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Solitary Love

Click. New game (F2). Click.

The cards were dealt in a random order. Seven stacks. The number of cards in each deck increasing from one to seven—left to right. The Ace of Spades in the first stack was quickly moved to one of the four empty spaces in the right hand corner. The mouse hovered over the Master Hand in the left hand corner as if deciding whether to click or to move the King of Clubs to the Ace's previous seat. It clicked the Master revealing the Two of Diamonds which was quickly passed as the mouse clicked again. The King of Hearts appeared. He was pulled down into the Ace's spot. The Suicide King looked to the other King and nodded slightly in greeting. The greeting was returned. These two kings were each others opposites meaning they proved no competition.

After the King of Hearts was moved onto the board, a Seven of Spades was dragged onto an Eight of Hearts. The two kings ignored the smaller numbers. They were only wary of the other kings and of their queens. The Queen of Hearts was passed and confusion spread across the King of Clubs' face.

Click. Undo (F10). Click.

There she was, once again, and she was moved happily onto the King of Clubs' chest. The King of Hearts forced a small smile. He only wanted his Queen of Spades.

Click. Jack of Spades. Click. Drag. Drop. Click. Two of Spades. Double Click. Click. Ten of Clubs. Click. Drag. Drop. The Jack of Hearts smiled.

The King of Hearts was becoming depressed. He was hoping she wasn't under these other cards. With the way the Master Hand was spitting out the cards he would never see his Bedpost Queen.

Click. Ten of Diamonds. Click. Drag. Drop.

The Nine of Spades was moved to the ever growing chain of the King of Clubs.

Click. Queen of Spades.

The King was so happy. There she was. At last! The mouse glided over to her and picked her up then dropped her unceremoniously on the King of Hearts' chest. He looked at her and she looked at him. It was perfect. That was, of course, until the Jack of Hearts and his ten came over and plopped themselves down. The Ace of Hearts showed up in his place but was double clicked to the corner. The two kings were at ease now that they had their queens. Both of their chains grew quickly and the other kings came as well but they couldn't rival the others. The Ace of Diamonds and the Ace of Clubs joined their siblings in the corner. Their piles quickly grew showing that the end of the game was coming to an end. The kings' chains began to shrink. The Ace of Spades' stack grew faster than the others. The King of Hearts wasn't ready to let go. When the kings were down to their tens, jacks and queens they began to wonder when the next game would be.

When would boredom strike the mouse again? Would it choose Freecell? Or Minesweeper? Is it smart enough for them?

The jacks had been placed on the stacks and the queens were next. The King of Hearts smiled and nodded at the Queen of Spades. His queen smiled and winked as the mouse moved her onto the piles. He was next. When the King of Diamonds was finally moved onto his ace's stack, the screen exploded with multicolored fireworks. He watched the mouse slide toward the 'X' in the corner and he closed his eyes, knowing that he wouldn't sleep for long before a new game was opened. Maybe then his queen might be waiting on him.

A/N: I want to know how many that read this will go get a deck of cards and look at the King of Hearts and the Queen of Spades just to see the 'Suicide King' and the 'Bedpost Queen'. Not many, I know.