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Sixteen Candles

One: Interesting Information

"So long my princesses!" sang Tamaki. "Please do us the honor of coming again!"

The last customers of the Host Club giggled and then walked out the doors. Haruhi flopped down in a chair.

"What a day," she said, exhausted.

"Well, you should be tired," said Kyoya, scribbling in his notebook. "You had quite a few customers today. Good work."

"Yes!" said Tamaki, raising his hand in a handsome pose. "I must say Haruhi, you have developed into quite the impressive host! All thanks to me and my astounding guidance, I assume?"

"Not really," she said. A red arrow banged Tamaki in the head.

"So tell me," Kyoya continued, "what are you doing tomorrow? Anything special?"

Haruhi looked up. "Um, not really. Why?"

"Well, I just assumed. It being your birthday."

Behind her, Tamaki whipped himself into a rigid position.

"It's your birthday?" asked the twins.

"Well, tomorrow it is."

"And you're not going to do anything?" asked Hunny, his bunny hanging from his arm.

"I'm too old for parties," she explained.


She looked over at Tamaki, who had been building over emotional drama.

"Come again?" He turned to her, tears streaming down his face like little rivers.

"That is unacceptable! You must do something for it! It's the celebration that marks the day you graced the world with your presence! You must do something! It's daddy's wish!"

"I'm not doing anything," she said coldly. Tamaki turned into white stone, which cracked down the middle.

"How old will you be?" asked Hikaru.


What was left of Tamaki crumbled into rubble. He then suddenly reformed and grew into a statuesque figure.

"What?" he outraged. "It's your SIXTEENTH?"


Tamaki put his hand to his eyes, as if to stop his tears as a random spot light made him sparkle.

"Oh Haruhi…" he said solemnly. "You poor, poor child… to not even celebrate your sixteenth birthday… it's probably because you're a commoner, isn't it?" He wrapped his arms around her. "You pitiful creature! Oh! If you need money, just say it… I will gladly throw you a sixteenth and – "


Tamaki's eyes welled up considerably. "But…"

"I said no." And she slid out and under his grip.

"Ah, come on, Haruhi," said Kaoru.

"Parties are fun!" Hikaru concluded.

"Yeah!" Hunny chimed. "And birthday parties have cake! Ooh! I know! They have the best cakes in France! I could get one for you!"

"Ah," Mori added.

"Look, guys, I don't want a party, ok?"

"But Haruhiiii!" Tamaki wined.

"I said no."

"Mooom! Do something!"

"There's nothing I can do," said Kyoya. "If she doesn't want a party, she doesn't want a party – Dad."

"At least someone takes my side," Haruhi mumbled.

Tamaki's lip quivered. "But… but… but your sixteenth birthday is special!"

"No it's not. It's just another day. Now, please." She walked over to the door. "I need to head home. I'll see you tomorrow." Without another word, she left. Tamaki looked helplessly at the door.

"That wasn't right…" he simpered.

Hikaru and Kaoru looked at each other, plan forming in their heads.

"You know, my Lord," they said, popping up behind him, "we could throw her a surprise party."

"Surprise?" he said.


They each put their arm around Tamaki's shoulder.

"You see," said Hikaru, "we could distract her tomorrow afternoon…"

"…While you guys set up party stuff," Kaoru concluded.

"And that'll work?" he asked.

"Sure it will!" they echoed. Tamaki seemed to regain his composure immediately; for he then stood tall and proud.

"Very well!" he declared. "Well will give Haruhi the greatest sixteenth birthday party ever!"

"But won't Haruh-chan get mad?" asked Hunny. Tamaki smiled and patted him on the head.

"Of course not! She won't have time to get mad!"

His mind drifted to one of his fantasies.

Haruhi stood at the doors of the Host Club (and for some reason in a pink ball gown) with a cute expression of awe on her face…

"Oh, Tamaki… you did all of this for me…?"

Tamaki then came into view, and grabbed her by her waist, pulling her close to him…

"Yes, my princess… all for you…"

"But… I said I didn't want a party…" She blushed and turned away. "I am not worthy of Tamaki-senpi's time…"

Tamaki lifted her chin…

"Of course you are… you are the only one worth any of it… my darling…"


"HOW ADORABLE!" he squealed. Kyoya sighed.

"This isn't a good idea…"

They turned to the shadow king.

"Come on, Kyoya…" he pleaded. "This is Haruhi we're talking about. Doesn't she deserve a good birthday?"

He sighed and closed his notebook. "If you must, I suppose…"

There were many cheers and then rustling of papers as the hosts started on their battle plan.

Oh dear… this is not going to come out well, is it? Find out next chapter!