Me: I felt like doing a Raine oneshot since I have this song, which I have nothing to do with: Underwater; by Vertical Horizon. This may be spoilers for some, since some don't know about her nearly drowning.

Raine: Wow. Thank you.

Me: So sarcastic, huh? Well...

Raine: SylphWindDancer owns nothing.


I remember it all too well. When I was little, I fell in the ocean. I always feel like I'm about to relive that memory when I'm even near water. I felt so embarassed when Lloyd, Kratos, Genis, and Colette found it out. I know when I talked to Lloyd about it, he had real sympathy for me.

You and I are here...underwater. Seconds are so dear, underwater.

I remember...I couldn't breathe...and I had fallen in. It was freezing cold. I thought I was going to die.

I'm searching for a draw me closer. I hold my breath in tight. Bring me closer; I feel your touch...will you pull me up again?

I was kicking so hard. I tried to cup my hands...but I didn't know how to swim. All I remember were the coral reefs...they were the only thing that was beautiful.

It's not so bad down here; underwater. Once you get past the fear...underwater.

But I couldn't. I couldn't let go of my fear. I was so scared...I didn't want to die.

I sense you through the haze, just like a memory. We've been down here for days. Have you seen me? I feel your touch...will you pull me up again?

I could've sworn I had blacked out. I couldn't really was dark...foggy...damp...and dangerous. Deadly. Alone. Strange.

It's all the same to me; underwater. There's nothing much to see; underwater. I cannot make a sound...but I can listen.

It was so quiet...and blurry. I don't remember clearly when I was taken to shore.

I can't tell up from down...and now I miss them. I feel your touch...will you pull me up again?

I remember thinking: 'what if I don't ever see my parents again...or my unborn brother?' I didn't want to experience that ever again. But now, I think...

You're just in sight...will you save my life again?

'What if I fell in the water, but it wasn't the water itself that saved me...but...instead...'

You and I are here...underwater.


Me: I felt like a little Kraine. But, sorry, Raine. I like Kranna better.

Raine: (speechless)

Me: Wow, I think I hit her deep. Well, I would appreciate it if you reviewed this oneshot.