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Supernatural Challenge... What if at the end of 'Simon Said' Webber had ordered Dean to shoot Sam instead of himself...


Blow Me Away

'They fall in line,
One at a time
Ready to play
(I can't see them anyway)
No time to lose
We've got to move
Steady your hand
(I am losing sight again)


'Shoot your brother...'

Dean heard the command in his head, clear as day, as if Webber had been standing right next to him. He felt a sort of fog invade his mind, and he found himself obeying the command.

'Aim and shoot.'

The order was simple, and Dean found himself steadying the sniper rifle in his hands, and aiming at his baby brother. There was something so wrong about this whole thing, but try as he may, Dean couldn't figure out just what that was.

'Pull. The. Trigger.'

'No...' Dean thought, struggling against the hold the man had on him. He felt his finger pushing down on the trigger, and he panicked, not wanting to shoot his brother, but not having control over the movements of his body.

'Do it now!'

With the last command, Dean felt himself pulling the trigger. He jerked at the last second, but he knew, even as the bullet left the barrel, that it wasn't going to be enough to avoid hitting his little brother altogether.

'God Sammy, I am so sorry!' Dean thought, even as he forced himself to watch as the bullet pierced into Sam. He had a clear view through the scope on the rifle of the bullet entering Sam's shoulder, a small spray of blood coming from the younger Winchester, even as he jerked away from the pain.

'Fire your guns
It's time to run
Blow me away
(I will stay, in the mess I made)
After the fall
We'll shake it off
Show me the way...'


Sam heard the shot a split-second before he felt the bullet enter his shoulder. His body spasmed, to get away from the pain, but it encompassed him. There was a mind-numbing rip, and he felt the bullet leave his shoulder as fast as it had entered. He dropped to his knees, already trying to figure out what must have happened.

He knew that unless there was another trained hunter in the woods, that Dean had shot him, and he knew his brother would never hurt him of his own volition. Sam guessed that Andy's brother had made Dean shoot him, but it didn't make sense that he would make Dean do that.

God, was it pick on Sammy day or something?

His head spinning, Sam lost his train of thought, and tried to breathe through the pain radiating from his shoulder, through the rest of his body. It hurt so much he thought he might throw up, and the thought wasn't a pleasant one.

He heard another shot, and turned to see where it had come from. The move had been a bad one, he thought when he felt the pain spike, and nausea rise. He held a hand to his stomach, even as he leaned over and emptied his stomach onto the pavement in front of him.

Sam heard crashing from the bushes in front of him, even as he continued to heave. There was a frantic call of his name, and then he felt a soothing hand rubbing his back. the touch made him flinch, which sent more pain through him, and Sam groaned.

"Easy Sammy, it's okay, we're gonna get you taken care of." He heard Dean tell him, and inwardly laughed at the thought.

Right, Dean was going to get him help, after he had just shot him. Perfect! Sam knew the thought was bitter, but he was in pain, and it was only logical to blame Dean for everything that had happened. He had shot him after all.

"M'okay, Dean." Sam mumbled, trying to raise himself back up, so that he could see his brother's face. The pain was almost worth it, to see the look of incredulity on Dean's face, as he tried to process the fact that Sam was telling him he was okay.

"Sure yah are Sammy, and Poe was sane and sober," Dean told him, a strained smirk lining his lips, even as he steadied Sam, keeping one hand on his back, and placing the other on Sam's chest.

"N'er proven tha' he wasn' sane," Sam slurred, and swayed.

"Whoa Sammy!" Dean whispered, even as he tried to keep his brother up.

"Dean? M'dizzy," Sam fell limp in his brother's hold, even as he said the words, and Dean lowered him to the ground awkwardly as Sam's bent legs got in the way. He was careful not to hurt Sam more than he already was, even as he yelled out for Andy.

"Andy!" The younger man turned to him, and his eyes widened as he took in Sam's still form, and the growing puddle of blood beneath him. "Call an ambulance!" Andy nodded, and fumbled for his cell phone, as Dean turned his attention back to his brother.

"Hold on Sammy," Dean whispered, taking off his shirt and bunching it in both hands. He lifted Sam a little, and placed one bunch on the entrance wound, and then his placed the other on the exit wound on Sam's front. He closed his eyes, praying that Sam would forgive him, and pressed both bunches into Sam's shoulder.

"Urr-gllluhhh;" Sam moaned, as he tried to pull away from the invading pain, not even fully conscious. Dean held steady, knowing that although he was hurting Sam, he had to keep pressure on the wound, that he had to try to stop the bleeding.

Dean heard the approaching sirens, and breathed a sigh of relief that his brother was going to get the help he needed. Sam fell still again under his hands, and Dean turned his full attention back to his brother, even as he tried to gauge whether his brother was just unconscious, or not breathing...

Please be okay...

'Only the strongest will survive
Lead me to heaven, when we die
I am the shadow on the wall
I'll be the one to save us all...'


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