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Chapter 1:

Draco Malfoy was going to cry like a little girl. Ginny grinned, and flexed her thigh muscles around the wooden handle of her broom. His silvery eyes flew to the slight movement that was barely noticeable through the tight leather of her flying pants, before he determinedly brought them up again to capture her own blue gaze.

"Isn't going to work, Gin." Draco yelled over the wind, grinning at her disappointed look. "You're so predictable."

After Christmas Day, Ginny had seemed not be able to stop smiling. Which had really made her mum mad when she had finally decided to make her way back to the Burrow for the remainder of the holidays.

Coming back to Hogwarts had, quite frankly, been a relief after the tension of home after that. The Golden Trio had left on Boxing Day to pursue a lead they had received, but the Burrow had still felt too small, with Molly Weasley on the warpath.

Since then, everything had been going swimmingly. Ginny had never felt so close to anyone, as she felt to Draco and Blaise. It just felt… right. She spent nearly every evening in Blaise's room with them, and she really couldn't bring herself to care about the gossip that had swirled about the three of them in early January.

The Slytherins had been the most supportive, with Ginny now able to count Pansy and Vince among her closest friends, and the Gryffindors had been surprisingly good, which might have had something to do with the fact that she threatened to quit the Quidditch team if she didn't feel that they accepted her relationship with the Slytherins.

Spotting a golden glimmer over by the Slytherin hoops, Ginny abruptly turned her broom, and shot off after it, feeling Draco following her closely. Suddenly, she felt her broom lurch under her, and she came to a complete standstill, watching in shock as a bludger shot through the air where she had been headed.

Ginny looked back to see Draco release her broom, and give her a smirk, "You owe me yet again."

Rolling her eyes, Ginny looked back to see the snitch had disappeared yet again. Floating above the pitch, they could barely hear Luna commentating the match below, her voice echoing over the snowy landscape.

It was a beautiful February day, and the sun was shining brightly despite the bitter cold bite in the air, and Ginny reveled in the brief warmth on her face before the wind stole that away.

Slytherin and Gryffindor were incredibly evenly matched, with the score staying within twenty points of each other. Both seekers would have to be careful not to catch the snitch too soon, or else risk losing the match which had the possibility of changing the rank for the Quidditch cup.

Draco relaxed slightly on his broom, trying to ignore the presence of the small redhead floating ahead of him, her hair escaping from it's confines to lay in sticky curls on her forehead and neck.

Catching sight of the snitch, Draco took off, sensing Ginny right on his tail.

Blaise watched with bated breath from the stands, unsure of whether he really wanted Gryffindor or Slytherin to win. Ah, he didn't really care. He got to see both of them in their leather pants after the match, so it was completely win-win for him.

"Come on Draco!" Pansy screamed, clapping her hands as she spotted Draco heading off to the side of the pitch. Her breath came out in little puffs of smoke from the coldness, and she bundled into the heavy, fur-lined cloak which had been a gift from Vince for Christmas.

The two seekers were about equal in skill, but Draco's faster broom gave him an edge, that was almost matched by Ginny's much smaller stature. They were head to head as they both reached for the small golden snitch, and Draco stretched his fingers out, wanting to win the Quidditch Cup for the first time in years, and the last chance he had to get it.

Ginny was so incredibly intent on the golden glimmer of the snitch, that she didn't notice the bludger that bounced off the end of Greg's bat, and made it's way towards her. This time, Draco was not fast enough.

Watching from below, Blaise stared as the bludger hurtled toward the small red form. She knew it was there, right? No… The ball hit her hard in the side, and she slid from her broom almost in slow motion. Blaise could hear himself yelling, and Pansy screaming as Ginny fell from the incredible height, hitting the ground hard despite the hasty cushioning spell a shocked Madame Hooch was able to throw.

The snitch forgotten, Draco sped towards where Ginny was lying motionless on the ground, her hair spread like blood in the snow. His chest clenched, and he fought his fear to get to Ginny's side as quickly as possible. There was no way he could lose her…

Gryffindor teammates were crowded around her still form when he landed, not bothering to stop before jumping off his broom, uncaring of where it would land without his guidance.

Blaise made his way quickly down the stands, Pansy and Daphne following him closely, running as soon as he hit the ground. He just felt numb, like the coldness was no longer just in the air.

Ginny regained consciousness with a moan of pain, opening her eyes to see Draco's pale face above her, yelling for Madame Pomfrey, "Draco?"

"Gin?" Hearing the pained whisper, Draco's eyes shot to her, needing some sort of reassurance that she was ok.

"I hurt." Ginny could feel tears being squeezed out of the sides of her eyes, "Why does everything hurt?"

Her body felt like it was on fire, and she tried moving, but it was almost impossible. She cried out again, tears running with greater speed down her cheeks. Draco stared down at her, afraid to touch her for fear of making it worse. He had never felt quite so helpless before.

