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Warning: This chapter contains a yaoi lemon. Meaning, two guys having sex! You have been warned!


If Yami had thought he was probably moving thing a little too fast earlier, he was definately trying to stop the adrenaline running through his brain as he carried Yugi to the bedroom. Yugi on the other hand, was trying to follow his adrenaline. Yami had kissed him and picked him up so fast he hadn't fully registered that Yami said that he loved him back.

Yugi was plopped onto the bed, with Yami still on top of him. Yami propped himself up onto his hands and he looked down at Yugi.

"I'm sorry..." he said. "Do you... you know, want this?"

Yugi's eyes moved around quickly, trying to look at every inch of Yami's face for any hint of something that could tell him why they shouldn't go on. He wasn't quite clear what had happened back there, but he smiled, knowing he had for sure, heard Yami say that he loved him.

"You love me?" he asked, reassuring himself.

Yami grinned. "I have for a long time Aibou."

Yugi lifted his head and touched Yami's cheek.

"Then I'm yours," he said as he laid his head back down and laid his arms out submissively.

Yami gulped, suddenly nervous himself. He blushed and kissed Yugi's cheek lightly. Yugi rolled his eyes.

"Is that all ya got?" he asked. "Hey, it's my first time, but seriously, koi!" he teased.

Yami bit his lip and smiled. "Sorry, I kinda ruined that moment, huh?"

Yugi grabbed Yami's head with both his hands and pulled him forward forcefully. "Yeah, but I can fix that!"

Yami was pulled helplessly into a heated kiss. Yugi licked Yami's lips and played with his tongue, making the kiss sloppy. When they finally broke for air, Yugi smirked.

"That help?" he asked.

Yami's only answer was to grab Yugi's belt buckle and begin sucking on his neck. Yugi purred contently as he felt Yami begin to bite his skin.

"Ooh," he cooed as he felt Yami slide his pants off and blow on the hickey at the same time. Yami smiled at the sound. He sat up and stroked Yugi's leg. He tossed Yugi's pants to the floor.

"Lift your arms," he said softly. Yugi followed his order and Yami slid his shirt off, leaving Yugi in only his boxers. Yami glanced over Yugi and frowned at his aibou's underwear.

Yugi smirked and began toying with Yami's belt buckle. Yami's pants were soon on the floor too, but Yami wasn't wearing boxers. A hypnotized Yugi stared at him and gave Yami the perfect chance to pull Yugi's underwear off.

"Can I...see you? I mean, more of you?" Yami stammered.

Yugi nodded and both men got off of the bed and stood before each other, each one taking his time to examine the others' nude body. Yugi blushed a mad red again; Yami's eyes darted to and from his Aibou's member, obviously becoming more and more erect.

"You look beautiful," Yami said in a low voice, making Yugi harden more. He winced at the slight pain. He hissed as he exhaled, making Yami harden as well.

Yami gently approached Yugi and wrapped his arms around Yugi's waist, cupping the young one's nether regions. Yugi gasped and leaned into Yami. Yami kissed Yugi's neck and pushed him back down onto the bed. Yami broke for air and allowed Yugi time to get comfortable.

As Yugi moved to lie down, he had fear, and pure excitement running through his head. He was scared as Hell, wondering if giving his virginity, his life, and his love, all to Yami was an ok thing. But then again, the excitement told him that it was. Yugi laid down and put his hands up and on either sides of his head.

Yami leaned over him and licked his lips, not even trying to hide it from Yugi. Yugi merely gave a nervous smile and made a kissing motion with his lips to Yami. Yami caught the hint and stroked Yugi's face.

"I love you too."

Yugi's eyes were locked with Yami's as his hand snaked between their nacked chests. His other hand traveled down to Yami's member. He began to finger one of Yami's nipples and stroked Yami's cock lightly. Yami growled. His member seemed to harden even further at the feel of Yugi's touch.

"Two can play at that game," he said with a smirk. Yugi's eyes widened in slight worry as Yami took his hands and pinned them over his head. Yami grabbed Yugi's member and squeezed hard, making Yugi yelp. Yami began to move his hand up and down Yugi's shaft, making Yugi yelp and cry out more. When Yugi felt he was ready to go over the edge, Yami stopped his movements. Yugi whimpered and Yami kissed him tenderly.

Yugi took some deep breaths as he tried to calm down and avoid the pain of not letting his orgasm out. He closed his eyes as he breathed. He felt Yami kiss his eyelids one at a time before he opened his eyes to see Yami spread his legs.

"Wait," Yugi gasped.

Yami looked up. "Yes Aibou? Are you nevervous?"

Yugi nodded and sat up. "Well, it's just that-"

Yami suddenly felt himself being slammed down onto the bed on his back. Bewildered he looked around and watched Yugi smirk and climb on top of him. He sighed and shook his head playfully. Yugi leaned forward and kissed Yami.

"Ready?" Yugi asked.

