Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto if I did naruto wouldn't be as dumb, there would be a lot more blood, we would know who narutos family was, and he and hinata would be together from day one.

Summary: What if each of the Kyuubi's tails controlled a different element. What if the rumors of Kyuubi's tails causing tsunamis, tornadoes, and mountains to be destroyed were true because he controlled that element? What if each demon's tail controlled an element such as Shukaku controls sand. What if when Naruto had the Kyuubi sealed inside of him he got the Kyuubi's elemental powers as well, but he needed to learn to control it. Watch as Naruto discovers his powers and takes control of his life to get stronger and become a legend to all the villages of the shinobi world. (AU) Powerful, smart, Naruto


Fire and smoke was the first thing he saw and screams were all he heared, the forest of Konohagakure was burning. Next he saw whole trees felled by a giant tail and groups of ninja being thrown around like leaves in a breeze. Bodies of fallen leaf ninja were lying everywhere as many more continued to fall. All of a sudden a giant paw fell in front of him and as he looked up he saw piercing red eyes looking down at him and teeth that were the size of large trees. The giant head reared back and rushed forward then everything went black.

In an orphanage, a young boy suddenly woke up wide-eyed and breathing hard. The boy had strange whisker like marks on his face and bright blue eyes like the sky after a storm. His hair was wild and untamed as if a brush had never touched it, it was an unusual deep sun colored rich blond. He was an average height for a four year old. The boy's name was Naruto and he lived in the village hidden in the leaves, Konohagakure.

He was a peculiar child. He didn't have any friends except the Sandaime who visited him once in a while, the owners of the Ichiriku ramen stand and his teacher Iruka. For some reason unknown to the 4 year old he was always neglected by the caretaker's at the orphanage and the adults always hated him. He was a good little boy and polite but the adults never looked at him with anything but hate and disgust.

'That damn dream again' Naruto thought to himself lying back down on the bed. As long as he could remember, Naruto had always dreamt of, to lack of a better term, a monster attacking the village and this dream always woke him up at least once a week.

Naruto had actually asked the Hokage what this dream meant but the Hokage would always change the subject. After a while Naruto decided it was just another part of life and stopped asking.

He walked over to a wall and checked what day it was. It was his birthday today and although he didn't have any parents or many friends to celebrate with he loved and cherished the time he had alone. This time however he saw the caretaker in his room.

"Finally, we can get rid of you from the orphanage," said the caretaker in a tone that even Naruto could tell held nothing but disdain.

After that she picked Naruto up and threw him out of the orphanage with what few possessions he owned and shut the door in his face.

Naruto was sad and confused. He didn't know what he did to deserve this, He went trudging up to the hokage tower to ask the Sandaime if he could help him.

The hokage tower was several stories tall, and it was easily one of the tallest buildings in the village. It was at the hokage tower that the hokage, the leader of the village, his secretary, and his guards worked. This was where ninja's come to get their missions and it was also the place where the hokage had important meetings and did their paperwork.

He was able to pass through easily enough as at this time of night there are no need for guards. After knocking on the Sandaime's bedchamber doors he heard the third hokage get up and the muffled words of "slave driving secretaries" and "paperwork from hell" through the door. The third hokage was surprised to see him as soon as he opened the door.

" What are you doing here at this time of night, Naruto?" he asked looking at the young boy.

" The orphanage kicked me out, so I was wondering if you could help me find somewhere for me to live." Naruto replied.

The Sandaime sighed knowing this day was coming soon. However he had long ago considered where he could put Naruto. He went back inside and got some keys.

He said," Naruto, here are the keys to apartment C-2.You can live there. You would just have to pay a rent which I will give a monthly salary for which will also be for your groceries and clothing."

Naruto squealed," Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! ."

