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Thursday, May 22, 2008

"For four years I have walked the halls of Spencer Academy, the same halls that were graced by my father, and many fathers before him." Caleb glanced down at the piece of paper in front of him, standing calmly in front of hundreds of people. "I walked these very halls with my three best friends; the only three people I ever thought would understand me." His brown eyes diverted to the three boys sitting in front of him. Each having a beautiful girl sitting next to him, a blonde girl caught his attention, and he smiled. "For awhile we kept things exclusive, not really letting anyone in… but we soon let people in." He paused slightly as the blonde smiled at him. "Sometimes the people we meet change our lives forever, and we didn't realize this until after our lives had been touched…" He stated glancing at the blonde boy that was sitting next to the blonde girl, the light haired girl next to him squeezed his hand. "We all know that everything happens for a reason, and we learned that in the worst way here at Spencer…" Caleb announced looking out at the rest of the student body in front of him. "Now we are off to college some of us will never cross paths again, and others we will be there for each other until the end." He gave his three friends a small smirk. "Either way we will always have this moment to look back on." He grinned and glanced over at the Provost. "Remembering that graduation isn't the end; it's just the beginning…"

With that Caleb gave small nod of his head; the Provost taking his spot in front of the podium next. He held his hands out and congratulated the class below him. He glanced out at the parents and friends and other students that were sitting around them.

"Now I have the honor to introduce you all to Spencer Academy's graduating Class of 2008!" The Provost stated proudly as the students stood up and cheered.

Caleb left the stage quickly enveloping his blonde girlfriend in a tight hug, his three brothers doing the same to their girlfriends. Reid clapped Caleb on the shoulder giving him a manly hug as the two other boys came up to him doing the same thing.

The four girls hugged each other as they were dismissed. The eight graduated seniors left to turn in their robes and caps.

"Can you believe we just graduated from high school?" Ever asked in a shocked tone. The feeling was surreal; they were going to college in less than three months.

"I know it!" Kate grinned happily peeling off the dark blue robe that she was donning at the moment. Taking it off she revealed an adorable tea-length black dress and pumps.

"So what are we doing now?" Tyler asked he handed over his robe and cap along with his girlfriend's to the staff of people behind the tables.

"Nicky's?" Pogue asked wrapping both of his arms around Kate.

"Nicky's…" Everyone agreed.

The group met up at Nicky's as soon as they walked through the door the entire place erupted with congratulations to the group of teens. Nicky let them know whatever they were having was on the house for the night. They all were thankful for that, because they came to let loose.

"C'mon how about we hit up the dance floor, for old times sake…" Sarah stated, rather than a question, it was more demanding.

"Sounds like a plan to me girls," Ever admitted with a curt nod.

"Alright, we'll go get the drinks… you ladies… do what you do…" Reid stated giving Ever a sweet kiss on the cheek before he and the guys headed to the bar.

The girls all agreed on a song and Sarah made her infamous move to the juke box. Kate grabbed on to Ever, and Delilah pulling them out to the floor as Sarah joined them. She grinned at her three best girlfriends. This year had been something else for all of them, between Chase… Ever… and the trials. Finally they had graduated, and best of all she was going to be having the time of her life in less than two months.

"Just think, this time in two months," Delilah spoke up, as if reading her mind. "You will be Mrs. Pogue Parry…" She stated feeling a pair of strong arms wrap around her middle. She glanced over her shoulder to Tyler who was grinning at her handing her a mug full of beer.

She gladly accepted it as the three other men approached their girls with the same gift.

"Hard to believe, my best friend a married man…" Caleb slapped Pogue on the back; the long-haired boy simply shrugged his shoulders and nuzzled up to Kate as they danced slowly and provocatively with one another.

"I know man…" Reid grinned wrapping his arms around Ever protectively.

"The ol' ball and chain…" Tyler added with a hearty laugh.

Delilah reached behind her and smacked him playfully.

"Oh, that reminds me!" Sarah stated loudly. "I got a call and our dresses came in yesterday, so we can pick them up tomorrow and have the alterations done… and all that jazz…" She stated wrapping her arms around Caleb's neck.

July 26th, 2008

Three girls stood in identical dresses, holding bouquets of wild tulips in matching hues of blue. Four men stood on the other side of the Justice of the Peace, all wearing matching tuxes with blue vests that matched the color of their dresses. They all watched eagerly as a tall, mocha-colored man escorted a beautiful young woman down the aisle, tears filling her perfectly made up eyes as she clung on to the man's arm.

