AUTHOR'S NOTE: Alright! Alright! You guys win! If any of you have read my last piece, Ten Years Later, you might be rather confused. Originally, I believed the curse from the end of AWE was that Will could only see Elizabeth and his family in ten-year intervals. Since a lot of you have sent me reviews that my theory was incorrect, I have decided to write a version of my story of the "right" way. Will's free now. You can all stop biting my head off…unless you don't like this story. But in any case, I hope you do like it! -Arwen234

P.S: I apologize for the incredibly short chapters in Ten Years Later. I will try to make this story longer.

Will looked around as his ship appeared in familiar waters. He ran out to the edge of the Flying Dutchman and climbed up on the rim. Standing on it as he held onto a sail post, Will looked out into the distance and smiled as he saw two figures standing on land, looking out at his ship. The taller, familiar figure made him smile even more, while the smaller figure, he was unsure of.

His heart raced as he neared the shore and the two persons ran down from a grassy cliff to the hot, sandy beach. Jumping down from the rim, Will grabbed some rope and threw out a line over the edge of the vessel. The Flying Dutchman came to a stop as it slid into the beach. Will tied off the rope, then grabbed the line and slid down from the ship.

Once his black boots reached the sand, Will looked over at his wife, watching him with the biggest smile he had ever seen come from her. He smiled back, and then walked to her, but with difficulty. Being out at sea for ten years took quite an impact out on his legs. Elizabeth chuckled and ran to him. He smiled and scooped her up in his arms and kissed her lips. Elizabeth kissed back, flinging her arms around him as Will lifted her and spun around. She broke the kiss and looked down at him, laughing. Will smiled back, then slowly stopped spinning and lowered Elizabeth back to her feet.

With a pondering expression, Will looked over at the second person, which ended up being a little boy. He wore a black pirate hat and his brown hair just barely touched his small shoulders. Under the hat, two dark brown eyes peered out at him. The boy reminded Will of himself.

Elizabeth saw Will's pondering expression and whispered to him, "That's your son. William." Will's eyes widened as he slid his hands from Elizabeth's waist and walked to his son. Kneeling in front of him, he smiled lightly "Hello…son." As soon as he said "son," Will felt tears in his eyes.

William looked up at his father and smiled sheepishly. "Hello, Father." Will smiled back and took his son into a tight hug. William sniffled as his eyes filled with tears and hugged his father back. Elizabeth watched the Father and Son embrace as a tear rolled down her cheek. Will hugged his son for a long time. Finally, he was free. Finally, he could be with his family. He was free.