All I need is You.

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Summary: Sakura and Ino are both in it to get with two best friends Sasori and Deidara because they are the top five guys that every girl wants. Along the way, for Sakura this little game changes into something more than she can handle. Some things never go away.

Pairings: Sasori x Sakura, Deidara x Ino

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Chapter Twelve: Recognize Change.


Sakura's P.O.V after Naruto's visit at the hospital.

I couldn't bear to see the look on Naruto's face. For him to hear what Sasuke almost did to me is a stab to the heart and punch to the face. It's funny because I've always pictured him running back to me on his knees, not running back to me with evil, disgusting intentions. We arrived at the car after a tense, silent walk. I know that Itachi must be feeling my pain. I only hope that good things came out from this. Maybe Itachi will scare off Sasuke, threaten him to the point where he won't even dare think about me. Finally getting inside, I bursted out into tears. Why me? I felt a gentle hand move my hair over to my right shoulder.

"I didn't want you to see me like this, I couldn't hold it back." I sobbed, my hands hiding my face. I cried so hard that it was even difficult for me to breathe.

"Sakura, it's alright. Crying gets rid of frustration and anger that's been building up. I'm taking you home by the w--"

"No!" I interrupted look up with glossy eyes. "He might come back again, please take me to your house." I noticed that two begging hands gripped his arm. I felt desperate to get out of this and away from everything.

"Sakura he won't" Itachi replied, our eyes connecting. His showed complete protection while mine probably displayed weakness.

"Please!" I begged more, shaking his arm a bit. Pink strands of hair stuck to my face and the tears were like glue.

"Alright, fine." He finally gave in and my heart calmed in relief. He started up the engine and we were on our way. It was quiet, like always but I decided to break the silence. I felt like starting a conversation that can put my mind on numb for a bit. Even if the conversation was awkward.

"I think there might be somebody who...will truly appreciate me." I whispered, eyes staring blankly at the scene passing by.

"Who?" The voice on the other side questioned. I smiled a bit even though my world felt like it would come crashing down at any moment. I must admit though, thinking about him, lightened everything up one notch.

"Your friend...Sasori." I blushed a bit, and thought on why the hell I was telling Itachi this in the first place.

"Mhm, I should have known that. He seems to be taking a slight interest in you too" My heart skipped a beat and butterflies never felt so good, even at this moment in my life.

"Really? He slipped up and said a few things though last night. Nice, cute things." I said in a soft voice. I rubbed my itchy eyes and rested my head on the window.

"Well, I can't really judge how he really feels about you. He once had a past with a handful of girls." My heart felt like it was stabbed again but this time with a tooth pick. So it wasn't that major, but my mind raced with doubts and a flicker of anger.

"If he's a player, cheater or any of the sort then he's not alive to me." It may seem cold, but this is what I feel overall.

"Sakura, he's not a cheater I can tell you that. He is loyal to his girlfriends but would mainly get with them for...well you know." Itachi replied, resting an arm on the window seal.

"Okay, so then that makes him a player." I snapped, curling up one of my fist. Boys...they're all the same.

"Well it was only five girls, but he was eighteen at the time so you could expect acts like that. He wasn't going around nailing every girl he pleased although that would make a lot of girls happy." I heard a soft chuckle but I felt a pang of jealousy. The fact of another girl having her way with Sasori made me want to puke. That actually made me think the last time I've had sex. Pleaser was of course, Sasuke. Nice gift he received. Anyways, it's been a while, but I'm keeping my guards up. I definitely don't want to end up in another situation similar to todays.

"Don't be jealous though, a lot of girls will kill to be in your position with him. Their mouths will drop, and plus he wouldn't act on you that fast."

I didn't reply back. My eyelids drooped and I was thrown into deep thought. 'Sasori, I hope you've changed all the way. It feels like suddenly I've changed my thoughts on everything, even you. You'll have to prove to me that you like me. Show me that you're different from Sasuke, Gaara and even Naruto. I would do anything for you to love me unconditionally. For you to kiss me with a fiery passion that can't be put out. I would appreciate if Sasuke was like that, not the monster he's become today. Why am I so optimistic? I need to think pessimistic. Wait no, realistic. Yeah.

I felt a faint vibration off in the distance but ignored it. It came back a few more times till it finally left me alone. I then jumped a bit at finally realizing what it was, my phone. I flipped it open to see on the screen 'you have one missed call from: Sasori'. My eyes widened and I rushed to return back the call but it went straight to voice mail. I inhaled to speak but hung up exhaling in disappointment. I shoved my phone back in the tight front pockets of my jeans.

"We're home" Itachi said quietly then got out of the car coming around the back to my side. I opened the door before he even came up.

"It's alright, I got it." I gave a fake smile then closed the door myself.

Itachi's condo was actually pretty big from the outside but inside it was just the right size. Everything was neatly organized and placed where they needed to be. It was nice though, and totally matched his personality and exterior.

"If you need any rest, you can do so in my room" He offered walking into the kitchen. He opened the refrigerator door and pulled out a wine cooler. I looked at him with begging eyes, he caught this.

"Sakura, you're way too young for drinking alcohol and you know that" He demanded, closing the door and walking past me. I sighed then followed behind him. On his way to his planned destination he grabbed a random book from one of the shelves that hugged a wall. He walked into the living room, sat on the couch and began his reading. I looked at the cover page of the book. Los Angeles: A Novel by Peter Moore Smith.