Hearing Blaise's yells, he turned around to see the shorter boy sprinting through the snow, the other Slytherins close on his heels. Draco turned back to Ginny and sank down on his knees, afraid to even take her hand as chaos reigned around where she had fallen. Distantly, he could hear teacher's yelling for order, students yelling, Seamus and Dean were planted firmly on her other side, across from him, and Padma was breathing heavily, pressing herself into his side and shaking.

Blaise stumbled to his knees beside Padma, and she quickly wrapped her arms around him as she saw just how shaken he was.

Madame Pomfrey pushed the Gryffindor team aside to reach Ginny's prone body, and she quickly took order of the situation.

"Blaise?" Ginny asked shrilly, clenching her teeth against the pain. "Draco?" Her hands reached futilely for the two she wanted, and they kept pace as Madame Pomfrey levitated her body up into the air and into the school.

"We're here Ginny." Blaise drew a deep breath, trying to calm himself, "We won't leave you kitten."

He had spoken the exact words she had wanted to hear, and with a sigh, Ginny lost consciousness again.

Ginny woke up what seemed like a moment later as Pinch was trying to force a potion down her throat. Sputtering, the liquid dribbling down her chin, Ginny shook her head violently, not understanding what was going on in her befuddled state.

"For heaven's sake, child, I need to mend your ribs!" The healer was in a foul mood, having had to spend the better part of an hour, when she should have been taking care of her patient, trying to keep Blaise Zabini, and Draco Malfoy out of her hospital wing. Honestly, the fuss that those two had made.

Her frown pulled tighter as she surveyed the still all-to-pale Miss. Weasley, whose side was turning a rather nasty shade of purple, mixed in with a violent red where the bludger had hit.

"It hurts…" Ginny moaned, regaining full awareness, and closing her eyes to try to keep the pain at bay. "Where's Draco and Blaise?"

"Well, of course it does." Madame Pomfrey spoke in clipped tones, scurrying around the area to put together all that she needed. "You have two broken ribs, which can't be good for the baby, and you have severely bruised your back, along with a mild concussion. And your two friends, well, they were making way too much of a disturbance to stay with you. I'm sure they'll be back tomorrow morning."

She paused to pour the potion down Ginny's throat before she could react, holding her head up with one arm to do so, "I've told Professor McGonagall many times that this barbaric sport is much too dangerous for students, but she listens to me as much as Professor Dumbledore, Gods keep him."

Ginny listened faintly to Pomfrey muttering about Quidditch while she could feel the potions going to work, her side relaxing and the throbbing pain dulling to something that was slightly less painful.

"And you, Miss. Weasley, you are entirely too skinny. I noticed as soon as I got you into the hospital gown. Didn't your family healer tell you about how important it was to eat properly for both you and the babe? Honestly, these new healers… they just don't have any respect for the old ways. Spells and potions take care of most things, but a bit of preventative measures go a long way, I always say."

"What?" Confused, Ginny made to sit up, only to have an enraged Madame Pomfrey come flying at her in a swirl of dark robes.

"What do you think you are doing? Lay back!" Ginny did as bided, in all truth, scared to do anything else. She had always thought that Hogwarts' resident healer was a bit off her trolley, and her unprovoked anger, and muttering to herself seemed to confirm this.

"Now, where was I? Oh, you students are much too headstrong. You're going to be a mother, and yet you still throw yourself into a Quidditch match, as a seeker no less, throwing your too skinny body onto a broom! Unheard of in my day!"

"I'm not going to be a mother." Ginny closed her eyes in exasperation. The woman was now starting to sound like her mother on one of her 'family' rants. It was almost too much to bear, feeling so incredibly awful, her head and side pounding, and being yelled at by a deranged healer.

"What?" It was Poppy's turn to ask the blunt question, her whole demeanor that of shock, "Did you not know, girl?"

"I'm not pregnant." Ginny spoke firmly, though she was starting to feel a degree of doubt in the face of Pomfrey's absolute belief in what she spoke. It was impossible though. They had always been safe…

"You are." Madame Pomfrey put a hand to her forehead, "I can't believe… You're at least two months along. From what I could tell when I did my initial inspection of you, you are due at the end of September, if not earlier. You conceived sometime toward the end of December, to January."

"That's quite impossible…" Ginny felt faint, and thought furiously to when she had had her last monthly, and gasped when she couldn't remember the last time. It must have been before the Christmas holidays…

"It's very possible." Madame Pomfrey pulled up a chair, sitting down beside her charge and taking hold of her hand in a matronly manner, resisting Ginny's attempts to pull away, "My dear, you do know who the father is? You are quite young. Why, you're just a sixth year, aren't you?"

Ginny nodded mutely, completely unsure of what to say or how to react.

They sat together in silence for a moment, Pomfrey unsure of what to say to the young lady, "Would you like to know your options?"

Swallowing against the lump that had somehow formed in her throat, Ginny nodded again, "Please."

