Rei was sound asleep in bed, waiting for morning to come. He had just got a call from his

girlfriend, Asako, to meet him in the park the next day. " I wonder what she's going to tell me."

He muttered. His dream: "Asako!" He yelled, running to her. "Rei!" She yelled back! They

caught each other in a romantic hug. " I have something for you..." Rei got on one leg, and held

out a ring to her. "Would you marry me, Asako?" Asako put her hands to her mouth. "Yes! I

will!" They were both so happy and kissed and hugged. Just then, Rei was wide awake. He

stumbled out of bed and quickly got dressed. "Morning, Rei." Sana said, half awake. She was

fully dressed to go to school. "Get in the car!" He yelled and she ran into the car. Rei was

speeding to school and dumped her there. "See you at 3!" He drove off.

He arrived at the park ten minutes later and saw his beloved Asako there. "Asako!" He yelled

out. "Hey, Rei!" She yelled back. "So what is it you wanted to tell me?" Rei smiled. "Well... It's

not working out. You and me. I think we should break up." She said, feeling sorry. Rei's

smiled suddenly vanished from his face. "Asako... I see. Thanks for all the fun so far. Bye." He

slowly walked to his car and drove off. At 3:00 he was at Sana's school. "Hey, Rei!" She yelled,

running into the car. "Yo! Today was great! Akito was being a jerk, as usual, but the teacher

cancelled the big math test! Then she gave us all candy! It was so fun!" Sana had a smile, but

when she caught a glimpse of Rei's, she frowned. "What's wrong?" He looked at her, and she

swear she saw a single tear slide down his face. "I... Asako... ASAKO BROKE UP WITH ME!"

He screamed, in tears. "I mean... I love her, more than anything!" "Rei..." Sana put a

comforting arm around his shoulder. "Let's go home." Rei and Sana drove home.

For the next few days, Rei could neither eat, nor sleep. "Rei, you should eat something."

Sana said, offering him a plate of sushi. He shook his head and rested it on the pillow. "I can't

eat. Don't you remember? When she broke up with me in high school, I couldn't stand it. I don't

want this to happen again!" "Look, if you don't want to take me to the studio tomorrow, I

understand." Sana said, smiling, which made Rei smile back. "No, it's okay. I'll take you and

your friends." He slowly took off his glasses and set them on the table. Pulling into his covers,

he fell asleep. "Night, Rei." Sana added before turning off the light and leaving. The next day

Rei was in the car with Sana, Akito, and Tsuyoshi. He drove very slowly, and very sadly. It

was raining this day, so each had an umbrella. When they got in, Rei put his umbrella away

and saw a woman standing in the back. He dropped it with a bang and stared at the beautiful

woman. Sana watched as he slowly walked over to her. "H-hello..." He said, very nervously. "I

am Sana Kurata's manager, Rei Sagami." He held out a hand to shake. "Oh, yes. My name is

Misuki Kono." She took Rei's hand, which for some odd reason, made him blush deep red. "Rei?

You're face is red. Do you have a fever?" Misuki put her hand on his forehead, which made him

blush even more red. "N-n-no, I'm f-fine!" He ran away, covering his face with his hands.

"Sana, go with Miss Kono and do the commercial, you guys too." "We're not even in it." Akito

replied coldly. "Well... be in it! Don't you want to be T.V stars?" He added, a sound of panic in

his voice. "No." "Come on, Akito. It'll be fun!" Tsuyoshi said smiling. They walked over to where

Sana was and sat down. Rei sank himself into a chair and slowly took off his sunglasses.

"My face is red, she said? What does that mean? Oh no! Rei, you just got dumped... you can't

be in love with another girl already! What'll Asako think?" "Rei! Come on!" Sana grabbed his

hand and ran into the dressing room. "Hello?" said a voice, that Rei knew was Misuki's. His

ears perked up and he watched her talk on the phone. "Yes. Okay, I'll be right there. Good-bye"

Misuki hung up the phone and walked up to Rei. "Rei?" "Huh?" "Sorry, but I just got a call. My

sister is really sick. I've got to see her. I'm sorry, you three. We'll have to do the commerical

later! Good-bye, Rei." "G-good-bye." He said, still blushing. Sana watched Rei blush and had a hunch.

"Rei, I know something!!" Sana yelled, with a big smile. "What?" "You're in love with

Misuki girl!" He gasped and his face just stopped being red a few minutes ago, now it is

again!! "It's nothng like that! Please, Sana, I just got dumped. What makes you think I would

fall in love that fast?" However, Sana was right. Rei was falling in love again. Once they got

home, Rei started eating again. After dinner, he stormed up into his room and fell on his bed.

He took off his glasses and put them on a nightstand. He saw his picture of him and Asako

and grabbed it, looking at their happy expressions. Who would've thought they would break up

again? "Maybe I should ask Misuki out sometime." He said, staring up at the ceiling.

Suddenly, there was a knock on his door. "Come in." A young woman walked into his room. It

was Asako. He jumped up. "Asako?" "Hi, Rei." She said, smiling. "What are you doing here?" "I

want to get back together with you." Rei suddenly smiled, but he wasn't happy, you can sense

sadness. "I can't. We've already got back together, and you broke up with me. I'm sorry. I don't

want to get hurt again." He replied. Asako's eyes filled with tears. "Then do me a favor. One last

kiss, if you don't mind." "Asako..." Rei got off his bed and stared deeply into her eyes. Their

lips met in a passionate kiss. After a few moments later, they broke apart. "Good-bye, Rei."

Asako walked out of the room, and Rei laid down on his bed again.

Rei couldn't sleep, he was thinking about Asako and Misuki. "I have her address, don't I?"

He asked himself. "But I don't want to be a stalker. I'll call her on the phone." He grabbed his cell

phone and quickly dialed her number. "Hello?" said a voice, that wasn't Misuki's. "May I speak

to Misuki?" He asked nervously. "Who's this? I'm her sister, Amari." "Well, I'm Sana

Kurata's manager, Rei Sagami. I have to ask Misuki about the commerical." "Oh, ok, hold on.

Misuki, phone!" "Hello?" Misuki asked. Her gentle voice, made Rei more nervous then he already

was. He was breathing very heavily, trying to talk. "Hello?" She asked again. He tried to talk,

but the words just couldn't come out. He mumbled random words. "Freak... Don't call again."

Rei couldn't help it, he hung up. "Amari, that person on the phone wouldn't talk to me." She was

fuming with anger. "Well... he said his name was Rei something." Amari replied. Misuki

looked up. "Rei?" Back at the house: "Why am I such an idiot?!" Rei screamed. People outside looked around. ("What was that?") "You're in love,

Rei! YOU'RE IN LOVE! You have to tell her your feelings. But I just met her. She's going to

think I'm a creepy pervert. Love at 1st sight. That's what it is." Sana was hiding in the hall,

listening to what Rei was saying. "I've got an idea." She muttered.