Ruler of All Japan

Inuyasha Fanfic

Written by: Stormie Morrison (EmoRagDollX3)

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Chapter 14: End with a new begining

On a day filled with the first snow, a young woman made her way to the healer's building. Kagome's face was covered by a black curtain and her kimono was a heavy black, clashing with the specs of snow around her form. She took a deep breath as her frozen fingers pulled open the wooden door. Her feet, cold as ice, made little creaks against the flooring.

"I will go to him." She stood on her balcony, a small breeze ran fresh snow through her raven hair. Her eyes were cast down as she looked below at the green being corrupted by a blanket of white. Sesshomaru's eye's grew wide as his mate embraced him with tears pouring from her eyes.

Kagome watched as Inuyasha slept. His chest heaved up and down. As gently as ever, she took his hand in hers. After all the time that had passed, his hands… She drew circles around the skin f his palm. …It was as if they had never left her own. …Like the whole time they were in embrace.

She had promised to stay by his side so long ago, and now she was right next to his sleeping form. Tears threatened to fall, but she remained strong. She remembered the day she had realized she was in love with him. Her mother had told her she would make the right choice. She understood then Inuyasha's heart belonged to Kikyo, but, they could never be together, not in life. And Kagome had accepted that. Inuyasha loved them both equally, and that day, Kagome gave herself to Inuyasha… as long as he were alive, knowing …that once he died …he would forever belong to Kikyo.

Now she belonged to Sesshomaru.

Kagome pulled a stray piece of hair from Inuyasha's face. She felt the soft skin of his cheek. There, beside him, she would stay until he awoke.

Shippo played with Isako's hair as she laid in his lap. "Isako," She looked up at his green eyes intently, "Do you believe two souls may be linked?" Isako bit her lip, trying to hold back a furious blush. "I believe that certain people are made for only one person." She played with his fingers quietly.

With a sharp intake of breath, Inuyasha rose to consciousness. Kagome's eyes immediately locked on to his. He looked around the room and then at her, "Where the Hell are we?" She couldn't help but smile at him. His sweet old obnoxious self was back. "And what the Hell are you wearing?!" A sigh broke her lips, yup his sweet old self was back. "Inuyasha, do you remember anything?" He blinked at her, her voice had changed. "The last thing I remember is being with you." He took her hands, "I meant it Kagome." A tear escaped her eye. "Why are you crying?" He wiped the stray tear away. "Oh Inuyasha!" She sobbed, locking him into an air tight hug. "Kagome what's wrong?"

Sesshomaru looked out into clear crystal blue water. He took the pouch Kagome had given him, dropping the powerful beads into the river. One by one the fell with a small splash.

"Inuyasha, it doesn't matter." She couldn't bare to tell him the things he had done, what he became. She held him as he held her. Inuyasha didn't make her release him from her arms; he was completely confused, but whatever had hurt her, he wanted to protect her from it. "Inuyasha." His heart ached with the sadness in her voice, "What is it Kagome?" She held back a sob, "Promise me, no matter what, you will be happy." He held her tighter, "I promise as long as I have you I will be." "No." She pulled back to look him straight in the eye, "Promise me, you will be happy." He looked bewildered, but took it anyway, "I promise."

She shook with tears, "I love you Inuyasha." Her lips embraced his. "I will always love you." He smiled at her, carefully removing all her tears before kissing back. Slowly escaping from his mouth, she whispered softly into his furry ear, "Be with Kikyo." With a sharp heartbreaking twist, she stabbed him in the jugular. Wails escaped her wide open mouth as he gave her a look of intense pain and confusion. His amber eyes became cold and grey.

Kikyo laid peacefully in a tree, when suddenly her eyes dilated. "Inuyasha." Her clear voice was but a whisper. In perfect happiness, she allowed Kagome's soul to leave her and the light in her eyes went dark.

At the gates of Hell, Inuyasha and Kikyo stood together. Finally, they could be at peace together. Kikyo felt something troubling Inuyasha, "Do not worry Inuyasha, she will be happy in time."

Kagome's wails and sobs were ended by a glowing orb. The rest of her soul would finally be returned to her. As her soul stitched itself back together, she fell unconscious over Inuyasha's bloody body.

Shippo looked down at the human in his lap. "Will you be my mate?" A huge blush painted her cheeks and Isako pressed her lips against his. "I would be honored Shippo to be your mate." He beamed at her quirkiness. "I love you." And kissed her until he ran out of breath.

A gale was coming fast. Sesshomaru smelled Inuyasha's blood; a great deal of it. Quickly he returned to his castle. When he finally arrived he couldn't help but be utterly shocked by what he saw. His mate, over his dead brother's body, covered in blood. He lifted her, her tiny frame wouldn't awaken. "Kagome? I just do not understand you," He whispered "Rai!" "Yes sir?" Asked a servant. "Burry Inuyasha. Leave his grave open until I arrive with my Lady Kagome. There is a small village to the East, place him beneath the Goshinboku." "Yes My Lord."

Sesshomaru carried his mate to the master bath. He was caught off guard by a tearful Shiori, "Sesshomaru!" "What is it Shiori?" "Why is blood all over Kagome!? Is she okay!?" The child sobbed against his leg. "Shiori Kagome is just fine. Why don't you go and find Shippo?" She looked unreasonably doubtful, "Okay My Lord." He sighed, bringing Kagome to the edge of the water. Carefully, he peeled off her blood soaked clothes. A soft groan passed her pink lips. He waited to see if maybe she would awaken, but no such luck. Quickly he removed his clothing.