"You can go through with the pregnancy and keep the child, which is a course I recommend, and of course take no further risks with your health. You can have the baby, and give it up for adoption to a good family, and again, no more risks." Poppy paused, taking in the pallor of Ginny Weasley, and her heart went out for the girl, "Or you can terminate the pregnancy, which you will have to do through St. Mungo's. I don't fully endorse this last course of action, but it is entirely up for you to decide."

"What about school?" Ginny winced at the inane question that just happened to be the first thing she thought of.

"Well, you wouldn't be very well able to attend classes for the full term of your pregnancy, and having a newborn wouldn't be conducive to your studies either." Pomfrey thought hard, "The last girl I met in your situation left school, and finished by correspondence courses a few years later when the babe was older."

"Oh." Ginny nodded, her mind spinning. She was way too young… Draco and Blaise were way too young… She didn't even know if she wanted children… She wanted to finish school, wanted to have a career. Her mother had gotten pregnant right out of school, and that had basically been the end of her own dreams. Did Ginny want that for herself?

"I would that you stay in the hospital wing this eve, but that you speak to the father as soon as possible. We will also have to speak to Professor McGonagall no matter what, and I will make an appointment for next week to give you some time." Madame Pomfrey patted Ginny's hand, before dropping it, and getting to her feet, "Call for me if you need anything tonight."


Padma curled into George's side on the couch that was placed in front of the roaring fire in her room, her thoughts on Ginny who was still ensconced in the hospital wing.

"Don't worry Padma…" George leaned down to kiss the top of her silky dark hair, "I'd know if anything was seriously wrong, she'll be fine."

He hugged her even tighter, feeling her relax slightly against him. She had floo'd him the moment she had gotten back to her room, and he couldn't help but feel that was a good sign.

They had been dating for almost two months, and he hated feeling so unsure. It was just so damned hard to read her, to understand what she was thinking, and why. Padma was so wryly sarcastic, and rarely let her mask down. It was enough to drive a man quite insane, but George was just too damned stubborn to let her push him away, however unintentional.

Padma watched the fire, feeling mesmerized by the flames, the image of Ginny getting hit and falling playing in her mind over and over. She couldn't even begin to imagine how Blaise and Draco were doing, and resolved to find them the next day to lend her support in any way possible.

Pushing away from George, she sat up to stretch her shoulders, "Do you have to get back to the shop anytime soon?"

"No." He watched her, taking note of how her casual jumper pulled across her shapely chest as she held her arms up, "Mara and Fred are at Diagon today, and Liam is handling Hogsmeade. I'm all yours."

She smiled lightly at his lecherous expression, allowing him to pull her down onto his lap, his arms hold her tightly. Padma leaned back against him, feeling his slender, but strong frame surrounding her. Reaching one hand up, she pulled the leather thong out of his hair in a familiar move, running her fingers through the shoulder-length tendrils, feeling the silky texture.

George closed his eyes, feeling her fingers move against his skull. He loved when she was in this kind of mood, this mood where it felt like she almost could love him, as if she was already there. He sighed.

Padma tugged on a bright red lock, watching as his eyes flew open, their cinnamon depths glowing in the firelight. She tugged again, pulling his head down to her, and she brushed a kiss across his thin lips. He allowed her to have her way for a moment, before taking over, his lips softening to fully taste her, his tongue finding it's way into her mouth as her lips parted on a sigh.

Groaning as she shifted on his lap, George secured a hand in her flowing brown hair, anchoring her head exactly where he wanted her, languidly exploring the depths of her mouth and lips, sucking her lower lip between his teeth.

Padma reveled in his touch, in his kiss. She loved how George kissed, had never expected for him to be so thorough, so gentle. It had really come as a shock, and it was still slightly surprising every time, which she liked.

Moaning into his mouth, she shifted closer, but stilled as his hand found the bottom of her jumper, and slid under to meet bare skin. She reached down to grab his wrist, pulling away from his mouth as she did so, and shook her head at him.

George sighed. It was definitely taking some getting used to, to be able to stop and not do exactly what he wanted to her beautiful body. He had never been celibate for this long since he and Angelina had dated when they were fifteen, and it was definitely a new, and not entirely good experience.

He leaned his forehead against hers', and accepted her conciliatory kiss that she bestowed every time she put a stop to anything further.

Padma sighed, spotting the brief disappointment flit across his features. It wasn't that he ever really said anything about it, but she still felt a little guilty. In fact, if she was really truthful, it was because he was so damned good about it that she felt guilty.

They had had a couple of discussions about furthering the physical aspect of their relationship, but she had always felt rather strongly about sex meaning so much more than a sating of desire, and she really wanted to be sure.

Padma wasn't quite sure if he realized, if he had picked up all of her signals, that she had never actually had that before. Then again, she had never really had any sort of romantic relationship before. In a lot of ways, George was definitely a first. She just didn't tell him that, because Padma believed strongly in not inflating his ego any more than it already was.

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