Yami reached for Yugi's hand and squeezed in reply. Yugi nodded and slowly began to decend himself onto Yami's member.

He grimaced at the intrusion and tightened his grip on Yami's hand. Yami sighed contently as he felt himself getting deeper and deeper into Yugi. He let out a long groan and Yugi whimpered, but went on until he felt Yami completely fill him. Yami let Yugi catch his breath and get used to the pain before flipping over so that Yugi was on the bottom.

After reminding Yugi that he loved him, Yami pulled out of Yugi to his tip, and then slammed back in. Yugi groaned. It hurt more than it felt good. Yami on the other hand moaned loudly. He took Yugi's hips in his hands and moved around inside of him. Yugi moaned from pleasure this time. Yami took this as a good sign and slammed back into his koi again. Yugi screamed. Yami slammed in again, hitting Yugi's prostate.

"Yami! Oh, Ra, again!!!!"

Yami did so. Yugi yelled out his name as he felt Yami's penis move inside of him. Every touch inside and out felt so damn good. Yami pounded into him harder.

"Yugi, oh..." he gasped.

"Yami!" Yugi whimpered in a tiny voice. Yami began moving his hands around Yugi's body, stroking his sides, his chest, his legs, before finally stopping at his member. He gave it a small touch.

"Oooooohhhhhh! Gods yes!!!!" Yugi screamed at the top of his lungs. "Yami! More! Oh yes!"

Yami removed his hand from Yugi's member but continued to feel his way around Yugi inside and out. He squeezed his eyes shut as Yugi's inner walls began to contract around him tighter and tighter.

"Yugi...oh so hot Aibou. Tight. Oh gods!"

"Faster! Yami! More!"

Yami began pounding into Yugi harder and faster. Yugi screamed. Their love came pouring out with every movement. Yugi began to buck his hips up wildly, pushing Yami further into him if possible. The bed began to squeak loudly but they didn't hear it over each other's screams. Yami's thrusts became more and more animal-like as his brain lost control. Yugi eventually did the same, creating a chaotic and pleasureable rhythm between the lovers. Yami leaned forward and kissed Yugi's lips and then kissed his chest over his heart.

The only thing that was going through both boys' minds, was the love that they shared.

"Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!" Yugi yelled.

"Oh! Oh! Oh!" Yami yelled with each thrust, getting higher pitched with each yell.

"Yami! I'm gonna...gonna cum!" Yugi screamed.

Yami's brain actually registered the words and he cupped his hand around Yugi's cock to catch the white liquid. Sure enough, Yugi's stomach muscles tightened and he let himself come pouring out into Yami's hand with his orgasm as he screamed his name.


Yami continued to pound into his lover as he held his hand up to his mouth and drank Yugi in. The taste alone set him off and he too came inside of Yugi as he screamed his name.

Yami felt his arms get wobbly and he collapsed on top of Yugi, staying inside of him for a while longer. Both men found that their deep breaths were syncronized after a few seconds and continued that way for a while.

Eventually, Yugi sighed. Yami pulled out of him with a concerned look on his face.

"What is it? Aibou?" Yami asked when Yugi didn't say anything.

Yugi shrugged. "I'm just tired I guess."

Yami smiled. "Yeah. Walking around the city and then having sex can take it out of you."

Yugi giggled. "Thank you," he said.

Yami nodded and wrapped his arms around Yugi's small body. He burried his face in Yugi's hair and inhaled deeply.

"I'm glad we have the same room," Yugi said.

"Me too Aibou, me too."

They fell asleep in each other's arms and when Yugi woke up, he noticed Yami was gone. He lifted he bedsheet to see that he was still naked from the previous night. He blushed and hopped out of bed to get dressed. He opened the door leading into the living room to see Yami sitting on the couch, a thoughtful look crossing his face.

Yami looked up at Yugi and smiled.

"Good morning," he said. Yugi only blushed in reply.

"Sore?" Yami asked. Yugi nodded. Yami smiled and motioned for Yugi to sit on his lap. Yugi did so, making his blush an even darker red.

Yami turned him to look at Yugi's beautiful eyes. "It was a wonderful night Aibou," he whispered. Yugi nodded. Noticing the boy's uneasiness, Yami decided not to mention much more.

"You believe in fate, Aibou?" he asked.

"Of course," Yugi said. "Especially all that we went through."

Yami nodded. "I got a call from the lobby this morning. They finally noticed their mistake. They said that they computers all of a sudden just fixed themselves! Troubleshooters couldn't figure out the problem."

"What does that mean?" Yugi asked.

"Fate mixed up the computers," Yami said with a smile. "We were brought together by it."

Yugi smiled and leaned into Yami. "You told them not to put us in separate rooms right?" he asked. "It's definately not a problem to us, is it?"

Yami nodded. "Not at all Yugi." He paused. "You want to go sightseeing today?"

Yugi shook his head. "You're the only sight I want to see," he said.

The rest of the day was spent enjoying the "sights" of two lovers.


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