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Summary: A Spencer student with a disturbing secret is befriended by Spencer bad boy, Reid Garwin. ReidxOC (Rated for language, adult scenes, and graphic content.)


Light brown hair fell in hr face, her body rocking back and fourth on the cold hardwood floor. Her thing arms wrapped around her long lean legs as tears stained her tanned cheeks. The pain surging throughout her entire body, it was unbearable should couldn't take it.

Gritting her teeth she maneuvered to her hands and knees and slowly crawled towards the bed in the room, she let her hand slip in to the open drawer, pulling what she was searching four out of the mahogany dresser.

Letting the sharp, shiny piece of metal reflect in to her dull green eyes she held it protectively in her shaky hand. With one quick and easy flick of her hand she let the cold blade slice over the now raw skin of her wrists. She dropped the blade and let the sob threatening to come out go. She let go of the pain that engulfed her entire body, and focused on her now injured wrist.

Resting her head back she let the sobs escaped her dry cracked lips. The girl pulled herself off of the floor and managed to make it in to the conjoined bathroom. She nearly tripped on her way, grasping on to a chair as she pulled herself back up and in to the bathroom.

Grabbing the faucet she turned the water on, and stared at it for a moment, her eyes looking up in to the mirror. A scowl appeared on her face as she looked at the person staring back at her. She was disgusting. Stringy light brown hair, dark circles under her eyes, dull eyes… almost lifeless. That wasn't who she was.

She ran her wrist under the faucet watching the red blood drip casually in to the porcelain sink. The blood slowly turning from red to orange as the bleeding began to subside. The pain in her legs was too much and she collapsed in a heap on the floor of the bathroom.

The girl continued to cry until she had sobbed herself to sleep. It wasn't until she heard the annoying beeping sound coming from inside the room did she finally pull herself off of the floor. She felt the pain all over her body, the new injury on her wrist made her remember, what she didn't want to.

Biting her dry lips she found her way back in to the room, letting out a heavy sigh as she smashed her hand on the piece of annoying technology. She went in to the bedroom closet and pulled out the all white Oxford shirt, plaid skirt, vest and blazer outfit.

Disappearing in to the bathroom she came back out twenty minutes later looking like a completely different person, the person that she knew. Her light brown hair was pulled back in a neat ponytail, a small blue head band held back her bangs. Soft subtle make up covered the bruise that formed on her cheek, her wrists bandaged with gauze and covered by the sleeves of the Oxford shirt.

She gave herself a once over before grabbing her book bag and leaving the house.

Chapter 1 – Straight Laced

Reid Garwin took his normal seat in what he thought was the most pointless and useless class ever. When would he ever use home economics in his life? He was rich. He had butlers, maids and nannies to do the things that they were learning. The latest subject matter had been budgeting. This made Reid laugh hysterically seeing as how he was rich, and he could have anything he wanted.

Aside from being the most boring class, he only talked to one person in the entire class, Caleb's girlfriend, Sarah Wenham. This was the only class Reid didn't have with one of the other Sons of Ipswich. The Provost thought it would be 'good' for him; help him 'grow' as a person.

Reid found this to be complete and utter bullshit.

It was a stab back at him from humiliating the provost 'on accident' Reid claimed.

The professor entered the class with a student behind her, pushing a large box of something. No one thought anything of it until she started talking.

"Good morning class," She greeted. "I'm very excited to say that part of you midterm has just arrived…" She motioned to the box. A groan escaping every student's mouth. "It's a very special project that will be half of your grade in this class." She opened the box and smiled out at the class, "I'll be pairing you off, and you'll be using the rest of this period to begin the project."

Everyone groaned again as she pulled out a sheet of paper from her stacks of work. She went through several pairs, Reid expected to be paired with Sarah and his face fell when he learned her wasn't.

"Jacob Peterson and…" She searched her list. "Sarah Wenham…"

Sarah glanced over at the brunette that happened to be in the pair's English lit class, the first class of the day and smirked as he moved to take a seat next to her. The professor glanced over and looked for the last two people.

"Reid Garwin and Ever Carmichael…"

Reid looked quite confused when she said this, not knowing who this Ever Carmichael was. He had heard the name before but he never really paid attention to anyone at school, anyone that wasn't one of his buddies or blonde with the measurements of 36-24-36.

The professor was about to continue when she noticed Reid had not made an effort to sit by his partner. She tapped her fingers on the box she was urging to get in to and Reid rolled his eyes and grabbed his things taking a seat by the girl he had been instructed to.

"Now, you all will be a family… with child…" She stated pulling out a doll from the box.

The entire room groaned once again, and Reid nearly fell out of his chair. He was not about to spend his entire day with some doll and some girl he didn't know. He laid his head down on the desk as the girl sat straight up, paying close attention to the teacher.

