Swallow Your Pride!Ed

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A/N: PLEASE READ BEFORE READING STORY!!! There are a couple of things I must clarify! I know little to nothing of the fan-game Bluebird's Illusion! Then why am I making a Fic on it? 'Cause I think Pride!Ed is cool! XD Anyway, in this Fic, a couple of things have been changed; as you all know (or may not know), The Military's Brigadier Führer Bradley is secretly the Homunculus 'Pride' in the series. BUT, since, in Bluebird's Illusion, Ed is Pride, Bradley's name has been switched to 'Wrath' (Though, I think that's his name in the Manga o.O)

In this Fic (And, I swear, I don't know if it's like this in the game) Ed has the ability to change from Ed to Pride at his own will; problem is, when he's Pride, the desire to turn back to Ed's human form is either lost or scarce. Also, Ed, as the Homunculus Pride, can perform Alchemy. If you haven't seen a pic of Pride!Ed, I suggest you do before reading this Fic! OR, you could message me and I'll be happy to give you one :)

If you've played the game, well GOOD FOR YOU! If you read and find a few flaws, TOO BAD! I've never played; therefore, I'll do this my way! It is Fan-Fic, so TT Anyway, if you understand this note and wish to read the story, please, be my guest! ;)


Pride had finally reached Resembol after walking two days from his hiding place in Central along with the other Homunculi…before they were killed, that is. It was true; a few weeks ago all the Homunculi were killed by professional State Alchemist.

Lust, Gluttony, Envy, Greed, who was killed some long time before, Wrath, who was King Bradley, Führer of the military, and even Sloth, who had looked all too much like his mother, were all dead.

Pride was the only one to escape the terrible fate. But, ever since all of them died, his dreams were haunted by that of a young woman with pale blonde hair and deep azure eyes. He would also see a boy, who looked a bit like him except the boy had bronze hair and grey eyes.

He vaguely remembered their names from one of his dreams; the girl's name was 'Winry Rockbell' and the boy's was 'Alphonse Elric'. Nonetheless, he could not have these two figures haunting his dreams and every waking moment.

He suddenly remembered the name of his human self; Edward Elric. "Hmph!" he shrugged it off and looked over the land. He had been in his Homunculus form for some time now, because of this, many of his memories of who he was as a human had faded away. Some memories had remained; the bad ones.

Somewhere in his dreams he recalled having seen a place called 'Resembol' and decided he would search there for the two people who inhabited in his dreams. He had also decided that, once he sees them, he would kill them in order to stop them from taking complete control of his mind.

He overlooked the land for a moment; beautiful hills and fields of lush, green, grass, a dirt road, and a small town. At the very end of the dirt road, he could see a light-yellow, two story house. He proceeded on walking into town, his bare feet feeling the hard soil beneath him.

When he reached the town, he received several stares from the townspeople, undoubtedly caused by the intricate tattoos on his arms, legs, and stomach. Some stares were also directed at his blank eyes and his strange attire.

He continued walking, nonetheless, and ignored them.

He suddenly heard a few teenagers laughing nearby. He looked at them and, by the way they were trying to hide their laughter, he could tell they were laughing at him. He walked up to one of them and glared.

"Is something funny?" he asked and continued to look at them crossly. The two boys, one with brown hair and eyes and the other blonde hair with brown eyes, looked up at him. "Um" the blonde one stuttered nervously. "It's just…those tattoos" he said uneasily.

Pride crossed his arms and looked at them irately. "It's nothing!" the brown-haired one said suddenly. "Hmph, thought so" Pride told them. The two boys smiled edgily. "If so, I'd like to ask you two something" Pride said in monotone.

"Um, OK" the brown-haired boy agreed. "Do either of you know of a girl by the name of 'Winry Rockbell'? Or, perhaps, a boy by the name of 'Alphonse Elric'?" Pride questioned the two teens. The two boys looked at each other then back to the blonde in front of them.

"Winry Rockbell? She's the town's Automail mechanic and Alphonse Elric is her friend; last time we saw him, he was on his way to a train to Central, said he needed to try and find his older brother, Edward" the blonde replied.

"Hmm, I see" Pride said. "Well, can you tell me where Winry lives?" he asked. The two boys looked to the end of the dirt road. "At the top of the hill, at the very end of the road, the two story house" the brown-haired replied. Pride looked at the house and smirked.

"Thanks" he mumbled and then walked off. The two boys stared at each other nervously and then back to the blonde before walking in the opposite direction.


Winry sighed as she walked outside. Her dog, Den walked up next her and cocked her head sideways. Winry looked down at the dog and then forward once more. Her grandmother, Pinako, had told her to go out and buy a few things.

She took a deep breath and set it free. She was currently trying to manage how tough her life was becoming; her childhood friend, Alphonse Elric, who had come back a while ago with his body restored fully, had left to Central about a week ago when he said he was going to try and find his elder brother, Edward.