"That book any good?" I questioned taking a mild interest in it. Itachi didn't look up from his reading.

"Sure is" He licked the tip of his index finger and turned a page. The wine cooler laid on the desk beside him, untouched.

"I'm going to take a shower alright, and you don't mind me putting on pair of your boxers and shirt right?" I asked in a high pitched voice, Itachi shrugged. I took this as a signal and ran off into the bathroom upstairs.

My little childish charade soon died down once I entered the bathroom. I didn't dare look into the mirror for I feared what my reflection would throw back at me. I took of all my clothes and neatly placed them in a pile over the toilet lid. I crept into the shower and turned on the water. The chilliness calmed me but memories still haunted. Soon it became warm, then boiling. I greeted it; it sort of matched my feelings. At that moment I thought the oddest thing. I'm actually going crazy over not one but two guys. One is making me crazy in the sense of wanting to end my life here and now. While the other is making me crazy in love.

I tightened my brow a bit in frustration.

I don't even understand why I'm persuading myself into the 'love' terms with Sasori. I don't even know him all the way, and the old him doesn't spark my interest either. I washed up quickly with Axe body soap and even washed my hair with the Axe shampoo. Stepping out of the shower, steam rose rapidly to the ceiling like cumulus clouds. I dried off and picked up my clothes. Walking towards the door, I stopped and turned in front of the mirror. Steam covered it completely, but I placed a hand and wiped away leaving one streak. I observed my face. My eyes didn't seem as green as they were weeks before. I looked older more mature. I looked, dead. Disgusting. I exited the bathroom and steam did so too.

I arrived inside Itachi's room and closed the door behind. I exhaled heavily and peered out the balcony that connected to his room. The scene was beautiful, extraordinary even. In the far distant you can see the ocean, glistening in the sun. Not too far in front of it was the city, it was a bit hazy but the buildings also reflected from the sun's rays. I remembered growing up in the city, knowing every block and avenue. I may live now in the sub-urbs, but I' am a city girl at heart. I just totally miss it. If I still lived there, Sasuke won't really be in my life. Then again, Sasori wouldn't have been either.

Everything started when I moved out here in seventh grade. Being the new girl then, I was like fresh meat to the boys. I met Naruto and I knew at the start he liked me and I showed mild interest in him too. He was cute and funny, but our relationship terms didn't make it that far. After that, I met Gaara. We actually stayed together for a good amount of time till he had to move back to Suna. That place changed so much; it's practically like Sin City. Then as you can guess, the time following that, I met Sasuke. From the start he was Naruto's best friend, but I never talked to him. He always seemed distant and maybe even jealous. You already know the rest so no need to explain. Save me the pity even.

Leaning on the railing outside, this moment now felt totally empty. As though I needed someone to fill in this moment with me. Flood the moment, even, with happiness, trust, and love. My eyes started to welter again, No Sakura don't start now! I shook my head slightly from side to side. I gripped tightly on the railing with frustration. There was a rush of wind as cold as death itself. It took my hair and slapped it in my face several times. Why is my hair this long? I questioned myself, already knowing the answer. Oh that's right, two years ago I decided to grow it out. Not out of personal intentions, but at that time, Sasuke said he'd love to see me with longer hair. It'd make him happy. Now it feels like my hair was another connection to him. At that very moment an idea strikes my bewildered mind. I sprinted back inside to find a pair of boxers and a big t-shirt to wear. I exited out the bedroom while pulling the t-shirt over my head, just then noticing that I didn't have any extra bras or panties. Fuck...Fuck it! I sped walked into the kitchen, Itachi didn't even look up from his book but he heard me.

"What are you doing?" He asked, turning another page. The wine cooler was still untouched. What a waste.

"Uhmm, looking for something" I replied, searching through the kitchen drawers. Found it! I placed my hand on the plastic end of a small, delicate knife. I'll need you. I walked back into Itachi's room holding the knife tightly to the side of my body where he couldn't see it. Success. I walked back outside to the balcony and leaned over the iron railing. I held up the knife and grabbed a chunk of my damp hair so it came out of my hand like a pony tail. I inhaled then exhaled. Stop, freeze, you ready? In one swift movement, that connection was gone. Just one, but things felt a bit better. I slowly placed my hand holding that connection out in front of me and the next moment when the wind blew by to say 'Hello' I welcomed it with a gift. The connection flew towards the ocean and was lost at sea.

My hair now past my shoulders by half an inch. I smiled, this time it was real. I raised my head up so my face absorbed the sun. Time to think positive. Time to get over the past. Move on. I walked back inside as if I was a new Sakura. The new Sakura with new goals.

I searched my pants for my phone. Finally finding it, I looked at my missed calls and saw Sasori's number their. I dialed and this time I got an answer.

"Hey nice time for you to call" the voice on the other line sound slightly annoyed. My jaws tightened and my brows furrowed.

"Yes it is, I need to see you. We need to talk." I spoke; my voice was a bit stern.

"I wish I could, but I'm dealing with some things at the moment" the annoyance in his voice grew a bit.

"I don't give a fuck what you're doing! If you really care about me then come see me at Itachi's place as soon as possible. It just has to be today." I practically yelled, my feelings were a bit hurt. The usual. There was a small silence between the lines and I was starting to become impatient.

"Why are you at his house?" The tone in his voice changed completely.

"Come now and we'll talk. Bye" with that I hug up the phone.

Let's see if he comes. If he doesn't he is in for it. Well first, I need to wash my bra and panties. How uncomfortable.

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