The long-haired man standing by his lonesome he waited impatiently for the love of his life to meet him at the bottom of the aisle. They were taking this leap together; they both knew they didn't want to wait after college, with everything that had happened during the span of their senior year, they couldn't see their lives without the other in it.

"She looks absolutely beautiful…" The girls could hear the murmurs among the crowd of nearly 100. They had tried small and intimate, but the more they had thought, the bigger the initial list became.

The woman's father handed her off to the long-haired man and smiled giving him a manly hug. The Justice of the Peace began the ceremony as the three girls stood with proud smiles on their faces. The Justice of the Peace asked for the rings.

The blonde girl took the ring from her thumb and handed it to the Justice, the dark haired man behind the groom handed over the wedding band. The Justice made a few comments about the shapes of the ring, the circle, it has no end and about the old myth on the ring finger. He handed the ring to the long-haired groom.

"Now," The Justice of the Peace smiled at the family and friends before them. "Do you Pogue Patrick Parry," The three girls glanced over Kate's shoulder to look at the man with arched eyebrows. He gave them a simple shrug and a wink. "Take Katherine Marie Tunney to be your lawfully wedded wife…" The Justice continued in a strong voice. "To have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness or in health, to love and to cherish 'till death do you part?" He asked.

Pogue looked deeply in to Kate's chocolate brown eyes and smiled, "I do…" He stated simply slipping the ring on to her finger.

"Kate," The Justice turned to her. "Do you take, Pogue to be your lawfully wedded husband?" He questioned leaning towards her slightly. "To have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish 'till death do you part?"

Kate smiled brightly, tears falling from her eyes quietly as she nodded, "I do…" She grinned her eyes never leaving Pogue's.

The Justice went on for a few more minutes about unity and love, and one of Kate's cousins were asked to do a reading. That was completed and the Justice finally glanced between the two. Pogue was eagerly anticipating kissing his wife.

"Now, with the power vested in me by the stated of Massachusetts, I know pronounce you Husband and Wife…" He stated with a smile. "You may kiss your bride…." He grinned.

Pogue pulled Kate in to a passionate kiss, dipping her briefly and her veil began to pull out of her well-sculpted hair. Sarah snatched it before it hit the ground laughing as Pogue finally released his wife. They turned and smiled to their family and friends as Sarah handed over Kate's bouquet wiping her silent tears.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, I would like to introduce you to Mr. and Mrs. Pogue Parry!" The Justice grinned as Kate and Pogue walked down the aisle together.

Caleb joined Sarah, taking her hand and kissing her temple as they retreated after the married couple. Ever walked up Reid by her side as he grabbed Declan's hand… he had learned to walk just in time to be the ring bear. The couple walked down the aisle followed closely by Delilah and Tyler.

The group followed the newly married couple inside the small building behind them and they all hugged congratulating each other. They waited around, the family and friends were being escorted to the reception while the photographers set up a small area for them to take the last of their pictures.

"Remind me to kill you later about these dresses…." Ever stated shifting in her tight blue bridesmaids dress.

"They're hot…" Kate announced with a grin. "There is nothing wrong with showing off that killer figure…" She stated running a smooth hand down her white dress, sending Reid a knowing wink.

"Hot my ass…." Ever muttered, Declan began to tug on the hem of the floor length dress.

"We're ready for you…." A man stuck his head in to them.

"Let's get this over with…" Pogue groaned.

Kate laughed grabbing his hand and leading him out to the area where they were married. The photographer started by taking pictures of the entire bridal party plus the families, so the family members could get to the reception. They were dismissed leaving just the bridal party.

The photographer took pictures of all of the girls next to Kate, and all the guys next to Pogue. After a few shots he switched it up to have the couples standing by one another, Kate and Pogue in the middle of the three other couples.

"Ok, now girls just you with Kate…" He stated waving his hand at the guys, who shrugged and stood off to the side, goofing around about something the girls noticed. "Kate come here," The photographer positioned her. "Sarah here, Ever here and Delilah here…" He moved the girls about getting a good picture of them together. After a few more shots, "Alright just the guys with Kate…."

