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Dean checked the monitor for the twenty-sixth time since he had sat down. He had been sitting at his brother's bedside for a little over two hours, and despite the fact that the doctor had told him that Sam would be fine, Dean found himself still fearing the worst.

He still couldn't believe that he had actually shot his brother.


"Sir, are you okay?" A paramedic asked Dean, as two others took care of Sam under Dean's supervision.

"I'm fine," Dean told them, not wanting to lie, but at the same time, not wanting to tell the medics that he was just the opposite, that he was scared, that he was angry, that he felt guilty as hell for the fact that he had shot his brother.

He had shot his Sammy...

"Is he okay?" Dean asked, looking pointedly at Sam, and then back at the medic.

"He should be okay. It doesn't look like the bullet hit anything, he just lost a good amount of blood." The medic told him, and Dean nodded, daring to hope. "Now I won't promise anything, because I haven't had the time and equipment to check out your brother, that I would like; but like I said he should be fine." Dean nodded again, the movement jerky, and seemingly uncoordinated.

"Okay," Dean whispered, not lifting his eyes from his brother's still form.


The medic had turned out to be right. Sam had been weak from blood loss, but there had been no major damage to his shoulder. The doctor had started an intravenous line in the back of Sam's hand to pump lost blood into him; and another line had been inserted on the inside of Sam's arm for fluids, antibiotics, and pain medication.

The doctor had told him that other than being painful for a while, the wound would heal in time. Sam would have to wear a sling along with his cast for a couple weeks, but other than that, and making sure the bandages were clean, there wasn't much to be done to help Sam out.

The relief that he had felt at the news that Sam would be okay, had been quickly replaced by guilt. The time he had been sitting next to his brother had been spent thinking about what he had done, and what he could now do to try and make things right for Sam.

After a while, Dean got to thinking about Sam and the Asylum. He figured that he now knew what Sam had felt after he had shot Dean, and knowing Sam and his emotions, Dean felt bad that he had shot Sam down every time he had tried to talk about things after they had left that god-forsaken place.

Guilt weighed heavily on him, and Dean knew that like it or not, he and Sam had to talk about what had happened, both with Webber and with Ellicott. Chick-flick or not, they had to talk, and with a smirk Dean wondered if he and Sam talked things through, if the Supernatural would stop making them want to shoot each other.


Sam was groggy. There was no other word for the way he felt. He had remembered feeling like this many times growing up, and for some reason, the only times he had felt this way had been when he was in a hospital.

It was the drugs, definitely the drugs. Doctors always gave him really good drugs. Drugs that made him feel really... happy, no matter what the situation was, the drugs always made him feel better, and groggy.

He pushed his way through the haze that seemed to cloud his vision, and tried to remember what had happened, but found the fog thicker in the direction of his searches. Through the fog, Sam heard a voice calling. He fought his way toward it, feeling almost giddy at the chance of seeing something other than the clouds that seemed to fill his vision.

'Sammy,' he heard the voice call from somewhere above him, and he rolled his eyes.

"It's Sam," he thought, and heard a chuckle coming from the same person that had called him. With a start he realized that he had said the thought aloud.

Sam, it's time to wake up little brother. Time to open them eyes.' The voice told him, and Sam inwardly groaned at the prospect of having to wake up. But Dean wanted him to open his eyes, and wake up; for that reason, and that one reason alone, Sam struggled to open his eyes.

"Dean?" Sam asked as he forced his eyelids open a crack.

"Yeah Sammy-boy, it's me," Dean told him and squeezed his hand. Sam realized that Dean had been holding his hand the whole time, and while the thought warmed him, it also sent a blush to his cheeks. His brother had been holding his hand as if he were a little boy, and while it gave him comfort in the fact that Dean worried, Sam didn't know if he wanted Dean to let go, or if he wanted his big brother to let go, and hide.

He settled for letting Dean take comfort, while taking some for himself, and squeezed his older brother's hand back; letting him know that he was okay, that everything was going to be fine. Dean smiled at the gesture, and Sam gave him a little nod, trying to convey everything he wanted to say with the simple movement.

"You okay?" Sam asked as Dean sighed and released his hand.

Dean turned to him, a surprised look on his face. "Am I okay? Sammy, I'm not the one laying in a hospital bed, looking like a stuck pig." Dean told him with a small laugh. Sam smirked, but kept searching his brother's face for answers. "Yeah Sam, I'm okay." Dean relented with a small exhale of air.

Sam nodded, "Good."

Dean's lips quirked and he studied his brother. "What about you, you okay?" He asked after a minute, seemingly satisfied with what he saw.

"I'm okay." Sam told him, and meaning it. He honestly hadn't felt a lick of pain since he had woken up.

"That's good," Dean told him, and Sam outright laughed. Looking perplexed Dean stared at him. "Are you sure you're okay?" He asked and Sam nodded. "Well if you're fine, what are you laughing at?"

"Dude, you are such a girl." Sam answered and laughed again.

"What? Who's the pansy lying in a hospital bed?"





"Oh yeah Dean, that really hurt. Hurt me right here." Sam pointed to his chest.

"Shut up geek-bitch."

'Yeah they were going to be just fine... Now all Dean needed was a better comeback...'

'...After the fall
We'll shake it off
Show me the way,

Only the strongest will survive,
Lead me to heaven when we die,
I am a shadow on the wall,
I'll be the one to save us all.'


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