Naruto then headed to his new home. He saw it was in the middle class district and he quickly went looking for apartment C-2. When he found it he saw it was an average sized apartment near the market streets. He unlocked the door using the keys and entered. He saw that there was an average sized living room. It had white walls. The kitchen was small, but that was expected, as it was a single person apartment. There was a bedroom for him with a decent bed unlike the one at the orphanage, this one was in decent shape. He checked the cupboard and saw a lot of ramen. Naruto got really happy at seeing the ramen; He loved ramen more than anything else except his loved ones and dreams. There was even a decent bathroom. Overall it was meant for a student studying, but Naruto loved it because it was his. Naruto put his stuff away for now and decided to arrange it tomorrow.

He entered his bed and quickly fell asleep." The last thought going through his head was "maybe things are getting better"


2 Years Later


"Things are not getting better!"

Naruto was running as fast as his six-year-old body could. Once again he was being chased by the villagers on his birthday. It was also the 6th anniversary for the Kyuubi no Kitsune's death and the Yondaime's sacrifice. The Kyuubi no Kitsune was a demon that had attacked Konoha six years ago, it was unstoppable and many shinobi had died in attempting to stop it. Then the Yondaime, the Fourth Hokage, had used an intricate and forbidden technique to kill the Kyuubi. This technique however killed the Yondaime as a result.

He did not know why the villagers always attack him on this date. Hell he didn't know why he was attacked at all! He is always friendly to them yet they still hated him.

He was sick of it and On top of that he hated having to wear this stupid orange jumpsuit. It looked stupid with its white collar and orange color. He only wore it because he was too poor for anything else and it got him attention, which was what he wanted. That's why he had developed his mask. To gain attention and to keep himself from breaking down he acted loud, obnoxious, and stupid. In class he always acted confused and dumb and outside in the village he'd always be loud and yell out about his dream to become hokage.

He was snapped out of his thoughts as he heard the villagers yell out," You demon, you killed our families!" "We will avenge our fallen comrades!". He was always confused by what they meant when they said he was a demon or he killed their families. He would always think, 'but I never did that and I never killed anyone'. He was starting to get very afraid and angry because they were gaining on him with those various weapons and he was angry that they were yelling at him and blaming him for no good reason.

He was sick of it all, He just wanted to be left alone now. He hid in an alley up ahead and then when the villagers passed by he ran into the forest.

This forest was Naruto's favorite place to be. With its huge trees, placid meadows, large lakes with running rivers, and quiet remote areas, Naruto got to think about a lot of things usually and he could calm down. He didn't know why but the forest soothed him. The forest was so nice and peaceful and it never judged him or hurt him.

Right now though he was so angry he felt like breaking something. Naruto began to hit a tree trying to vent his growing frustrations. As he did this he started yelling "WHY! Why do the villagers always hate me? I never did a single thing to them!"

He never offended them yet they always hated him; they glared at him in the streets. Most didn't let him into their shops to get food or clothing and if they did the charged outrageous prices for some piece of garbage that a starving animal wouldn't touch.

He was so angry he didn't even realize when a flame flickered into existence on his hand. He kept on punching the tree in hopes of venting some of his anger and calm down. After a while he smelled the smoke though and looked at the dent he had made and saw the fire. He panicked because the villagers would blame him for the fire if it wasn't put out. He was so frantic and he kept thinking about water and where he could find some that he didn't even see the water appear and douse the flames until he looked at the smoldering ash filled hole now visible on the tree.

Now unlike popular belief Naruto was smart and quick witted. He simply had stopped showing it when the teachers at the academy gave him really hard questions and never taught him anything. So he decided that if being smart didn't get their attention then becoming stupid might.

He put together a theory. He believed that he had somehow caused the fire and water in his distress. He thought he'd better test it. He cupped his hands together while focusing. He tried to concentrate and use chakra like they were taught in the academy. It wasn't working. Naruto grew frustrated. He thought back to what he was feeling when he made the fire appear. He was really angry, and he tried to bring forth that anger. He tried to remember all the times he was picked on in the academy, all the times the adults would beat and treat him unfairly.

