"Misuki!" Sana yelled. "Misuki!" Sana was at the studio, trying to find Misuki. "Oh, there

you are!" Misuki was reading a book, and looked away from it. "Sana? The commerical isn't

going on today. I was just helping out a friend." She replied. "Well, I know that... but I was

wondering... if you could meet me in the fancy Japanese resturant down the street?" "Oh... yes...

I suppose. Around 3:00?" "That's perfect!" Sana gave Misuki a thumbs up and was off. "Now, I

just gotta find Rei!" She ran down the street and found Rei sitting on a bench. "REI!!!" She

pounced and landed on his lap. "Sana! What are you doing?" He asked, feeling nervous. "Well...

no time to explain! Come with me to the Japanese Resturant down the street at 3:00. My treat!"

At 3:00, they arrived. "Oh hey, Misuki!" Rei flinched and tried to run away. "Have a nice

lunch, you two." Rei nervously sat down, blushing deep red. "H-hello, Misuki." Hi. Listen, I

know you called me. Why couldn't you talk to me?" She asked. "Uh... well... I...! Well... I just

couldn't... get the words to come out..." He said, rubbing the back of his head. "I don't know

about this. I mean, what'll Reiko think?" She slowly got up. "R-Reiko? Is that your brother or

cousin?" He asked. "No... we're not related. We're dating. He's my boyfriend." Rei fell on the

floor with a bang. He felt like crying, but he didn't want to. Misuki helped him up and left the

resturant. Rei walked out and found Sana sitting there. "So, how did it go? Did you confess?

Did you!! She probably loves you too, Rei! So if you didn't confess, do it at the studio

tomorrow!" She was saying this all very fast. "Misuki... has a boyfriend already." He

mumbled. "What????!!!!!!! WHAT DO YOU MEAN BOYFRIEND!!!!" Sana was now fuming

with anger, making her hands into fists.

"Misuki!" Sana was back at the studio. "Sana! Ready to shoot?" She asked sweetly. "Yes, I

am!" A few hours went by and their commerical was over. "Misuki? I heard you have a

boyfriend." "Huh? Oh yeah. His name is Reiko, and he's the sweetest guy ever. I love him more

than anything." "Well, you know. I think you should break up with him." Misuki gave Sana a

glaring stare. "I mean, I know a guy that really likes you. And he's been having a hard time

lately, since his girlfriend broke up with him. You're probably the best thing he's ever laid his

eyes on." Sana said. "What the heck am I saying? I'm sorry! I mean, well he really likes you!"

"Who is it, Sana?" "I can't tell you. Ever since the boyfriend thing, he's been stressed out. He's

been alone for days, writing poems and love notes. EEEEW! Anyway, I told him about you

having a boyfriend and you know." "Wait a minute, it's not Rei is it?" Misuki asked. Sana

flinched. "Funny thing to be talking about him! I mean... you know... he is my manager. Why

would he be in lovr with you? I mean not like you're not pretty or anything like that!" "Sana?"

She sighed. "Time to stop beating around the bush. But... yes... Rei is madly deeply in love

with you, Misuki! Give him a chance!" Misuki picked up her bag and walked away.

"I don't get it, Amari." Misuki said, during dinner with her sister. "Why would Rei be in

love with me?" "Oh come on! Are you just saying that because you have Reiko? Rei must really

love you. You're beautiful, face it!" "Thanks, but that isn't making me feel any better. I'm just

scared." "Of what?" Amari asked, putting her chopsticks in her mouth, which had sushi in

them. "I think I might be falling in love with him too." At the house: "ARGHHHH! THIS ISN"T

WORKING!!!!!" sana yelled. "I can't think of a way to get those two to break up!!! AHHHH!"

"Sana is being evil today!" Babbit called out. The doorbell rang. "I got it! Helloo--AGHHH!" It

was Misuki. "Hi, Sana. May I speak to Rei? I know he lives with you." "Sure hold on! REI!!!

GET DOWN HERE!" Rei came running down the stairs. "Misuki." She smiled as he tumbled

onto the floor. "Sorry about that. May I help you?" Um... yes... I..." She started, but then glared

at Sana. "Sorry!" She dashed into the other room. "Listen... I broke up with Reiko. I did it

because I think I'm falling in love with you, Rei." This time she was blushing. "Misuki... I

guess I am in love with you too. Who am I kidding? Yes... I am in love with you! I wish I could

just hold you in my arms." "Well, then, what are you waiting for?" Rei shyly took Misuki into

his arms and they met in a passionate kiss. "YES! FINALLY!" Sana came running back in.

"Yes! Rei has a girlfriend! Unless this one decides to dump him!" "Yes, live happy, Rei. I hope

she doesn't dump him!" Babbit yelled. "Please, Misako!" Sana's mother came into view in her

little car. "Hahahaha, catch me if you can!" Her editor was chasing her. "Hahahahhahaha!" They

watched as her editor chased her. "Maro, we should go faster! HahAhahhaha!" "MISAKO,

PLEASE! I NEED THE LAST 10 PAGES!" "Oh well. All's well that end's well, right?" Sana

asked with a big smile.