All of the girls joined Pogue on the sidelines. They stood outside for quite awhile finishing up the group shots. They did quite a few funny poses, and the bridal party got to leave to get to the reception as the married couple got their shots alone.

"God I can't believe they're freakin' married…." Sarah stated with a huge grin on her face, the black limo was taking them to the reception.

"I know, it's insane…" Delilah agreed.

"Surreal; we just graduated and now one of us is married…" Tyler sighed sitting back his arm around Delilah's bare shoulders.

The chatter continued until they arrived at a large banquet hall that had been decorated exquisitely to Kate's expensive and girly taste. They were escorted in and introduced as they came in to the room by the DJ. They all took their spots at the head table. All of the girls to Kate's right and the guys to Pogue's left in the front of the room.

Just as things were starting to buzz, the door opened and the DJ introduced the new Mr. and Mrs. Pogue Parry. The couple came in all smiles as they swept by everyone and began with their first dance. The first strings of "A Moment Like This" by Kelly Clarkson started, the bridal party began laughing slightly as Pogue hung his head defeated.

After the first dance was over the group joined the newly weds for dinner, just as everyone was being served, Caleb stood up, ready to make his speech.

Reid leaned over and said something smart to Tyler, making the younger of the four boys laugh slightly as Caleb glared down at him playfully. The two quieted down as everyone directed their attention to Caleb, standing prominently at the front table.

"I figured that I should make my speech now before too many people get drunk…" He sent a pointed glance down to Reid who gave him the most innocent look the blonde could muster up. "Or if Kate and the girls get on the dance floor, there's no telling if they'll ever get off…" He grinned. Kate threw him a glance and then smiled. "But," He sighed and held up his flute of champagne. "Pogue has been my best friend for as long as I can remember. Hell, I'll say when he and Kate started dating I was a bit jealous cause I wasn't getting my best friend all the time. But Kate turned out to be the best thing for Pogue… and you can tell how much they really love each other…" He grinned at the two. "I just wanted to take the time to congratulate you two, and tell you that we love you… and wish you the very best…" He stated raising his glass, as did everyone yelling out a simultaneous 'Cheers'. Everyone took a sip of their drink and Sarah stood up.

"I don't have much to say but I love you guys and I couldn't be happier that I moved to Ipswich when I did! I love you guys and congratulations!" She stated holding her glass up and smiling at the two.

Kate's father, Matthew stood up and said a few words, her mother had been crying throughout most of the ceremony. Kate's family loved Pogue and was glad that the two had decided to get married, even if it was right out of school.

Kate and Pogue both glanced down at Reid who was giving them a nervous glance while chugging down the rest of his champagne. Kate gave him a small glare and Caleb nudged him, handing over the microphone.

"Go on," The family and friends heard the group say in a hushed tone.

Reid blushed and stood up slightly; he glanced around the room and made eye contact with his mother who was holding Declan in her arms. He grinned and gave her a slight nod.

"Well," Reid started looking around the room. "Since I was shoved up here…" He stated glaring at his three best friends playfully. "I might as well do what I have been planning to do…" He glanced back at Ever who looked confused as hell. "Ever," He stated softly, as Sarah and Delilah nudged her, pushing her chair back so she could get up. "Come up here for a minute…" He stated, she could tell he was nervous. That was not a trait that Reid Garwin showed often.

"What's going on?" She asked slowly walking over to her boyfriend.

"I've been doing a lot… a lot of thinking lately…" Reid stated glancing out at their family and friends. "I know, shocking right?" he laughed trying to lighten the mood. She gave him an intrigued look. "Then with all the Kate and Pogue getting married…." He trailed off. Ever's stomach fluttered, a familiar sting hitting her nose as reality hit her. Reid got down in front of her, on one knee, his free hand fleeing to his pocket, fishing something out. "I love you, Ever Carmichael, will you marry me?" He asked her, taking her hand and slipping on the ring that he had been hanging on to since graduation.

The entire room erupted in to talking, smiling, and a bunch of on-lookers yelling 'YES'. Ever's free hand fled to her mouth as she stared down at the blonde. She couldn't believe that this was happening. She looked around at all of the expecting faces and looked back at her best friends, the group of people she had come to love more than anything.

Kate was grinning stupidly, Sarah was waving her hands as if to tell her to get on with it, and Delilah was biting her lip waiting for her response. She smiled slightly glancing back down at Pogue who was pretending to fall asleep, Caleb who had an eyebrow raised at her and Tyler who was at the edge of his seat.