Suddenly, a flame flickered into existence between Naruto's hands. Naruto grew excited, but the lapse in concentration cost him and the flame dissipated. Naruto cursed himself and tried again and soon he had a flame in his hands. After letting the flame die out Naruto then tried to calm himself as he was concentrating on water when a drop of water appeared in his hands. He focused intently and then the small bubble of water began to expand until it would fill a small cup. Naruto's concentration did not fade and he moved his hands around. The water bubble moved in conjunction with his hands and Naruto took great delight in making the water move this way and that as if it were the greatest thing in the world.

'It seems that my emotions affect my control over this unique power of mine. I need to be angry to call out fire and I need to be focused and calm to be able to use water. I also need to use my hands to move and control these elements while focusing chakra and thinking about an element. I can just think of the possibilities there are if I can master this'

Then Naruto had a thought 'what if this is a bloodline?'. Naruto's mind went into hyper drive at the implications of this bloodline.

'If I honed my power then I could have a signature technique which nobody else could use, if I did then I might be able to achieve my dream.' Thought Naruto.

The dream he tells everybody to become the Hokage was only part of his dream. The rest of his dream is to be acknowledged by the other villages and become a legend. He wanted to become the best ninja ever as well. He long ago wanted to be recognized as something other than a demon by this village. He didn't understand why he was called a demon either but he resolved himself to find out. He also thought about his farce.

He was sick and tired of people making fun of him because of his grades and his act " I know my act gets people to notice me, but not the respect I want. "Naruto sat down on the meadow crossed his legs and arms and closed his eyes. Getting into his classic thinking position and began to think more on this.

"The people of the village respect the hokage because he's strong and the best and protects them. So if I want to get what the old man does then I need to quiet my act and get stronger." Then a depressing thought came to his mind " The problem is that no one at the academy or anywhere else in the village for that matter will help me."

It was then that he had a thought "what if I left the village to train I mean I'm not a ninja yet so they don't have a reason to look for me". The more he thought about it the more the idea seemed appealing, leave the village for six years and graduate with his age group when he came back , He could learn techniques outside the village and work on his bloodline in secret, he could even come up with his own jutsu!

He soon had a plan for the next day, after another day of faking his life at the academy he would break into and take what ever he found useful from the storage shed where the teachers kept what they taught with, Then he would sneak into the library and see what they had, then head to the hokage tower and leave a note for the old man to read and maybe fleece the place for anything good, finally he would get out of the village and leave for six years.

He suddenly felt very tired. He guessed it was from using his bloodline. He needed a name for it as well. He'd think about the details on his way home.

By the time he reached home it was nighttime and he barely had enough energy to lock the door before he fell from exhaustion.


The next day he woke up and went to his closet He saw the same dumb old orange clothing. He needed to change that in the future as soon as he left the village. He'd need some real clothes since he would stand out to much if he wanted to be a ninja ' this thing screams kill me colors' Naruto thought pulling the zipper up. He ate some ramen and also decided that as much as he loved it he'd need to change that as well or he'd never be strong because he'd be malnourished and he didn't want to be a weak, short kid forever.

He then headed to the academy, but entered late to keep up his reputation as a goofball for one last time. His teacher Iruka looked at him and walked up to him, bonked him on the head and dragged him to the front of the classroom.

"Iruka-sensei let go of me," said Naruto in a whiny voice.' So far so good' he thought.

"No, Naruto. Since you've done us the favor of being late, everybody will review the topic on charka again!"

The class groaned and looked at Naruto with hateful, angry looks. Chakra topics were long, boring, and confusing. It really didn't help that Iruka had gone over this particular lesson a dozen times before.

" But I don't want to, chakra is boring." Naruto complained in his best whiny voice.

Iruka eye twitched for the twelfth time that morning and yelled," I don't care Naruto and now everybody will write a whole page on chakra after the review for homework!"

Now the class outright yelled obscenities at Naruto except for Chouji, Shikamaru, Hinata, and Shino, who all just sat there quietly, blushed, slept, or ate chips.

Iruka yelled," Quiet all of you. Now listen up. Chakra is the combination of physical energy and spiritual energy that is brought out by using hand signs. Chakra can be used to make seals, use jutsu, strengthen or speed up one's body, use bloodlines, use doujutsu, and in some legends create weapons.

