A/N: Warning: angst ahead! I don't own RENT, of course. And if you haven't seen RENT yet, but want to, or haven't seen the whole thing or something, DON'T READ THIS. Thank you.

He couldn't believe what had happened to him, he couldn't believe his luck, when he met her.

The story of how they met was incredibly romantic and just unreal, like something out of a movie, he thought.

Like Romeo and Juliet, in more ways than one.

He knew eventually it would end in tragedy. It was inevitable.

But he couldn't imagine the pain he felt–they both felt–on those late nights in the hospital, his head resting gently on her chest as she drifted in and out of sleep, hearing her heartbeat, knowing it wouldn't be beating for much longer, cherishing every breath.

Every time he was with her, he tried to touch her and kiss her and hold her as much as he could, in case she was gone the next time.

Just thinking about her being gone, it seemed impossible to him, she couldn't just leave forever, she couldn't, it was too horrible to even think about.

But that didn't stop it from happening.