"Well?" Someone nearly yelled.

She glanced down at Reid, before she could answer Declan came stumbling over to her, "Daddy!" He wrapped his tiny arms around Reid and he glanced up at her with teary eyes.

"We can be a family…" He whispered standing up hoisting Declan on to his hip as he stared down at the girl before him.

"Yes," She nodded simply kissing him as Declan threw his arm around her as well hugging both of his 'parents'.

The entire room erupted and the entire bridal party, including the newly weds ran up to them giving them a huge group hug. Sarah glanced over at Caleb and slapped him on the chest.

"You should learn from these two…" She stated jabbing her thumb in their direction, a playful smile on her lips.

"Don't you start…" he laughed wrapping his arms around her.

The reception went on until the newly weds ran out to their awaiting limo, and took off leaving the reception. The party broke up and the families dispersed.

September 2008

The Fall semester at Boston University was starting in a week, the group from Ipswich was no longer a group of regular teens. They were adults now. They were all going in to their own specific fields. Sarah and Caleb had decided to get an apartment near Kate and Pogue who were happily sharing a quaint two-bedroom apartment a few miles away from the School's campus.

Delilah and Ever were sharing a room at the dorms, as were Tyler and Reid. The group tried to see as much of each other of the summer as they could handle. With classes beginning they weren't sure how much they would be seeing of each other at first.

"So have you guys set a date yet?" Delilah asked rummaging through a box that Tyler had placed on her bed.

"Not really, we were thinking about waiting until after we graduated…." She stated with a small sigh. "But we're not really sure yet… I want a long engagement…"

"Yeah, I understand…" Delilah stated pulling out a picture frame and smiling. It was of her and Tyler from Kate and Pogue's wedding.

"God, can you believe we're in college?" Ever asked glancing up at the ceiling.

"I know, after everything you guys have been through…" Delilah state with a small smirk. "It seems like a perfect ending…" She grinned placing the picture on the night stand next to her bed.

"As perfect as it can get…." Reid's voice came from the open door.

"Hey babe," Delilah grinned seeing Tyler behind the blonde boy.

"Hey, you guys hungry?" Tyler asked. "Caleb just called they were headed to some diner a couple miles in town…" He pointed his thumb in the general direction.

"Famished…"Ever answered pulling herself off of her twin sized bed.

Tyler grabbed on to Delilah's hand and pulled her towards the exit of the building, his arm slid around her waist as the red head placed her head on his shoulder, giving him a perfectly straight smile. Reid stood by the door and held out his hand to his fiancée.

"C'mon…" He nodded his head towards her.

Ever grabbed his hand and tossed a glance back to the picture sitting on the night stand between the two beds, it was a picture of the entire group after Pogue and Kate came back from vacation, they were all sitting on the beach happily hugging on to their significant other. Every one was happy. Ever was happy. She was perfectly content.

I have created a soundtrack to the 'Damaged' story, and I posted most of the songs on my myspace... so check it out if some of the songs don't look familiar... you may like them:)

01. Strawberry Gashes - Jack off Jill

02. Invisible - Ashlee Simpson

03. Different Worlds - Evergrey

04. Secrets - Good Charlotte

05. C.R.U.S.H - Ciara

06. Just Friends - Nine Black Alps

07. Addicted - Simple Plan

08. Roll - J Status

09. Exposed - Threshold

10. Cut - Plumb

11. Damaged - TLC

12. I care about you - KC & Jojo

13. Cupid's Chokehold - Gym Class Heroes

14. Iris - Goo Goo Dolls

15. Knight in Shining Armor - Peter Cross

16. Bruises - Majandra Delfino

17. Emotional Rescue - The Rolling Stones

18. Damaged - Plumb

19. I love you - Celine Dion

20. More Human than Human - White Zombie

21. In Love on Christmas - Nsync

22. Only a Matter of Time – Dream Theater

23. Tribulations - Possessed

24. Love You Down - INOJ

25. To Be Happy – Sara Evans

26. Never Keeping Secrets - Babyface

27. Face Down – Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

28. Forever – Papa Roach

29. Not Afraid – Ear Shot

30. Scars – Papa Roach

31. Judgment Day - Whitesnake

32. A Moment Like This – Kelly Clarkson

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