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After what felt like forever, Negaduck landed right on his feathered bottom…on rock-hard cement. Groaning, he fell over, his eyes still closed. When he finally summoned the strength to open them, he found himself shocked.

The Mallard Menace's last memory had been being sucked into oblivion when Dipwing Dork, his do-gooding counterpart from another dimension, had accidentally pulled the Universal Plug. Negaduck had figured then that his goose was cooked. So to find now that he was sitting just outside the rundown bakery that had been his way into the other St. Canard—Darkwing's St. Canard—instead of floating in a vast nothingness, he was pleasantly surprised. He immediately leapt to his webbed feet and dashed inside the bakery…only one thought on his dastardly brain.

Darkwing is going to pay for pulling that plug!

Negaduck pulled open the doors and ran into the back room, and almost smiled to find the dirty, tiered that was the portal between the Negaverse and Darkwing's world. However, his imitation smile—for Negaduck never truly smiled—disappeared when he pulled off the top of the cake. Instead of a swirling vortex…there was nothing but more moldy cake. With a growl and not much thought, he destroyed the cake with one smash, throwing the remnants all over the rooms. Fuming now, he wiped the cake from his costume and exited the building.

Outside, there was not much to make him happier. The damage done to his St. Canard by the Friendly Four and his own pink-clad ward was evident in the first whiff of air. It was cleaner than his preferred smoggy sky. The cement roads and sidewalks appeared to have almost been repaved, and there was clean water and fresh greenery everywhere. Thanks to those Darkwing wannabes, his St. Canard was being ruined! Even now, in the distance, he could see them still at work. Glancing up, he saw that a banner bearing his likeness had been ripped completely in half. Another howl of anger escaped his beak.

But he was temporarily at a lost. He had several problems facing him at once. He had to regain control of his city, destroy the Friendly Four, and find a way back to Darkwing's St. Canard to exact his revenge. Something told Negaduck that the last was going to be the hardest. After all, he had never really understood why the dimensional vortex had existed in the first place. So, step one to solving his problems: find goons to do his bidding.

Almost on cue, a woman's shriek sounded from the distance. A blissful smile graced his beak as he said, "Bingo."

Following the direction of the shriek was easy since it just kept repeating itself. Finally, about four blocks away, Negaduck found its source. Launchpad—his leather and spike wearing Launchpad—stood over some cowering figure, a spiked club in his hand.

"Launchpad," Negaduck said, his voice commanding.

He turned, a dark joy in his eyes.

"Boss! Hey, did you catch that do-gooding imposter?" he asked.

Negaduck hit him squarely over the head, his most preferred way of saying, "Don't bring it up further."

"Please," the cowering figure said. "Help me!"

Negaduck paid the voice no mind, only noting for a millisecond that it sounded vaguely familiar. He waited for a moment until Launchpad got back to his feet, and then he sighed.

"We've got work to do, Launchpad. Where the heck are the Muddlefoots? Why hasn't anyone stopped the Friendly Four? How long was I gone?" he asked.

"The Friendly Four made a jail and locked the Muddlefoots up there…except for Tank of course. I couldn't get 'em out, so I couldn't take on the Friendly Four by myself. You've only been gone a coupla days, Boss," he answered quickly. "I just figured that you had followed Dorkwing to his universe to beat on him!"

Everyone knew about the inter-dimensional in the Negaverse because everyone in the Negaverse knew that it was Negaduck's and Negaduck's alone to be messed with. Negaduck shook his head at his number one goon and reached out an arm to catch the woman that Launchpad had been threatening as she had tried to sneak past them. Apparently, she had realized that Negaduck would not be one to help her.

"And what is this about?" Negaduck asked, gesturing to the woman without taking his attention off Launchpad.

"Uh, just doin' my part to show the little people who's still in charge, Boss," he said, a wicked chuckled issuing forth.

"Please, just let me go!" the woman begged.

Finally, Negaduck turned to acknowledge the woman, and his eyes widened. Staring back at him with fearful eyes was the Negaverse's version of Morgana Macawber. The two looked identical, except that this one's dress was a light blue and her hair fell down to her waist instead of up in a beehive. Instantly, a plan was forming in Negaduck's mind.

"Miss Macawber, I presume?" he asked.

Shaking, she responded, "H-how did you know my name?"

"Never mind that, my dear. I do believe that you will be a great help to me…"

"But…I don't want—"

"To live?"

She gasped. "Yes…I want to live!"

"Then just be as helpful to me as possible…"

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