Chakra can be used in ninjutsu, the elemental attacks such as thunder, earth, water, wind, and fire. It can also be used in genjutsu which controls the person's senses allowing items to be hidden, damage to be caused, illusions to be put up, and in some very rare cases cause a person to become mindless. Chakra is also used in taijutsu which is hand-to-hand combat by increasing one's speed or strength in battle. Some prominent clans such as the Hyuuga and the Uchiha clans use doujutsu such as the byakugan and the sharingan in sync with their taijutsu to help them in battle.

Now whenever you use some chakra you must have an equal amount of physical and spiritual energy or else you will mess up the jutsu. To fix this you can use chakra control exercises. Some are tree climbing, water walking, and floating yourself or objects using chakra. Now most kunoichi have good chakra control as they have small chakra reserves. To increase your chakra reserve you must do work, training, and sparring to increase your chakra. Now did you all catch that?"

He saw Naruto sleeping. With his eye twitching yet again Iruka hit him in the head and yelled at him about sleeping in class.

Naruto however was thinking over what Iruka had said 'that was a lot of useful information even if I've heard it before. I now know I have to increase my chakra reserves because if I got so tired from setting a tree on fire and a little bit of water then I'll never be able to reach my maximum potential.'

Soon Iruka called lunch and Naruto set about his first objective. Instead of heading to his usual lunch spot he ran to behind the school to where a large silver shed was. It was where the teachers stored all the equipment they used in their lessons from books to kunai. Naruto knew they locked they doors when not in use but in less than a minute he had it picked and was inside.

What Naruto found was better than he could have hoped. There were boxes upon boxes of kunai, shuriken, and sebon. Huge bookcases held books for the school Naruto had never even seen. There were explosive tags and training weights piled neatly on shelves and barrels of small bombs in the corners there were various weapons on the walls from several fuuma shuriken to a katana that the chunin used for demonstrations. There were small round containers filled only with ninja wire and even cases for food, blood, and soldier pills. In an open box naruto could clearly see blank scrolls that could be used in a number of ways.

'Wow the school is well paid' with that thought Naruto came out of his daze and began grabbing as much as he could and putting it in a large three piece backpack he brought. Naruto took as many books he could fit into it first next he took three sets of training weights and put some of the blank scrolls in his back pocket. He then started to take as many weapons would fit in the remaining space all in all he had ten new sets of kunai as well as two sets of shuriken and one foldable fuuma shuriken. He stuffed one the pockets of the backpack with pills and another with bombs and ninja wire. He was about to leave when he turned around to look at the katana on the wall.

"Well I came this far," mused Naruto as he took the sword off its place and slung it over the top of the backpack.

He left the shed none the wiser and quickly stashed his looted prizes in a tree he often hanged in. Naruto quickly returned to his classroom to await his next objective.


As soon as class was out Naruto ran all the way to the library. Due to the villagers ignoring his existence he had been able to learn many of the villagers schedules and he used this to his advantage. He knew the librarian who ran the place would be closing soon and that she always let the door shut itself while she was there. Just as naruto reached his destination he saw the librarian walking out of the building.

Quickly as not to lose the opportunity naruto picked up a rock and hurled it at the door just as it was closing. The librarian never heard the rock lodge itself between the door and lock and walked away unaware of the ajar door behind her.

After she got far enough away naruto quickly slipped into the building and shut the door. Not wanting to waist time naruto pulled a duffle bag from under his shirt and started to browse the shelves of anything that would teach him useful or powerful jutsu or how to survive in the wild and be a shinobi.

He took various books on plants and animals knowing that he could use some if he got sick or hurt while training. He grabbed several shinobi handbooks and managed to find and advanced charka exercise book which listed many different exercises he could try.

Naruto also grabbed a few books on necessary information from math and science to human anatomy and shinobi law. Naruto was determined to become as strong as possible and he knew that these books would help him with basic necessary duties anyone was expected to be able to do.

