I dashed through the forest, desperate, blood rushing through my heart which pumped faster than ever. My mind was racing, uncertain of what just had happened. Tears ran from both sides of my face, crashing down on the dry floor of the forest. I ran as fast as I could, feeling helpless and vulnerable all along. My head looking down and my eyes closed shut, yet the tears wouldn't cease to fall. I was running, yes, but my destination was unknown, and there probably was no real place to go anyways, but that wouldn't stop me from running. My fists, clenched tightly as if about to hit someone. I dropped down to the floor, gasping for air. I had no energy left in me; I had run too briskly and hadn't considered the consequences. I was down on my knees, panting for air, all because of his fault. Yet, during all that time, his image wouldn't leave my eyes: strong memories echoed in my mind, his face, his voice, his kisses. The more I thought about him, the more enraged I got. I didn't know what to think any more. A strange feeling boiled up in my insides: a mixture of anger, pain, and sadness, all combined together as an alliance plotting my fall. His name boomed in my mind, echoing restlessly in a fashion which would never fade away. "Sasuke… Sasuke… Sasuke…"

No, this couldn't be true. I must be paranoid or something. Sasuke must still love me. Yet, that kiss really made me wonder, all the time questioning his love. But still, a kiss is a kiss isn't it? Maybe it even was my fault, not Sasuke's; I just failed to notice it. Something like that must be behind this all, yet as soon as something came to my mind it would vanish into thin air to make room for my desperation.

Still, weeping in the middle of nowhere wouldn't help me at all. I picked up myself from the ground and did my best in wiping off the tears from my face. I threw away that sad face, trying to accomplish a better smile; still I wasn't very successful in that. I brushed off the dust on my clothes, and tried to do the same thing with Sasuke and my mind.

I took a step, then another, and soon enough I was walking without a destination again. I looked at the trees: they were so calm, so peaceful. It was as if nothing ever disturbed them, nothing ever stopped them from living happily. They had no worries at all. No matter how hard you hit them, or even if you broke off one of their legs or arms, they wouldn't feel anything, and their severed limbs would just grow back. I was so jealous… Damn… I wish I was a tree…

I walked for what seemed hours, still in those were all in my mind. Reality said it had only been a matter of minutes. Soon enough, I reached the stream in which I had been bathing. Now both Sakura and Hinata were inside the river, chatting and giggling along. I looked at Sakura: she looked really good in that pink bikini with white striped, still I couldn't help but to notice Hinata. Her bikini covered even less than Sakura's, and was completely white, almost transparent now thanks to the water. She looked really cute-… but no, I love Sasuke. He is my true love!

-Hey Naruto, why don't you join us for a while?

-Sorry, I've got too much in my mind right now. – I said carelessly, still staring at their two beautiful bodies. Somehow, all of a sudden I remembered that image from earlier in the tent. Now that I think about it, they actually do make a good couple…

-Why? What's wrong?

-Hey, where's Sasuke-kun?

His name wrung though my ears, ringing thought my brain never stopping that senseless hum. "Sasuke… Sasuke…" the voice inside my head started once again.

-Hey Naruto! Did you just space out or something?

I snapped out of my weird trance. I looked once more to my surroundings; still he didn't show up anywhere. I started getting dizzy and everything around me started spinning around: all the colorful flowers along the river started mingling with each other making a chaotic rainbow which just seemed to crash against my eyes. I blinked, trying to see if something was wrong with my eyes, then I closed my eye lids shut and after a while opened them, just to find things had just gotten worse. I couldn't stand it no more; the last thing I recall: my body feeling numb and falling into the river while a female voice yelled, "Naruto! Naruto!" Everything was just too confusing…

I woke up to see Sakura's breasts right above my head. They bounced slightly as she moved, frantic as if trying to do something but not being able to. I wondered, if that was Sakura, where was Hina… Oh my God! My eyes blew open as soon as I realized what was going on. Her chest pushed against mine and her lips pressing mine: she was kissing me!

-Hey, hey, hold on a second! - I said, pushing Hinata gently to a side and sitting up right. I coughed up a bit, and I felt what seemed like water fill my throat and then exit onto the now-soaked grass.

-Naruto, it's not safe for you to move much. Just lie down for now – Sakura's voice ordered me, and then she pushed me back to the floor.

-But, why was Hinata kissing me right now? – I asked puzzled.

-That wasn't a kiss! It was mouth to mouth! - As soon as I mentioned the word kiss, Hinata's face turned from that usual pale of hers to a redder shade.

-Oh! Now I get it!

-Geez Naruto. Sometimes you can be quite an idiot – Sakura said.

-Still, I've got no time for this. - I stood up, looking around once more as I had before I passed out.

-I already told you! You can't stand up just yet!

-Fine fine, I'll go to my tent now and try to get some rest.

-Man… you scared the hell out of us.

-Sorry, sorry. – and then I disappeared into the forest, crossing the river and a few minutes later I reached the campground. Kakashi was sitting on those rocks which seemed to form a rock, his face buried in that perverted book the frog hermit wrote.

-Yo, Naruto!

- Yes sensei?

- Why aren't you at the river. You should value your day off training.

- I've had enough for today. Right now I only want to get some rest.

- Okay, you miss it. Have fun in the tent will you?

-Ha ha, funny. – those sarcastic words being the last thing emitted from my mouth before I rested my head on my comfy pillow. I snug up into my sleeping bag and there on the spot I fell asleep.


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