Daniel was thrilled that Ziva spoke Arabic. Born in Egypt, it was his first language and he often found himself lapsing into it when tired or excited. They started speaking back and forth very quickly in it and Tony was getting annoyed. "Can we focus here?

Daniel was often oblivious to vibes being given off when it came to attraction and possession. But there was no missing the jealous undertone of Tony's sarcasm.

They reached the apartment of the first dead Marine and Ziva deftly picked the front door lock. Daniel watched and was surprised at her speed and skill and said, "Now that is something I need to learn how to do."

Ziva cocked her head and smiled, "I can teach you."

Tony felt a headache fast approaching.

They went in and efficiently searched the very sterile apartment. Finding nothing, they moved on to the apartment of the other two dead Marines who were roommates. This apartment was an entirely different story.

Their apartment was chock full of high end electronics and expensive furnishings. Tony whistled, "Well this is a little out of their pay grade."


Jack was in MTAC with the Director while Gibbs was in the bullpen with McGee going over the dead Marines' electronic trails. They heard the ding of the elevator but didn't look up until they heard a passing man say, "Wow."

Gibbs and McGee both stood to see what the man was talking about. And it was a wow indeed, in the form of one Major Samantha Carter decked out in a pair of tight jeans and a t-shirt. Without even knowing who she was Gibbs decided his day was looking up.

The security guard escorting her walked her over to Gibbs and McGee, "This is Special Agent Gibbs, ma'am."

"Thank you." She replied to the guard with a flash of a smile.

Gibbs introduced himself, "I'm Special Agent Gibbs, this is Special Agent McGee. And you are?"

"Major Samantha Carter, United States Air Force. I work with Colonel Jack O'Neill." She said as extended her hand.

"Colonel O'Neill is with the Director at the moment."

Gibbs was about to ask her if she wanted coffee when McGee suddenly interrupted, "You're not Doctor Samantha Carter?"

She looked at McGee quizzically, "Yes."

"The astrophysicist?"


"Wow. I've read your work. It's amazing."

Gibbs was in pain, she was a doctor and an astrophysicist? And McGee knew her work?

Her eyes flashing with excitement she asked McGee, "You've read my papers?"

Before McGee could answer Gibbs interjected, "He went to MIT. Why don't you and I go find Colonel O'Neill?"

"Sure. Agent McGee, we'll talk later."

"I look forward to it Doctor Carter. Oh, I mean Major Carter." He stammered.

"Call me Sam." She threw back to Tim over her shoulder as she and Gibbs headed for the elevator.


Jen and Jack finished a video briefing with Hammond in MTAC when the signal terminated Jack quipped, "Think we can get the hockey playoffs in here?"

Jen smiled, the Colonel was certainly a charmer. "Somehow Colonel, I don't think the Secretary of the Navy would appreciate that very much."

"Oh I don't know. The President likes a good hockey game. We'll make him bring the beer this time. Although his favorite team has no chance in hell of making the playoffs. Speaking of that, he owes me twenty bucks."

She looked at him seriously for a moment, and somehow knew that he wasn't joking about knowing the President that well. Jack was certainly an intriguing man.

They stepped back over to the stadium seating in the back of the room and took a seat. She decided to press him for information, "So Colonel, how exactly does a decorated black-ops flyboy end up working in what was it? Oh, yes, deep-space telemetry?"

Jack did his own assessment of the Director. She was sharp, and he would have to be very careful not to divulge too much. Even she didn't have that kind of clearance. "I like stars?"

"You like stars?" she repeated back to him with a wry little smile, letting him know that she wasn't buying it.

"Wanna see my telescope?" he said in a seductive tone.

Her eyes met his for second and they both laughed. "That was bad." She said shaking her head.

"Yeah, it was. I just couldn't help myself."

"You're not going to tell me are you?"

"Nope. Sorry."

"I understand. But I will ask that you remember that I am putting good agents out in the field and I won't appreciate you withholding information that will keep them safe."

"You have my word on that Director, and Major Samantha Carter and the rest of my own team should be here anytime. We'll keep them all safe."

The door to MTAC opened and Gibbs and Carter walked in. Jack saw them before Jen did and she caught the odd expression that crossed his face before she turned to see Gibbs and Carter.

Seeing Sam, Jen chuckled in her head, realizing that it was jealousy she saw cross Jack's face when he took in Gibbs walking in with his hand on the small of Sam's back. If the circumstances that had brought them to Washington weren't so grave, the situation would be humorous.


To be continued…Feedback appreciated!