Naruto felt he had enough after he grabbed a good sized map of the various shinobi countries and quickly ducked out of the library before one of the next librarian on shift walked through the door. He ran back to the academy and quickly stashed the duffle bag with the backpack and started to leave the school when he literally ran head first into his teacher Iruka

"Naruto? What are you doing here?" Iruka asked pulling naruto up from the ground.

'Oh man Iruka-sensei must practically live here! I mean schools been out a while but what can I say that will get him off of my back? Wait I know!' Naruto quickly put on a false face and looked at Iruka " Ne, Iruka-sensei can you buy me ramen today?

'Of course that's what he wanted Iruka sweat dropped but never the less agreed.


"Well that took care of Iruka-sensei and now all I need to do is get the note to the hokage, get my stuff and get out of here." Naruto said to himself as he ran back to his apartment in order to get what he needed from there.

Naruto burst into his apartment and grabbed a few things he needed. Since many of the stores overcharged him and even more didn't even let him in he had never used the money the hokage had given him much and he had saved quiet a bit of money that, with a little sparse spending, could last him quiet a while.

He then raided the kitchen of any food that he could find that wouldn't spoil any time soon. Even though he took mostly ramen cups he did find some caned food and other nonperishable items for the road.

"This should last me at least a few months but eventually I'll need to take a job somewhere to keep up with my travels. But then again there's always someone out there who needs a person with at least the basic ninja skills" naruto said to himself stuffing the last few bills into his frog shaped wallet. Naruto was just about to leave when he saw a picture had on the window. It was one of him and the Hokage, Iruka, Ayame, and her father at the Ichiriku on his last birthday.

The picture brought a sad smile to Narutos face as he took it from its place and carefully folded it until it fit in his pocket. " Not many will miss me but this will remind me of those who do."

Naruto looked at the time and saw how late it was. He quickly wrote a note and left it on the small table in the kitchen and as he stepped out the door took a moment to take one last look at his home before shutting the door quietly.


Naruto ran on the roofs of the village to the hokage tower. He had just picked up the sack and backpack he had stashed earlier and was making a b line straight to his last objective before leaving the village.

As Naruto neared the tower he brought all his past visits to mind. The tower of the village was well guarded at night this was true, but there was one major flaw in the building. Right on the ground floor there was a small window that was broken and the only effort to fix it had been a loose board that was put there to cover the hole. The window was too small for an adult to fit though but narutos size let him slip through easily and he used this to his advantage. Naruto took what he brought with him and put it under a bush before moving the board just enough to slip in.

Naruto found himself in the basement, which he had come to know well due to his trips in the hokage tower. He quietly opened the door to see if any guards were about. Finding none he headed strait to the hokage library.

Thanks to the hokage and chatter he had overheard from other ninja naruto knew that was where the most powerful jutsu were kept for high-ranking ninja to study and something they often referred to as the forbidden scroll that supposedly held very powerful jutsu that only a few could master.

"Something like that should be better hidden," naruto mused to himself as he turned the corner that led to the room full of ninja secrets.

Just as Naruto was about to reach the door however he heard someone coming down the next hall. Acting quickly he opened the door and shut it just as none other than the third hokage walked quickly down the hall.

"I'm free! I'm finally free of that blasted work and evil secretary!" naruto heard the aged hokge say as he passed the door and the footsteps faded down the hall. 'It can't be that bad can it?' naruto thought as he turned around and started to search trough the seemingly endless piles of books and scrolls.

'Lets see crap, crap, boring, seen it,' Naruto thought as the pile of discarded paper started to grow higher and higher.

Naruto found few things that perked his interest in the section that held genjutsu but found many things he was interested in throughout the ninjustu , taijutsu, and kenjutsu areas of the library

Naruto knew his strengths and weaknesses and found he was terrible at genjutsu because of his habit of putting to much chakra into a jutsu and the constant demand of concentration he had a hard time maintaining anything harder than a hendge. But he also with enough work he could easily make up for this

" I suck at genjutsu but in order to reach my dream I will over come this." Naruto said with utmost confidence and belief. Naruto took a few easy chunin level genjutsu scrolls but for taijutsu and ninjutsu he took much harder scrolls that reached upper jonnin and anbu level in some cases.

