Ruler of All Japan

Inuyasha Fanfic

Written by: Stormie Morrison (EmoRagDollX3)

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Chapter 1: Begining of a new life
Skin touching skin… she screamed out crying harder with each second that passed. Unwanted pulsating muscles moved over her continuously. She waited, remembering how he had used to be, who he had been before. It was her fault, she knowingly told herself over and over what went wrong, how if she wished instead of him… things would be different. Yes, it was her fault, the wish had to be selfless… she shouldn't have trusted him with the wish. Her thoughts were pulled away, as the offending body left her skin. His appendage with drawing from her core. The light he brought with him, left as well and the darkness she had always known crept out of every corner, pulling toward her and over throwing her eyesight. It wasn't that she needed sight anymore. She never left the stone room, the only company she received was the lord and a servant who brought her food.

Once she had tried refusing to eat, only wanting to die off this world and welcome her afterlife. Scars still shown over her skin, her memories caused them to reopen, splashing blood into her mind. Everyday the same events replayed, and unconsciously she would replay the last moment she loved in her life. Trying so hard to live in that one moment, caressing it with the delicate glow she once held.

And now the pity she felt over-flowed from her eyes, spilling on her drawn up knees, she retraced the memory she loved and hated most.

Slender fingers traced over a small orbital sphere. Only a day had passed since it regained it's shape. Looking deeply inside herself, she only thought of one who could make a wish from their inner soul. Perhaps it was only her blind eyes lost in her emotions, but the decision had been made. Turning on her side, she smiled at the sleeping hanyou, who so carelessly had stolen her heart.

"Inuyasha…" Her voice was soft like a smooth flower petal grazing the wind. "What?" He wanted to know what had caused her to wake him so early in the morning, couldn't he get any rest? She held out the spherical jewel. "Inuyasha…I want you to make the wish… He blinked silently, while a shock engulfed his features. "What?" His voice now a sort of whisper. Her expression didn't change from the plastered on smile, though all she could think was, It 'what' all he's planning on saying today?. Silently she withdrew his hand from a fire rat sleeve, and placed the jewel in his hand. "I trust you to make the wish, to destroy the shikon no tama." After a few moments went by, he smile, drawing her into a hug. Now it washer turn to be shocked. "Kagome…" His warm breath hit her ear. "I wish, to be with you." She would have screamed, if not for the pure white light knocking her unconscious. …It was supposed to be selfless…

A selfless wish, she thought over and over, a selfless wish…selfless… It was her fault she was now immortal. It was her fault Inuyasha is full demon. It was her fault, she should have known, it wasn't just his words, "I wish to be with you." It was his thoughts behind the wish. His thoughts of being full demon, his thoughts of 'forever', and his human blood corrupted that turned him into what he is now.

Kagome sat in the cold damp stony room alone, and it was her fault. It must have been centuries of torture, for she felt it was. Or maybe weeks? Months? She didn't know.

Her body, didn't age, and her scars would soon heal, but that took awhile…They were ridged and deep, and only a few weeks old. Her mental scars,…they poured fresh blood every second.

Inuyasha laid on a golden cushion in his room. A beautiful maiden plucked grapes and fed him. "No more," He stated, causing her to jump and scamper off fearfully. He sat up running his claws through his silver trundles of hair. Today his kingdoms of the South and East, would fight to take over the West and North. He was calm, though slightly anxious, he didn't show it.

Not less than twenty years had passed since the land of the South fell to his rebels. Ten years after the conquering of the East took place. The lands of the South and East were meaningless. His eyes gleamed, his heart beat, his lungs expanded allowing him life only for the Western lands. The North in this fight, would be only a prize after this fight, he wouldn't just be a lord, the title of Emperor would ring through his ears.

A menacing smile crossed his features. Today the blood of his enemies would be shed. His longest most feared relative would be cut down by his hand, and the legion of his army would fall. He could see it now a vision of what was to come.

Sesshomaru would run towards him, poison flooding from his claws. He, Inuyasha, would move from his brother's grasp. The claws only missing by a centimeter. This fight would be long and hard, even now as a demon, his heart rate would race. And then, with all his reserved energy, his new sword Kokoris would move with his body like an extra limb. The spearing icy wind pushing his veins. He would feel the tear of muscle and tendons as his brother's Tokijin ripped through his skin, and searing blood would spill. At the same moment Kokoris, the sword made only for this battle, would be inserted into the Western Lord's heart. Spilling with the blood everything he had wanted since birth. He of course would live through the battle, his wounds healing exceptionally fast.

"I will win," He spoke as if reassuring himself of what was to come. Inuyasha snapped his fingers summoning one of his servants.

"Yes my Lord?" Came a sweet female voice. He watched her as she slowly came closer to him. "Isako, you will be delivering Mistress Kagome's meals and bathing her until Ojai returns from battle." Isako did not move from her position on the floor. Her knees were tucked beneath her, while her hands cupped one another bearing the weight of her head. Seconds passed as the initial shock discontinued wringing her voice dry, "Yes my Lord." And with that her life changed immensely. "You're dismissed."

Nervously, Isako glided toward her Lord's chambers. Perspiration danced along the edge of her scalp. No one, no servant besides Ojai had ever been given permission to see Mistress Kagome. Of course it had not kept rumors from traveling. As far as Isako knew Mistress Kagome was not at all their Lady. She was said to be the Lord's pet, nothing more. Isako had not believed these rumors, instead she believed their mistress was just…Well come to think of it, Isako hadn't even begun to imagine what she truly was. Slowly excitement mixed with her nervousness, pouring adrenaline into her blood.