Winry supported him, even though the young Alchemist had told her that Ed had become some sort of inhuman Sin, thing. She sighed once more, remembering the conversation between them the day he had decided to leave…

A Week Ago…

"Al?" Winry asked as she watched the young Elric pack his clothes. "Yes, Winry?" Al replied politely. "How are you going to find Ed?" Winry asked. "I…I don't know" Al replied quietly. A saddened look came upon Winry's face.

Her expression didn't go unnoticed as Al smiled brightly at her. "But, I'll find him, Winry, I promise!" Al reassured. Winry forced a small smile. "Let's hope so" she whispered. Al sighed at this. "How about I go with you? You know, to help you out?" Winry offered suddenly.

"No, you stay here and take care of Auntie, besides, Ed might come back" Al explained but, to himself, hoped he could find Ed instead of Ed coming within five feet of the Rockbell home; there was no telling what he'd do if he did come.

Winry shrugged. "OK, but, call me if you find out anything, alright?" Winry asked. Al smiled and nodded. "Of course" he said happily as he packed the last of his belongings in his suitcase. "Well, I'll be back in a week" he said and grabbed his jacket.

The two walked outside. Winry gave Al a tight hug, wishing him luck, before he walked off towards Resembol's train station.

There he goes…leaving, just like Ed…Winry thought sadly and walked back into her house.

Winry began walking with Den, loyally, at her side. She stopped as she saw someone walking in her direction.

"Who is that?" Winry asked herself and began looking at the person more intently. This person had golden blonde hair, which was hanging loosely over his shoulders, and matching eyes. He was wearing a strange outfit and had several intricate tattoos on his body. After a quick survey, she established that is was Ed.

Ed? But, why does he have all those strange tattoos? Winry asked herself curiously. She brushed off her question and instinctively began walking, slowly, towards him.

Soon the two were standing right in front of each other. Winry took note of the several tattoos on his body once more, failing to notice the Homunculi emblem on his left shoulder. Something about Ed's eyes bothered Winry; just the evil way he was staring at her was making her nervous. "Ed?" she asked quietly.

Who she thought was Ed smirked and chuckled once. "No" he replied mischievously. Winry gasped silently and took a step back nervously. The blonde's smirk grew, as if entertained by the mechanic's terror. "My name is 'Pride'" he stated finally.

"P-Pride?" Winry asked uneasily. "That's right" Pride replied. "And I've come to take your life!"


Al boarded off the train and walked into town. He sighed; he hadn't found, not even a trace, of his older brother. Hope was slowly drifting away. He looked on the dirt road and looked ahead once more.

"Hey, Al!" a boy's voice suddenly called out. Al widened his eyes curiously and looked to where the voice was coming from. He looked to see a blonde-haired boy and brown-haired boy running towards him.

He looked down at them and smiled. "Hey Jack" he greeted, looking at the blonde. "Scott" he greeted, looking to the brown-haired boy. "Al, some guy is looking for you!" Jack informed. Al gave the boys a confused look. "Guy? What guy?" he asked inquisitively.

"He had blonde hair" Scott replied suddenly. "And weird clothes with these strange tattoos all over his body" he explained, yet, at the description, Al's eyes grew wide, fearfully. "Did you catch his name?" Al asked nervously.

The two boys looked at each other and then back to Al, both shaking their heads. "Damn it!" Al muttered angrily. "Were his eyes kinda dazed-looking?" he questioned. "Uh, yeah, they were!" Jack replied.

Al's eyes widened and he ran off towards the Rockbell home. It could be Pride! Oh, God, I hope Winry's OK! He thought nervously as he quickened his running.


"Take my life!?" Winry asked nervously as she stepped back further but tripped and back fell on the ground. Pride looked down at her. He went to say something but withdrew as Den came in front of him, growling angrily.

Pride raised a brow, unimpressed. The black and white dog began barking at the blonde angrily. Pride pulled his leg back and kicked the dog in the jaw, the impact causing Den to whimper and land a few feet away, unconscious. "DEN!?" Winry called out nervously and sadly but no response came from her pet.

"Ed, you bastard!" Winry said angrily as she looked back to Pride heatedly. "I told you" the Sin said. "My name's not Ed; it's Pride" he stated. "But, you look exactly like him!" Winry explained. Pride let out a breath and put a hand to his hip.

"Yes, well"—"Winry!?" a new voice called out suddenly. Pride and Winry looked back to see Al running frantically towards them as he dropped his suitcase to the floor.

Pride's eyes widened and he smirked. Perfect! Now I can kill both of them! He thought triumphantly.

"Get away from her, Pride!" Al demanded as he ran in front of the Sin. "Al, what's going on!?" Winry asked nervously. "Winry, this is Ed! He's in his Homunculus form and if you don't get away, he'll kill you!" Al explained as briefly as possible.

Winry's eyes widened. So…he is Ed! She thought, somewhat happily. Ed shrugged angrily and ran towards the young Elric. He threw a punch but Al dodged it. Al and Pride stood in fighting stance in front of each other. Oh great! I'm going to fight my own brother! Al thought nervously but he had to do it.

Pride smirked and the two engaged in combat.


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