A New Beginning

The Inu-Yasha Story Continues!

Chapter 1

The Past

It was 52 years ago, when our grandmother said good-bye to her friends & the man she loved more than anything.

Our grandmother was only 20 years old then. If she were alive right now she would be older then 70. But she died when she was 32.

She killed herself, but the only one who knows why is our grandfather, who she made promise not to tell anyone why. No matter what!

Our grandfather died not long after that. He was about 47.

Before our grandmother died she had one child. She had a little girl who she named Inu-Ni. Inu-Ni was 3 years old when our grandmother died.

In the end our grandfather could no longer keep the promise he made to our grandmother & he told our mother everything the day before he died. Our grandfather must have known his time was coming to an end. Or at least that's what our mother always thought he knew.

It has been 57 years in all since she met the love of her life. His name was Inu-Yasha. He was sealed to the sacred tree, Goshinboku when she first saw him. He was in search of the Shikon-no-tama which was in our grandmother's body.

Our grandmother accidentally broke it. Then she felt it was her fault & her responsibility to fix it.

The she learned that she was the reincarnation of this Kikyo person who died 50 years before she got there. In the beginning she didn't know how she had even come to arrive in the Sengoku Jidai.

After she really started thinking about it did she realize that she had come 500 years in the past through the well, the Bone Eater's well in her family's shrine.

So her journey began with Inu-Yasha. She learned that he was a ½ demon & had a brother who was a full demon named Sesshomaru who was also a taiyoukai. He was very strong & feared by almost everyone. The only people who weren't afraid of him were Inu-Yasha, Kagome – our grandmother, Sango – the youkai taijiya, & Miroku – the houshi.

Sango has a younger brother who uses a kusarikama to slay youkai. Sango on the other hand uses a Hiraikotsu to slay youkai. Her & her younger brother's village was slain along with their family. Naraku was the one who did it but blamed Inu-Yasha for it. That is how they ended up meeting. After everything was settled & explained they ended up traveling together in search of Naraku & to kill him for what he had done.

As for Kohaku, Sango's younger brother he was placed under Naraku's control & Sango was trying to free him from it.

Miroku – the houshi, was after the Shikon-no-tama to be able to kill Naraku before he got sucked up into the Kazaana in his own hand placed there by Naraku. So when he saw the Shikon-no-tama around Kagome's neck he attempted to kidnap her in order to get possession of the jewel. Inu-Yasha came to Kagome's rescue, got the jewel back, & ended up settling things with the houshi. So now Miroku was also part of their group.

Then there was Shippo. A young kitsune youkai who lost his father to the thunder brothers. He was also the first to join Inu-Yasha & Kagome. Then Miroku & then Sango & Kirara – Sango's nekomata youkai.

Along the way after all of theses people were together they met the ookami youkai who kidnapped Kagome after he found out that she could see the Shikon-no-tama. He ended up falling in love with Kagome. So Inu-Yasha who also secretly loved Kagome always tried to kill the ookami every time he would come around to flirt with Kagome.

During some battles with youkai they needed to ride on Kirara a youkai nekomata who belonged to Sango & was able to fly. She could be as small & as gentle as a kitten one minute & the next she could be big & fierce the next. But she would always protect Sango, Miroku, Shippo, Inu-Yasha – who really didn't need it, & Kagome whenever she could.

It took them 5 years to destroy Naraku & complete the Shikon-no-tama. In the end Inu-Yasha went with Kikyo to hell or so Kagome thought. That was the whole reason that Kagome left & never came back. That is also part of the reason that Kagome killed herself.

Our grandmother Kagome was yes the legendary priestess that appeared out of nowhere. That's the legend of the priestess Kagome. No one knew where she came from or where she went. Her partners could always be located except for the ½ demon Inu-Yasha. He too would disappear for a few days at time.

Our grandfather was the full youkai lord Yoko-Kurama-Toshi. A great & powerful youkai also lord of the Eastern Lands.

Our mother Inu-Ni is a ½ demon but ended up happy with the exact same ookami youkai that loved our grandmother, Kagome. Koga the ouji of the ookami youkai tribe. Yes, it is true that he fell in love with a ½ demon.

Koga & Inu-Ni had 2 kids. That would be us, Hieh & Keih, boy & girl, twins. We are 14 now & we plan to go & see what has changed if anything in the Sengoku Jidai in the last 52 years since our grandmother left.

Our father Koga has told us much about the Sengoku Jidai. He hasn't been there in almost 16 years now. He said that it might even be longer than that. He can't remember it has been so long. My brother & I are very strong. Our father & mother have been teaching us since birth about our youkai powers. We are amazingly strong according to what our parents tell us. We intend to go to the Sengoku Jidai & find this Sesshomaru taiyoukai & learn more about our powers & our past & we will eliminate any youkai that get in our way.