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"So, whose turn is it to pick what's on Saturday?" Daniel Fenton asked. As usual, his memory had blanked because it wasn't very good.

"Mine, Mine!" Tucker excitedly yelled.

"Oh, no…" Samantha and Daniel both said in unison. Samantha hated the name, and told everyone to call her Sam, while Daniel was referred to as Danny.

"Please don't drag us to some PDA convention, or I will stuff them down your throat like last time."

"Better yet, let Sam pick what to do okay?"

"No!" Tucker complained. "It's my turn, and you can't make me pick somewhere YOU wanna go!"

Danny merely smirked.

"Oh, yeah?" Danny transformed and turned intangible, and Tucker went of screaming about abuse of overshadowing.

As Danny returned tangible and back to Fenton, Sam looked at him quizzically. "Would you really have done that?"

"Oh, yeah, of course I would have overshadowed my best friend to enslave him to do my bidding." Danny rolled his eyes. "Nah, I just wanted to see him scream."

"Well, since it's Tuck's turn, let's just hope he doesn't pick somewhere horrible."


"Danny!" Jack Fenton said the moment Danny's foot entered the door. "Check out our latest invention, The Fenton headband! It repels ghost attacks and locates ghosts!"

Danny, Sam and Tucker rolled their eyes in unison. "Three, two, one…"

Ghost directly ahead. You would have to be a complete imbecile to not notice the ghost directly ahead.

"Uh, Maddy? The headband is broken! It's picking up Danny as a ghost. He is obviously not a ghost so could you fix it later?"

The three of them went up to Danny's room.

"Man, your dad really is dim."

"So, where're you bringing us later?

"The comic book convention at the mall!"

Sam coughed. "I'm sorry, what did you say, I could have sworn I heard you say comic book convention, but I must have been mistaken, because if you did," Sam's look told him he could expect suffering.

"Oh come on Sam, it's not so bad, maybe you'll find something you like. I'll just get some things and we'll go.

"Oh, okay then." Sam's look instantly changed from vicious, to dreamy when she heard Danny's opinion. Tucker chuckled and her look immediately went back.


"So, how is this not so bad?" Sam felt disgusted with the place. It was full of comics, action figures and shops selling junk from the comics, like fake laser guns and swords.

"Guys? Hello?" Sam turned around to see that they were gone.

She smirked. "Boys." Then her look turned sour. "Tuck." Finally, her look turned dreamy.


She wandered around, looking at the merchandise. Comics. Ew. Action figures. Double ew.

Then she walked down the row of shops. Light Sabers, Green rings, Superman capes and Spiderman water squirters. Ugh… Sam walked down a shop that sold a love potion. What kind of love potion is sold at $3.95? She looked at it and bought it, wanting to show them how stupid the place was. I'm rich anyway, She thought, and it's just for laughs.


Further away, a certain ghost singer watched as Sam bought the potion. Ember watched in amazement as she held it up, inspecting it.

"Hmm, this will probably be enough chaos for today, dipstick." Ember grinned as she set her guitar to a heart- shaped icon, then blasted the vial.


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