All i Need is You.

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Summary: Sasori and Deidara are two bestfriends that are on the top five guys that every girl wants, good features, everything. So two rich, obsessed girls, Sakura and Ino, thinking they can get every guy, are going to try their all to have them for themselves.

Pairings: Sasori x Sakura, Deidara x Ino in later chapters

Setting: AU, everyone is normal, and Konoha is a city instead of a village.

Rating: T, later changing to M.

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Chapter One: The Rich Clique.


"Let me buy you a drank" the pink hair woman's cell phone rang out loud. Sakura jumped from her bed, and grabbed her red, shiny KRZR.

"Hello?" She answered quietly.

"Hey girl! Whats up??" the other voice shouted through the phone, Sakura held the phone back from her ear, she was well aware now that on the other line it was her best friend, Ino. Slowly putting the phone back to her ear, she took a second to speak.

"uhm..hey Ino not" the pink one answered back. She stroked her fingers through her long pink locks.

" you what to go to the mall, i mean like we need to do some serious shopping, and you never know we may walk across them." Ino, replied. "them? who the hell is 'them?'" Sakura thought for a second, she had no clue what Ino was talking about. Sakura moved from her spot and walked over to her balcony that lingered over fifteen acres of beautiful scenery. She leaned up against the railing still thinking about what "them" meant.

"uhh Sakura you still there?!" the blond said impatiently, taking Sakura out of her thoughts.

"yeah..but who's 'them' ?" Sakura asked, having no clue what so ever. She heard a sigh of annoyance on the other line.

"ugh you forgot about them already, does two uber hot guys that almost every girl wants, except there are three others that are pretty hot, but one has red hair and one blond hair.. ring a bell?, Ino replied, Sakura still didn't know what she was talking about, until a bulb lit up in her head.

"eh is it Gaara and Naruto?" Sakura hesitated. There was a long silence, the pink hair one gulped down, she knew that on the other line a very kind blonde was getting really mad.

"uhm Ino are yo--" Sakura was interupped by Ino.

"are you kinding me, ewww Naruto is like soo ew, i mean oh my gosh, nobody would be dumb enough to date him, but Gaara's pretty hott" Ino practially yelled. A sweat dropped appeared on Sakura's head, she still didn't have a clue what Ino was talking about, but she responded to Ino's last part of her statement.

"Well Hinata's going out with Naruto right now, so is she dumb?" Sakura questioned a little anger in her voice, she didn't like people talking about others, especially her friends.

"Well no, but Naruto is sooo not my type and Gaara is on the top five hot guys but there's another red head, hey look sorry if that offended you, i'll make it up to you if you want to go to the mall?" Sakura knew what Ino was up too, but she just replied with a "sure, going to get dressed now".

"yay!!" Ino cheered, "i am coming by at three, kay?"

"yeah, yeah." Sakura replied, just before she was going to depart, she asked, "uhm Ino, i still don't know who those two guys you were talking about are.."

"oh well their name's are Sasori-kun and ohh my geez Deidara-kun, he is so flippin hot." the blond said. Sakura pondered on a bit, they sounded so familiar, but she really couldn't get a mental image of them in her mind.

"okay whatever you say, bye" and with that Sakura closed the phone, still leaning against the railing she felt the warm breeze of summer making her hair flow in the air. mm gotta get dressed, the pink haired woman thought to herself. Sakura quickling walked inside and headed towards the bathroom. She brushed her teeth, following along with washing her face, and brushing her hair, then she added eyeliner, mascara and other make-up stuff to her face.

She exited her bathroom to walk across a small, all white, Pomeranian, Sakura crouched down, petting him, "good morning Snowflake" she whispered as she gently kissed him on his forehead. She walked over to her dresser and pulled out a pair of white shorts, and a green t-shirt that said "Hollister" outlined with yellow and had a large seagull behind the word. Quickly she undressed and put on the the outfit she layed out, all while doing this she caught a glimpse of Snowflake watching her.