The kenjutsu scrolls naruto found to be very interesting, many of them contained well made drawings of stances and the way to use the sword for it's techniques. "These are going to be a big help while I travel, I would probably be one of those people who just swing a sword wildly and hope to hit something if I didn't find these." Naruto muttered at the thought.

The last thing naruto checked out was the forbidden scroll and he soon found why it was called that. With a serious face naruto examined the writing. "A lot of these don't just take a lot of chakra they would kill me too! Now I see why the old man said this was off limits to everyone but him. I don't want to die doing some technique so that means I'm limited in how many I can do from this stupid scroll." All in all naruto copied down only a few jutsu that he felt would help him without the messy affair of death.

Then as quick as he came naruto returned any items he had taken out and carefully placed them as he had found them. The only sound that entered the hall as naruto left was the door to the basement closing behind him


Naruto ran as fast as his body would allow him, which considering how much stuff he was carrying, was a decent sprint straight to the walls of Konoha. It was late at night and naruto knew this was the perfect time to get out of the village since the guards on duty were most likely asleep at their post.

"Man, the old man really needs to rethink the village defense plans. First thing I do when I'm hokage is order anyone on night watch to have coffee every hour." Naruto muttered to himself as he quietly slipped by the chunin on duty who was clearly off somewhere in dreamland.

As soon as naruto was out of the sight of the village he pulled out the map of the shinobi countries to decide which way to head. Naruto found several places he did not want to go quickly mainly the rock and lightning countries since any conversation he had heard from other ninja told him they hated leaf ninja any anyone from the land of fire in general. He very much doubted that him being a child would change the mind of a ninja who swore allegiance to either of the two strange lands. Naruto however had found a few places that he thought would be a little more accommodating to his present needs, one place was the land of waves and another the land of wind.

"Both of these two countries are either friendly of neutral to home so these two will do for now" naruto said to himself picking the land of waves seeing as it was closer than wind at his present location.

Naruto pick up his speed and ran most of the night and into midday the next day taking only short breaks to gain as much distance as possible from his home village all the while being careful not to leave too many clues incase the old man did send someone after him. After nearly two full days of nonstop running naruto slowed his pace to a brisk walk and continued until mid noon when he felt sure he was close to the border of mist.

Looking around naruto found a tree with branches large enough that he could sleep on them without ear of falling out of it. "this will do nicely" naruto said to himself as he laid a sleeping bag he brought with him out on the branch being careful to make sure it was well hidden from prying eyes below.

"what should I do now" naruto muttered to himself before remembering why he left Kanoha "right I need to work on my bloodline!" naruto exclaimed before walking away from his camp.


Naruto walked to a place a couple of kilometers into the forest away from his temporary house He needed to test the new Uzumaki bloodline techniques secrets after all.

After reaching a sufficient distance Naruto surveyed his surroundings. It was a meadow with a stream nearby. It also had a place where he could make a campfire. He was surrounded by earth and air as well. It was the perfect place to test out his bloodline.

He decided to try and make a fireball. He focused his chakra. He then used a tiger hand sign and focused on blowing out fire. He slowly breathed out but it didn't work. he decided to try to get himself angry. He kept on remembering past occurrences where he was beaten up, thrown into dumpsters, his stuff was stolen, someone broke his stuff, he was picked on etc. As he remembered everything he slowly got angrier and angrier. He then blew out a small stream of fire from his mouth . He tried again putting more chakra into it this time. He slowly blew out a small stream of fire that dissipated one foot away from him.

Naruto sat down on the medow assuming his thinking position and thought about the way he was doing this.

'It would seem that although I need anger, I also need lots of chakra and to control my charka carefully so I can control it. I wonder if I can control my chakra using my hands.'

