Snow White from Snow White and the Seven Dwarves

(A/N: Five lines to a verse; pattern is A A B B C)

Someday her prince will come

Then she will not be glum

As she sings to the sky

Her hopes are up so high

That her most favorite dreams will come true

Snow White is almost killed

Her stepmother is thrilled

But Snow White gets away

With the dwarves she shall now stay

As she waits for her dreams to come true

The seven dwarves sing "Hi-ho!"

For off to work they go

They leave Snow White alone

She will clean all on her own

As she waits for her dreams to come true

Snow White bakes up a pie

But the evil queen is nigh

And she poisons Snow White

Who, from the apple takes a bite

Convinced that her dreams would come true

She lay in a glass grave

Only true love can save

The Prince comes in the spring

And his kiss does just the thing

And Snow White's favorite dreams did come true