"your such a pervert" she said out loud, Snowflake tilted his head to the side then dashed out the door, a smirk appeared on the pink hair's face. She went over to her closet and reached for an all white Chanel handbag and a pair of green and yellow flip-flops, then she went back to her dresser and took a pair of white trimed Chanel sunglasses, putting them over her eyes. Okay everythings all set, she thought and looked over to the clock, 2:59, yes just on time. Hastily she grabbed her keys and cell phone and headed out her bedroom door. She quickly ran downstairs were she saw her family's butler Mr. Haruto,

"Good morning Sakura-sama, going out to meet a friend?" he asked. Sakura walked towards the front door, nonchalantly passing by Mr. Haruto. When she reached the door, she turned her head facing the dumbfounded butler, "of course, duhh" and with that she walked out the door. A minute didn't even pass and Ino came up in her 2007 3-Series BMW convertible, that her mom bought for her 16th birthday.

Beep Beep!

Sakura looked up to notice that Temari and Tenten were in the backseat, yelling "Come on!", and motioning their arms towards them. "Coming!" the pink haired girl yelled and she quickly hopped in and sat in the front seat. "Buckle up for safety" Ino said in a mocking tone, and drove off.

They were at the mall in no time due to Ino's SpeedRacer driving. "So like, lets all go get a Cappuccino, and also i owe you something too Sakura" Ino said out loud, everyone nodded and the little clique walked over to Starbucks. After ordering what they wanted, they all sat at a small table talking about relationships, boys, and they were gossiping.

"uhm yeah i definitely can't stand that Karin bitch, alot of guys think she's like really hot and that her glassed are sexy, like ew she's super fat ugh AND she's a total wanna-be boyfriend stealer" Tenten remarked, "I mean remember that time when she was trying to steal Sasuke from you Sakura?!" Sakura looked down inside her cup, to see if there was anymore, then she looked up.

"yeah i remember that, and she's with him and all, but the thing is he wants me back", Sakura said licking her straw. "He screwed up"

"Girl you should go back out with him, i mean he is on the top five guys that every girl wants and you can get revenge." Temari requested.

"nahh, he's way to possessive, and i don't care she can do anything she wants to him. Oh, also Ino i want to see those guys you were talking about" Sakura said, trying to change the subject. Ino blushed a bit, "oh you mean Deidara-Kun and Sasori-Kun?" The other two girls Temari and Tenten jumped up with a expression of "Oh my gosh!" on there face, "they are so hott!" they both said in unison.

"Heyy Deidara is mine, so you two better back off" Ino demanded with her arms crossed in front of her chest. The two girls look confused, until Temari spoke out

"uhm Ino you aren't even going out with him, so what are you talking about??" with that Ino sat dumbfounded, then she yelled out

"well you don't have to burst my bubble! hmm" and with that the blond stormed over to the girls bathroom, the two girls looked at each other than shrugged it off, continuing the converstation they were having with Sakura.

"yeah i heard his brother, Itachi, is like that too" Tenten replied. "he's really hott, i'd hit that like everyday" the two girls started laughing at Tenten's statement.

Sakura just ignored them and just pondered about the times when she was with Sasuke, a good five years they stayed together. Reminiscing about the times when she gave Sasuke her love, her trust, her innocence, everythingBut things changed when that bitch, boyfriend stealer Karin came on the scene, and even after they broke it off, he tries to beg her to take him back. But the pink haired woman has been at her happiest, she gets to flirt with other guys and she knows that she can get any guy she ask's for, or that's what she thinks.

Sakura sighed, then scanned over the scene. Everybody was just sitting around eating and converstating, but one person caught her eye, he had blond hair that had a long bang that cover his left eye, which kinda reminded her of Ino's hair style, he was really hyper and was conversating with two other guys that seemed irritated, one she could recongize as Sasuke's brother and the other had red hair she couldn't see his face though. Temari caught a glimpse of Sakura staring off somewhere, and looked over in the direction she was, her eyes widenend. " Tenten look over there! Its Itachi-kun, Deidara-kun, and Sasori-kun"

Hearing their names being called out, the group of guys looked over, Sakura was still looking at the mysterious red head, he finally showed his face, he had redish eyes that showed hardly no emotions, and he was kinda pale, he looked similiar to Gaara, but the other red head had the whole eyeliner thing going on. Sakura couldn't help but just look in his deep eyes that had meet her jade ones, a small smirk appeared on his face.


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