It was late at night; Sakura, Sasuke, Kakashi and me were on training. We were to sleep for a couple of days out of the village to learn how to manage to sleep without being notices, and while still being safe from enemy ninjas. We were in the middle of the forest, where we had been sleeping in two small tents. Me. Sasuke and Kakashi in one, and Sakura in the other. Sasuke always went out at night, and I wouldn't see him until the next morning when I woke up: I didn't know what he did, not that I cared. Kakashi on the other hand, stayed in the tent all night, and as long as he was awake, he would be reading Icha-Icha Paradise out loud, making it impossible for me to sleep at night, but I tried as hard as I could.

That night, after Sasuke had gone out, I waited a while and then decided to follow him. Kakashi put down his book:

-Naruto, where are you going?

-I'm just going for a walk.

-Very well, don't come back too late. Tomorrow we're going to work very hard.

-Don't worry, I just have too much energy so I'll go and get rid of it.

I exited the tent and headed in the same direction Sasuke had gone. It was quite hard to follow his trial at first, and then it was simply impossible, so I decided to just let my instinct guide me. It didn't take long until I came to a small clearing where I saw Sasuke standing in the middle, standing quietly, standing still, as if he was meditating. There was so much peace around him, it was as if time itself had stopped to let Sasuke be. I couldn't help but to interrupt.

-Hey Sasuke!




-Sasuke, Sasuke, Sasuke!

-What do you want? I'm right here!

I walked over to him and stood right in front of him. For some reason, Sasuke started to blush.

-What are you doing here Sasuke?

-Being away from you…

-It's not like I want to be with you either!

-Then why did you follow me, baka?

… … …

-Just as I thought, you don't even know what you're talking about, right Naruto?

There was a strange silence, no one said a word; not a single whisper could be heard. It almost seemed as if both of us had gone deaf.

-Ok ok, I just wanted to know why did you go away from camp every night.

-As I said, it's to be away from you.

-Ha ha, very funny.

I started walking away, back to the camp, when suddenly Sasuke grabbed my wrist. He pulled me back to him, and he even pulled me closer than we were before.

-Sasuke, what are you…

My sentence was interrupted by his lips, yet not a single word came out of them. He kissed me right away, and I didn't know what to do. I wanted to leave, but I couldn't, I had been absorbed and was being held back by a force of which nature I know not. Even if I tried, I could not master enough strength to end our kiss. Perhaps… that was true love…

Our kiss broke, and Sasuke let go of me. I didn't know what to say… what to do… There was another uncomfortable silence, this one, even more silent. A deafening silence struck, and neither of us did anything, we jus stood there, looking into each others eyes. I could see his life, his past, his need for love… and maybe, I was the person sent to give him that love he needed so desperately.

In a swift move, Sasuke left the scene, leaving no trace of where he had gone. I had nothing to do but return to the camp. Not much time had passed, and yet it seemed as if ours had passed right before. That silence, stood there for hours haunting me, and that kiss, stayed in me giving me the warmth to fight back that sound.

When I reached the tent, I noticed Sasuke still hadn't come back. Kakashi had now fallen asleep, so he wouldn't bother me anymore. I snug up in my sleeping bag, trying to sleep, but now there was something else in my mind keeping me awake. After a few hours, I fell asleep with that image in my eyes, with that taste in my mouth, and the very essence of that kiss in my mind. That kiss… that kiss… that kiss…