Becky awoke the next morning to Johnny singing

Becky awoke the next morning to Johnny singing. She sat up and rubbed her eyes. Smiling to herself, she moved closer to the beautiful sound. Her feet padded lightly on the soft so no sound was made.
Her smile stretched when she saw Johnny. His hair was pulled back in a pony-tail and he had a bath robe wrapped around him. A big full-length mirror stood before him and his brown eyes caught Becky gazing. Flushing slightly, he turned around.
"Was I bad?" He studied Becky's face carefully.
"You were good,". She said shyly.
Johnny smiled. "Do you want some breakfast?" He took Becky by the hand and led her into a small, compact kitchen. It was the same colour as the bedroom, cream with dancing angels. She leaned against the counter as Johnny made coffee.
"I don't eat much breakfast,". He laughed and handed her a cup. "Just coffee and a cigarette,".
"I don't smoke,". Becky sipped her coffee.
"Good for you," Johnny smiled. "Nasty habit,".

Becky hadn't looked in the mirror for a while... did she look a mess? She sensed Johnny liked how she looked.. she liked the fact he couldn't take his eyes off her. His eyes were on her now.. Becky took a sip of coffee but instead of going in her mouth, went on last nights clothes.
"Oh shit!" She swore and put the coffee cup on the counter.
Johnny grabbed a cloth from the sink and gently mopped up the coffee. The coffee had stained her top just above the left breast, she felt the cloth in Johnny's hands dab lightly on her and she swallowed nervously.
"All gone,". Johnny threw the cloth in the sink.
"Sorry,". She apologised. "Me being clumsy,".
"It's ok," Johnny smiled. "Do you want to get a change of clothes?"
Becky nodded slowly.. "Sooo i'm allowed to come back?"
"Of course you are!" He reached out and stroked her cheek. Johnny wanted to do so much more... he stepped forwards and gently stroked her lower back, if Becky wanted him to go further.. he would.
Becky closed her eyes while Johnny caressed her, she was dreaming, she must be, she then felt a pair of soft lips on hers and a pair of strong arms wrap around her waist. "Johnny," She gasped.
"Yes,". Johnny murmured.
"Don't stop,". Becky kissed him back, she'd never kissed anyone like this before. She slipped her arms around his neck...