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Chapter Eleven

Prophecy Girl


Buffy glanced around the sunken church. Pipes dripped and candles glowed fiercely.

"Y'know, you really oughtta talk to your contractor. Looks like you got some water damage." she quipped.

"Oh, good. The feeble banter portion of the fight. Why don't we just cut to the..."

Buffy didn't allow him to finish his sentence. She aimed her crossbow at him and fired. The deadly arrow whistled through the air, but like before the Master caught it merely millimetres away from his heart.

"Nice shot, but I'm sure you could do better. You have two of my finest boys with you" he smiled wickedly, his demonic features glowing in the candlelight. He began to move forward and the heroes tensed, ready for battle.

"Bring it on" Buffy challenged...

The Master didn't need telling twice. With a primal growl he lunged forward catching Buffy off guard. With a swift blow to the head, she fell to the floor with an uncomfortable thud. The ancient vampire grabbed her hair, ready to fling her across the sunken church, but Spike charged at him, knocking him to the floor.

Within seconds Angel was helping Buffy to her feet. She dusted herself off quickly, glad she wasn't in her dress this time and went to get the Master's attention. She fired her crossbow again deliberately missing his heart. He turned, his face a picture of frustration.

"You have annoyed me for the last time girl" he roared, showing even more of his demon self.

In the blink of an eye his knotted fingers and long, ragged nails were around her throat. This seemed all to familiar to her. She was in this position when she died. She let out a small yelp as his hand began to constrict her airway. Buffy blinked furiously trying to stay concious. The last thought she remembered was...

Where's Spike?

Things suddenly began to fade and the surrounding area went dark as night. Her head felt light as if she were floating. She knew she was slipping. She had felt this feeling before. Then she felt a sharp pain penetrate her neck. It was like two razor sharp daggers sucking her life force away. Just when she was about to give up, the pain stopped.

She felt the air rush past her face as she toppled to the floor. Merely centimetres from falling into the underground pond, she felt two strong arms wrap around her. She knew, although not sure how, that they were the arms of Angel.

"Buffy, luv?" were the first words she heard.

She then felt the current arms around her shift so that she was in another's. She could smell the leather of Spike's coat and strangely that seemed to make her come around.

"Spike?" she finally questioned, her voice barely above a whisper.

Eventually, she found the strength to open her eyes. Above her were the faces of two very concerned vampires. The Master was no where in sight. Just as she was about to ask what happened, Angel beat her to it.

"He was so preoccupied, he never saw Spike behind him with a stake. I caught you as you fell." he informed her, crouching down to her level.

"So I'm not dead" she stated more than asked.

"Nope" Spike replied, a smile rising

"or undead" she added, smiling herself.

Both Angel and Spike took one of her arms ad hauled her to her feet. She was a bit shaky at first, but was soon smiling and leading the way out.

They exited the sewers to find that night had fallen. Time flies when your fighting for your life. Buffy and Spike were hand in hand and Angel stood to the side of them.

Though he hadn't expressed his feelings, he couldn't hide the fact he felt something for the slayer. To see his grande childe and Buffy be in what he could only assume was love, tore him up inside. Although he would never like Spike, he maybe able to consider him an ally. But for now, he was just happy that Buffy was still alive.

"So what next?" Spike asked Buffy.

"We saved the world. I say we party" Buffy said smiling.

"Sure your up to it luv?"

"Yeah" she said simply, "Angel, wanna come with. We're gonna head to the Bronze and invite Willow and Xander."

"I suppose it wouldn't hurt" he answered.

"Great" with that the trio went to celebrate, going back to the house to get Willow and Xander first.

For now Buffy and Spike could enjoy the summer, knowing there was no demonic activity. But when the new school year starts, that would be a different story all together...

The End (For now)

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