrow night and I will talk to you again. Bye, love." Shang stood up and brushed the dirt off of his pants. He wrapped the blanket up over Ying-fa, to keep her warm, and he walked back towards his house. Smiling,despite the tears. He knew his angel was looking down upon him and Ying-fa. She had saved him that night, not only him, but all of China. She wasn't just his angel. She was China's angel too.


The end.


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