At least he got stuck with someone smart. He tuned out his thoughts and actually paid attention, this was going to be half his grade after all.

"You will feed, bath, and nurture your child. It will record and keep track of everything you do. I will know If you ignore it, don't feed it, or change it's diaper…" She stated. "Two weeks…" She held up two fingers. "Now you'll need to name your baby, and get to know your significant other…" She handed out the babies and handed Reid and Ever the baby.

"Mr. Garwin and Miss Carmichael you have a baby girl…" She stated.

Ever simply took the doll and the clothes, and bag handed to her by the professor. Reid groaned as he laid his head back down on to the desk. Ever sighed slightly looking down at the blonde who was seemingly ignoring her and the fact that they had to do this together.

"Mr. Garwin, I expect you to get to know Miss Carmichael before the end of the semester…" Professor Grady stated before she returned to her desk.

"Fine," Reid groaned and looked up at the meeting a pair of startling green eyes. "Reid Garwin…" He introduced lamely.

"Ever Carmichael," The light haired brunette gave him a small smile.

"Ever, that's an interesting name," Reid noted.

Ever didn't quite know how to respond and instead changed the subject, "So a daughter…" She whispered. "What should we name her?" She asked.

"I don't care…" Reid stated in an annoyed tone.

Ever sat silent for a moment and tapped her pencil steadily, watching Reid's gaze fall over her body. He was checking her out and she was quite uncomfortable by it. She pulled her blazer tighter around her body and thought of something.

"What is your grandmother's name?" She asked.

Sarah looked up at what Ever had said and waited for Reid's answer, remembering the first night that she had met the blonde wonder. He smirked over at Sarah and then looked at Ever.

"Would you believe me if I said Ever?" He asked her.

"Not in the slightest…" She told him, not really responding to his lame attempt at being humorous.

"Ruby," Reid answered truthfully defeated at his attempt to flirt with the girl.

"Ruby it is then…" She stated writing down the name on the 'birth certificate'.

"Ruby Carmichael Garwin?" Reid stated reading what she had written down.

"I'm not going to let you have all the glory…" She stated her lips pursed.

"I see…" Reid nodded.

After about ten minutes of silence Ever turned to Reid and looked him dead in the eye, "I just want to get one thing clear here Reid." She stated in a soft yet stern voice. "I need this class to graduate, so if you're just going to bullshit the entire time I don't need that ok?" She told him. "I can do this on my own,"

"Whoa," Reid was taken back by her forwardness. "I need this class to graduate to… I'm game…" He stated openly as the bell rang. "Do you want her first or should I take her?"

"I have dance this period, if you wouldn't mind?" Ever asked gathering her things.

"Sure, if you'll take her after school… I've got swim practice…" Reid stated nonchalantly picking up the car seat that the teacher so graciously gave them.

"Deal…" She nodded her head and walked out of class and to her locker.

Sarah came up next to Reid with her car seat and smirked looking down at the baby. She shook her head and the two joined the three boys that were staring at them like they had grown second heads.

"What is that?" Caleb asked taking the blonde woman under his arm.

"A baby…" Sarah answered looking at him as if he were stupid.

"I can see that, but why?" Caleb asked.

"How did you get stuck with two?" Tyler asked looking from Sarah to Reid.

"We didn't get paired up…" Reid answered putting in the combination to his locker.

"Who did you get paired with?" Pogue asked looking at Sarah, his girlfriend Kate coming up to them looking quite confused.

"Jacob Peterson…" Sarah answered.

"…and Reid?" Tyler asked looking up at the blonde.

"Ever Carmichael…" Reid answered picking the baby back up as he slung his bag over his shoulder.

"And you're actually doing the assignment?" Kate asked in shock.

"Yes, Provost Higgins made it so I had to pass this class in order to graduate." Reid rolled his eyes.

"So Ever Carmichael…" Caleb looked at Reid who simply nodded.

"Isn't she that cute brunette girl from History?" Tyler asked curiously.

"The one that's straighter laced than you, baby boy?" Pogue laughed.

"Fucking hilarious Pogue…" Tyler groaned as the group walked to their Calculus class.

Reid laughed as he toted the child towards class, a sudden urge hitting him; he waved to his friends to let them know he'd be running late. He walked outside of the building towards the back. He grabbed a small pack from his back pocket and took out a thin cigarette. Pursing his lips he held the tobacco product there searching his pockets for a lighter, until he heard a clicking sound and was able to inhale the tar based product.

"Thanks," His icy blue eyes looked up to meet the same pair of startling green ones he had just faced minutes ago. "Ever?" He questioned.

"I suppose I'm not as straight laced as you thought," She whispered before disappearing towards the dance studio.

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