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Let's Go To Work

It was late evening and the rain fell hard on the moonlit streets of LA. The average person had no clue of what was coming, but our heroes did. They could feel the heat of the apocalypse growing nearer.

They gathered in Angel's office for the last time.

"We ready?" Angel asked, holding a large sword in his hand.

"It's about time we got our hands dirty" Spike smirked, although even he sounded nervous.

"Let's do this" and with Angel's words the group filed out of the office heading to their first stops.

As they walked out Illyria passed Gunn and did something very much out of character. She cared.

"Try not to die. You are not displeasing to my eyes" and with that she left.

"You try not to die too" Gunn called to her and though he didn't see it, she smiled.

Angel and Cordy had drugged Sebassis's drink. He was probably already dead. This was a good start as he was the most powerful of the Circle. So now the vampire and his girl headed straight to the alley. It was wet and they were drenched with in seconds, but in the scheme of things, they really didn't care. They just waited, hoping that they wouldn't be standing alone all night...

Illyria had for once done as she was told. She went to a local restaurant where demons often gather and she waited and for once she remained patient. At eight thirty a demon that resembled a devil emerged from the building. He wore an expensive suit, much like his companions who walked beside him. Illyria kept her icy eyes on her target. As soon as they got in their car, she moved with lightning speed and stood before the car, hidden in the night's darkness. Izzy, the devil, turned the head lights on and was met with Illyria, who stared straight at him.

"I will kill you now" she stated.

They didn't even have a chance to blink...

Gunn walked into the office in West L.A. casually, his weapons hidden up his sleeves. Behind his back he held a small axe. He pushed the doors open and Senator Brucker sat across the small office on the telephone. She didn't even glance up to see who had entered. Around Gunn stood about twenty men, except he knew they were really vampires. It was now or never. In one swift action he threw the axe straight at Brucker and it landed clean between the eyes. She fell to her desk. Dead. Now all Gunn had to worry about was the gang of vampires about to attack him...

There was a large mansion not far from Wolfram and Hart and in it lived a very rich demon named Vail. He was possibly the ugliest creature you would ever come across. His skin was blood red and he had white tufts of hear above his ears. He wore a dirty old brown robe and with him he held a rail, which fed several fluids into his body via tubes. Willow and Wesley had told him they had a source of magic he may be interested in. He, stupidly, fell for the act and invited them in. Now the pair just waited for the right moment. Willow had power, and she was going to use it...

In a hotel, not far from the Hyperion, Buffy and Spike crept into a small room where one of the brethren stood alone. It stood no chance. Spike hit it hard in the face, knocking it to the floor and in one swift swing, Buffy stabbed a sword through it's gut. Spike removed the creatures silvery cloak and put it on himself. He lifted the hood so it covered his face. Spike quickly left the room and followed the remaining Brethren to where the baby was being held. Buffy cautiously followed him. Once inside the room, Spike shed his cloak and began the fight. He hit one of them square on the face knocking it out instantly. But another one tried to stab him and merely missed his face, leaving a trickle of blood down his forehead.

"Buffy, luv...stay out there. Wait 'till the right time" Spike called as he hit the enemy hard.

"Right" she yelled back. She didn't like it, but she had no choice.

The demon Spike was fighting, stabbed him in the shoulder and the vampire yelped with pain. But he still managed to get his hands around its neck and in one smooth motion cracked it, with a sickening crunch. He quickly decapitated the unconscious demon and signalled Buffy to get the baby.

"We need to get out now" Spike said urgently "There are more"

"There are always more" Buffy said glumly as she cradled the baby.

The pair ran out of the hotel. Once outside they stood in the pouring rain. It was as if the heavens had opened. Buffy looked at Spike. Now was the time to say goodbye. She had to leave, return the baby and go to Giles. But she couldn't find the words.

"Spike..." though the rain hid them, she was crying now.

"Don't say goodbye luv, I'll come back...i always do" they smiled at each other before they kissed passionately. Although neither would say it, they both thought it.

They may never see each other again.

"I love you" Buffy whispered in his ear.

"I love you too pet." he placed his hand on her stomach "And you too" he told his unborn children. Buffy couldn't hold back the sobs. She kissed him again and before she thought she may never leave, she tore herself away and ran off down the flooding streets. Spike stood for a moment, watching the love of his life disappear into the night.

Buffy had returned the baby and was now sat beside Giles in the car as he drove them to the airport. She was crying silently and Giles had no words to comfort her. He simply placed a hand over hers and she gripped his hand in return. She knew, through their connection, that Spike was still alive. What she hadn't told her vampire was that she planned to be a lot more involved than he would like her to be.

