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Summary: Rewritten and improved...After an accidental wish, Buffy and Spike find themselves reunited in place and time that should be forgotten ... will their second chance make a difference? Spuffy!

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Be Kind, Rewind

By Secret Slayer


Back in Action

Sunnydale, 1997...

She stood outside the humming nightclub, leaning nonchalantly against the brick wall, twirling her wooden stake in her hand. Her blonde hair was falling freely in curls around her face, the gentle and unsettlingly warm breeze causing it to flutter behind her like a golden flame. She could feel the evil energy from the Hellmouth coursing down the alley in strong, powerful vibes, only adding to the adrenaline she was all ready experiencing. There was a sudden change to the music within the club and a low base made the foundations of the building vibrate, leaking out into the alley and filling the night air with a pulsing hum.

Her green eyes focused on her goal. Her lips curved into a small smirk as she pushed herself off the wall, gripping to her stake securely, and flexing her other hand in anticipation.

As her target stalked closer and closer the adrenaline surged. Its golden yellow eyes stared straight at her. It had the look of a determined killer, but she did not flinch. She just stared straight back at the monster before her. It had no idea who it had decided to make a midnight snack.

"Hey, you look kinda lost," Buffy commented as innocently as possible, throwing her stake between hands.

"I'm not lost, little girl. Just hungry," the vampire snarled revealing razor sharp fangs.

"Oh," she replied shrugging her shoulders.

"You don't look scared," the vampire said, but it suddenly struck him why. He licked his lips and grinned evilly, "I've never eaten a slayer."

Buffy's body shifted and she held her stake with purpose. Her eyes darkened dangerously and suddenly, all the casualness she had before vanished.

"And you never will…" Buffy said with a low and threatening voice.

The fight lasted a matter of seconds. The fledgling vampire got in two, maybe three half decent punches to her face, but soon met the pointy end of a wooden stake. Buffy smiled with satisfaction, slipping her stake into her jacket pocket and staring down at the pile of ashes on the pavement.

She frowned, however, when she looked down at her white blouse, which was now grubby with vampire remains. She brushed it off the best she could and straightened her leather jacket. There was a sudden chill in the air and she froze, shivering as all the hairs on her neck stood on end.

She could sense something in the shadows. Something she should have known, but couldn't put her finger on it. She stared into the darkness just beyond a flickering street light, but couldn't see anything. Whatever it was, she knew it wasn't bad, just unsettling. With one last glimpse she turned in the direction of her home.

As the sound of her high heel boots clicking on the concrete pavement faded, a face appeared from the shadows. He watched the retreating form of the slayer, leaning against the flickering lamp post, and pulling a sterling silver lighter from his coat.

There was something very strange going on, so strange, he wasn't even sure if it was really happening. If it was, then he was in trouble and so was the slayer. As he was illuminated by the street light, he lit his cigarette. Something big, magic and powerful happened, it didn't take a vampire to notice it, but it took a Slayer to fix it.

The Hellmouth was meant to be a hole in the ground, but it looked like something had other ideas. Only something this twisted and potentially dangerous could happen to him. He was cursed, he'd decided. He looked up at the moon, his inner clock telling him that morning was coming. Snuffing out the stub of his cigarette beneath his boot, he straightened out his duster and headed off down the alley.

"Home sweet home," he remarked sarcastically.

With that he disappeared into the night, following a certain blonde's scent, all the way thinking one thing more than anything else.

Would she even know him yet, or more importantly, would she remember...

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