Naruto tried to blow out a stream of fire and this time he cupped the fire into a ball. He made motions with his hands to move the fireball. The fireball moved with his hands. He then grabbed the fireball and proceeded to touch it. It didn't burn him.

'I am guessing that since this is my chakra it cant hurt me. If I were to throw this at something else though.'

He launched the ball of fire at the grass. It hit the grass and the ball burst and started to burn the grass. Naruto then decided to try water again.

He focused on his chakra and made a dog hand sign and tried to move the water from the stream onto the burned grass. He made motions with his arms and then pretended to sweep up water and throw it onto the fire. Throughout it all he was focused completely on his task. Slowly but surly the water began to rise and moved toward the fire. Rotating his hands above the fire he formed a decent size ball of water and dropped it, quickly dousing the fire. Naruto's face had sweat beads from the task but his face was taken up by a huge smile.

Naruto did the snake hand sign and focused a quarter of his chakra into the ground. He then proceeded to make uppercuts with his arms. He focused on the ground in front of him. He was however failing miserably. But if anger and calmness didn't work then what works with earth? He decided to think of earth and just be focused and set on the task. He kept on making the uppercuts until he slowly saw the earth in front of him rise and jut out of the ground at an angle away from him till he couldn't see above it. He let go of the earth and watched as it crumbled into small size clumps of rock and dirt. He fell to the ground panting from how hard it was. He then sat and rested for a few moments.

"This is harder than I thought it would be" Naruto said between breaths but this just filled him with renewed vigor. One of the top things on Narutos favorite list was a challenge and no matter what it was he always beat them.

After that he got up and tried to think of lightning. He focused on his finger and made a rooster hand sign. After that he focused on trying to get a spark on his finger. He tried to think of chaotic thoughts, as lightning was chaotic. He focused on using a tiny spark on his finger. Slowly he could hear a small crackle of electricity. He had the tiny spark. It was hard to control however, very hard, and he could barely make a tiny spark. It was so hard to control the lightning in fact naruto had to move his head from a stray line of energy than shot at him just barly missing his face. He would have to learn to control it the hard way as when he let go it didn't just dissipate; it ran through his body shocking him a little and making his already wild hair stand on end. Naruto thought about how that could be useful if he used this element in his taijutsu later on.

He thought of doing one more thing before he started to train and increase his chakra reserves. He focused on the wind around him and closed his eyes. This time he did the rabbit hand sign. He focused on spreading his chakra out into the air that had just pick up moving the trees gently. He then focused on making some wind currents around him. He tried to push the air around him towards him. He needed precisety and lots of chakra for air as he had to spread out his chakra and with so much air he had to have in mind what he wanted to do. He focused and concentrated really hard. Slowly he felt a small movement in the air. It was a very small movement but movment none the less . Naruto tried to move all the air at once, relocating some wind to move around him into the place where he was moving the wind from. The place where the air was going would move that air to fill any gaps. This way it wouldn't need to be pushed as much. It was easier and he could feel a slight breeze begin to pick up. He thought he might be able to make a whirlwind or even stronger storm if he had better control and more chakra.

He decided to increase his chakra reserves. He started out by doing some pushups, did twenty of them then did some curl ups. After twenty of those he did a lap around the meadow, which was a quarter of a mile in circumference. After that he decided to just jump around and do stamina training by doing jumps and flips. He did this all without using chakra to strengthen himself. He would work on that during taijutsu training when he was over. After that he did some jumping jacks. Finally he did fifty punches and fifty kicks at a tree per arm and leg. By then it was nightfall and naruto was exhausted. Quickly eating a sparse meal and planning his path and schedule for tomorrow Naruto fell blissfully asleep after he reached his temporary bed in the tree.

A/N: Wow that was a lot of writing anyway the pairing for this story will be a naru/hina and hopefully be decently long also naruto elements will be fire, wind, water, thunder, earth, ice, nature, darkness, and light. I am thinking of putting a few cross over elements from other anime's but will only do them if I can make it believable. If you have any questions or feed back plz review and I will try to get back to as many as I can.