"Giles stop the car" she suddenly said.

"Buffy, my dear, what is..."

"Stop the car!" she ordered.

Giles pulled over. She got out the car and sat by the road, in the still pouring rain.

"If i cant be there physically, then I'll be there mentally" she said sternly.

She sat cross legged, closing her eyes in concentration.

"Your connection" Giles said barely above a whisper. "Buffy are you sure that's wise?"

"He cant die Giles. I wont let him. If i concentrate i can channel my powers into him, make him double as strong. It will make me tired as hell, but i have to do this. It's what needs to be done." and so she focused on Spike as much as she possibly could and very slowly she could feel her power flow into him...

Spike ran through the heavy rain to the alley. He turned the last corner and at the far end he could just make out Angel and Cordelia. They both stood with large swords in their hands. Spike had no weapons on him. But he always did prefer going into something all fists and fangs.

"Angel!" he called.

The older vampire ran towards him.

"Have you seen any others?" Angel asked him. Spike simply nodded "no"

"What about Buffy?" Cordy asked, putting a supportive hand on Spike's shoulder.

"She's being stubborn" he replied.

"What do you mean? She didn't go?" Angel was confused and slightly panicked at the thought that Buffy could still be in danger.

"No, she went. But when i turned the corner i could feel her. She's giving me her power somehow through that connection. I hope she bloody knows what's she's doing" at that point a limping figure began to travel down the alley. It was Gunn.

"How did i know the fang boys would make it" he laughed, although it soon became apparent he wasn't looking to good.

Spike and Angel grabbed Gunn by each arm and propped him against a crate. Gunn pulled his hand from under his shirt and revealed a lot of blood.

"Supposed to wear the red stuff on the inside Charlie-Boy" Spike said, the sudden feeling of the fact he might lose a friend.

At that point a bright light suddenly appeared in the alley beside them. It was Willow and Wesley. They had teleported and Willow was looking powerful. Her hair had turned white and her eyes were cool blue. Even the clothes she wore glowed.

"Vail?" Angel asked.

"Dead" Wesley simply replied.


Illyria then fell from the building roof and landed gracefully on her feet. She was unharmed, although that may not last for very long.

"Looks like we made it" Cordy said, trying to sound as if the worst was over.

"So far" Angel sadly reminded her.

Suddenly a low rumble could be heard and all their heads turned. Each pair of eyes widened.


Buffy was still trying hard to move her power into Spike. She still hadn't done enough and she was getting frustrated.

"Buffy, maybe it cant be done" Giles said softly.

Buffy ignored him and with one last almighty push of thought it happened. She felt every inch of her power release into Spike. She gasped as it left her feeling light headed, and she toppled to the muddy ground. Giles quickly knelt beside her, fearing the worst. He pulled off his jacket and wrapped it around her drenched body. A small smile slowly appeared on her face.

"I did it"

The Alley...

Hordes of demons with crude weapons and evil features were heading there way. They were roaring and screeching with anger.

"Oh God" Spike suddenly felt the most unbelievable head rush. "She did it"

His eyes suddenly flashed a blinding blue and he immediately felt confident and powerful.

"Well that should help" Wesley commented.

Illyria stood over Gunn and watched him, her face almost looking sad.

"I wish to do more violence now" Illyria stated.

"Well wishes happen to be horses today" Spike said.

"Among other things" Angel added.

Gunn slowly pulled himself up and Wesley let him lean on him for support.

"You take the thirty thousand on the left..." he began, but pain cut into his sentence.

"Your fading, you will last ten minutes at best" Illyria stated.

"Then lets make them memorable" Gunn replied, knowing too well he was dying.

Willow stood beside Spike and put her hand in his. He glanced at her, surprised at the gesture.

"We'll make it" she said.

"We have to" he replied.

Then they parted, their eyes drawn to the thousands of demons heading there way. Over head a dragon swooped down and in the distance a giant could be seen. The odds weren't looking good, but that never stopped them before.

"So in terms of a plan?" Spike asked, gearing his new found power up for one hell of a fight.

"We fight" Angel simply said as Cordy stood beside him, gripping her own sword tighter.

"Bit more specific" Spike urged.

Angel stepped forward. The fight was just seconds away. He grasped his sword firmly and smiled.

"Well personally i wanna slay the dragon" the first of the demons were ready to attack. Angel swung his sword, "Lets go to work"

The End

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