Delicately he pulled her into the water against his chest. Blood rinsed off her skin. First he washed her hair Next he placed her at the edge of the spring and picked up a wet cloth. The fabric ran over her creamy skin. Her stomach had began to raise. A small smile passed his lips and he kissed its skin. His pup rested inside her womb. He kissed her belly button softly. Delicate fingers petted his hair, "Sesshomaru." Kagome's voice was extremely light.

"Kagome." He ran his fingers over her cheek. There, she held his warm hand against her bare skin. He bent down to kiss her plump lips. "Sesshomaru." She gave him a sad smile, "I gave him to Kikyo." He held her close to his chest as she wept. "Kagome I know it was hard for you." He held her face, to look into her eyes, "I would be a liar not to say I am grateful for you choice." She wrapped her arms around his neck and held him close, "I didn't do it just for him. I knew if he was around, I would never be happy here, with you." She looked at his face, "I will admit I have had feelings for you. I didn't want to make everyone miserable, including myself. Now I will have a chance at life with you and," She smiled a real smile for the first time in days and looked down at her stomach. Taking his hand and placing it on her stomach she continued, "Our child."

Night fell around the castle. Japan could now prosper in peace. Snow still fell to the ground, blanketing the land white. Kagome had left Inuyasha's funeral for Sesshomaru to go to alone. He alone placed Inuyasha's sword next to his body. With a scowl on his face he had remarked, "I was only scared of you once. I am glad to say we are with who we belong." Months passed along with seasons. Day changed in to night and still Japan remained in peace.

Kagome's stomach grew to huge proportions and she had to beg Sesshomaru to even go outside with Shiori. Shippo and Isako had an extremely small mating ceremony, and were now running the Southern and Eastern lands under Sesshomaru.

"Shiori honey?!" Shiori ran up to Kagome. "Yes my Lady?" Kagome smiled, "Shippo is here to take you back to his home. When you come back there will be a new baby." Shiori looked up at Kagome with puppy eyes, "I want to stay here with you and Sesshomaru-sama." "Don't you want to see Isako and Kago's kittens?" Shiori's eyes grew to saucers. "Kittens!?" Kagome laughed, "Kago had babies not too long ago. Maybe you can pick one out to bring back home later," Shippo said while picking up his niece and placing her n a demon horse. Kagome hugged Shippo tightly, "Don't let anything happen to her." He chuckled, "Don't worry. You need to focus on having that pup." He hugged for only seconds more before leaving with Shiori to his castle in the East.

Kagome watched the skies even after they disappeared. "She'll be fine Kagome." She was startled by Sesshomaru's deep voice. He brought his arms around her from behind. "Did we really need to send her away?" A sigh escaped his lips. "Kagome we've discussed this, we will be busy with the pup for awhile. It will be good for her to go with Shippo until everything has settled down. There are a lot of children for her to play with there." Kagome sighed and leaned against his hard muscular chest, "I know. I know. I'll just miss her is all." Gently, Sesshomaru kissed his mate's cheek, "I know."

That night was sounded with a high scream. Kya yelled at her servants, "Blankets! We need more blankets!" A servant ran to retrieve them. Another servant patted sweat from Kagome's brow. Her legs shook with wear. The whites of her knuckles showed with her pain as she gathered sheets in her fingers. "Ahhh-ugh!" She screamed as she pushed as hard as she could. "That's it Kagome. You're doing excellent."

Blood streamed from Sesshomaru's palms. He dug his claws into the skin hard. Pacing with clenched fists outside the birthing room, he waited with anticipation and worry.

Kagome tried to focus on breathing and pushing. She'd never imaged child birth was so painful. Her first labor had been a lot easier on her. "One more push dear! One big push! I can see the head!" Kya yelled from between her legs. Kagome gritted her teeth and pushed as hard as she could until she couldn't breathe. She closed her eyes and took short easy breaths as the sound of crying rung the air silent. "It's a boy!" Kya shouted with happiness.

Carefully the cord was cut and clamped off. The new pup was cleaned and given to Kagome. Tears filled her eyes. Her baby looked so much like her first love, with the exception of the beautiful crescent moon on its forehead. She kissed the marking while crying tears of joy.

Sesshomaru rushed in to see his son, the heir to his Lands. Kagome smiled up at him. Sesshomaru placed his finger on the pup's cheek, "He's perfect." His claw was quickly snatched up by his baby's mouth. He chuckled, "What shall we name our pup my mate?" Kagome petted their baby's silver hair, "Giseitsuki."

I hope all of you who hanve read my story love the ending. I know it has taken a LONG ass time to get it all posted, but I finally have done it! I've been busy with videos and stuff with my class, maybe with some of them are done I'll put a link to them on mt homepage. Well ne ways thanks guys for everything. If you want to talk to me about anything just message me on here or on my myspace . OH YEAH PS. the baby's name means Sacrifice moon.


Alright, must i remind you, I can't reply or clear up anything in your review if you do not have a reply link or email on it. (anonymous doesn't work that way alright.) Now, she killed him because NIETHER of them would ever be happy with the way it had turned out, she wanted him to be with at least one of his loves, that means kikyo and he couldn't be with her unless he was dead. Now, have you noticed , in the series anytime you talk about the afterlife, you talk about hell. Now, I am sorry to those who already understood this, some people had not. Thank you very much.