With curiosity fueling her, she went through heavy wooden doors revealing a large stone stairway. Her wooden shoes were loud against the stone floor. When she reached the bottom, two huge doors invaded her. Twitching fingers landed on the handle. Pausing for a moment to think about what would be behind the door. Then curiosity pushed her, and the handle turned.

With one hand holding a basket of food and the other a metal handle, she pushed on the door…It wouldn't budge. She stood there blinking, until her mind began to work again. Gently placing the basket down, she grabbed the handle with both hands and pushed on the door with her whole body. The seemingly inert door moved, swaying inward and pulling Isako down. Her butt hit the hard cold stone floor with a thud.

Quickly, she regained posture and turned to grab up the basket, when something red caught her eye. Uneasiness filled her, as her feet paused, he head turned to see a blood soaked floor. Everything seemed to go in slow motion after that. The blood spilled into a small vent, thick in a sea of metallic stench. The giant room was in complete darkness, only a small amount trailed in behind her to barely illuminate part of the room closest to the door. A quaint notion passed through her thoughts, the rumors were true, but pet put the whole situation to light.

Unwantingly, Isako reached her trembling fingers to the basket. Not but a minute ago excitement had filled her, and now, it was erased by a thick coat of fear.

Slowly with the basket in both chilled hands just beneath her breast, she stepped fore ward. Only a couple of steps in, the darkness had completely engulfed her thin form. Her breath quickened as she walked to a corner. Here the blood thinned to small splotches, and in the corner was a stolid form. Pure white skin, that ironically looked astonishingly creamy, and it illuminated a pair of reddish deep brown eyes. A frail girl, a human like her self, only half alive, malnourished, and still somehow strong.

Her knees were drawn up to her chin, and her hands were wrapped around them as she tried to soak in as much warmth as possible. Shadows traced over her, along with a thin black inner kimono. Isako sucked in a full breath before dropping to her feet and bowing next to her Mistress's battered toes. "Lady Kagome, I am here at your service." Kagome blinked unconsciously at the servant, her long eyelashes drawing up from her dirty cheek. She wondered what this girl could be talking about, she hadn't been called 'Lady Kagome' since her dear friend Miroku had passed from this world. Perhaps this was all a dream, a sick dream offering her hope. This woman's voice, so sweet and innocent, so unlike the one of Inuyasha she became so accustomed to. Harshly she beat her ears with her hands, they couldn't possibly be working right. Isako watched worriedly, not knowing what exactly she could do to stop this, but soon enough Kagome looked up. The servant starred at her blankly.

Kagome coughed, trying to find her voice, after all it had not been used in some time. "Why?" It rasped out. Isako took a moment to think about what her Lady must be referring to. "Ojai is male, any able bodied males are going with our Lord to defeat the youkai kingdoms of the North and the West."

"What do you mean," She listened to her own voice. It sounded different than it had before, stronger and sadder at the same time. how could this be? She asked herself silently. how could after all this time, of torture and pain, how could my voice be even remotely strong? She couldn't find the answer, but it gave her reassurance of her future all the same. "About what my Lady?" Kagome was pulled away from her thoughts as she listened to Isako's soft voice.

"Are not these lands also filled with youkai?" Isako almost laughed, and she would have if it wasn't for the serious look on her Lady's face. "Surely my Lady must know?" When she didn't get a reply, she continued, "Our Lord and Lady rule the lands of the South and East. When our Lord conquered these lands, even as he is youkai, his lands are not. Our Lord exiled the torturous youkai from the lands, sentencing any whom return only death. Our Lord keeps us humans safe." Kagome shivered listening to Isako's words. Somehow it was hard for her to imagine being safe with or even near Inuyasha… Even with all of the memories of the old him, the hanyou him, circulating in her mind. It was hard to think of them as one in the same. So she didn't, they weren't the same person, the Inuyasha she knew had died long ago.

She was reminded of Kikyou instantly. It was hard on her to know that Inuyasha, and his first love had yet another thing in common. Though really it wasn't, was it? Kikyou had been brought back with deep betrayal in her heart. Inuyasha was only turned into a monster. He might not even remember all that happed so long ago. No it really wasn't the same, though neither thought comforted her.

"Lady Kagome, are you all right?" Isako's voice dripped into Kagome's ears, warming her a bit. "Would you like something to eat?" She held out a bowl of rice and chopsticks. Kagome took the food with great urgency, using her fingers instead of the sticks. When finished the supposed Lady apologized for her rude mannerism, "I apologize, I haven't had anything but mush in so long, I couldn't help myself." Isako didn't mind in the least, only thinking about how life must be for her Lady. Chills were sent down her spine, but she numbed them with a smile. "It's fine. But we do need to take you to bathe." Kagome was confused, usually the male servant dumped a bucket of cold water over her head. Oh how she missed the feeling of hot water dripping over her skin.

Kagome wondered in this servant really was as blind to her Lord's actions as she seemed. Kagome smiled, something she hadn't done in what seemed like forever, "Thank you." Isako helped Kagome to her stumbling feet.

Gasping, Isako washed Kagome's back. Gently she ran the hot wet cloth over countless scars. All were very long excluding the ones on her shoulders, which were what she concluded to be her Lord's claw marks. She winced, biting her lip, deciding on voicing her thoughts, "My Lady, where did you get such marks?" Kagome wondered whether to lie or not. Opting for silence and only shrugged before dunking down into the soothing water and rinsing her hair.

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