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Triple Threat

By BandGeek95

"Whoo! Great game, Masaya!" Taichi Yagami called, clapping his teammate on the shoulder as they made their way off of the field.

"I didn't know I had it in me," Masaya replied, clearly stunned and impressed at the same time.

Sora held her hat to her head as she led her friends to the edge of the soccer field where the team was celebrating their win. "Great job, guys!" she called.

Ichigo pushed ahead and hugged Masaya so tightly it looked like he'd lost all circulation in his face.

The soccer coach silenced everyone with a harsh blow from his whistle. "Okay, team! Every one of you has put down a great effort so; WE'RE GOING TO THE PLAYOFFS!"

Everyone screamed in delight.

The coach shut them up again. "But there is bad news. I'm not going to be coaching you anymore. Instead, the new English teacher at the Junior High school will!"

"Aw, come on! Why?" Tai called out.

"I'm going on a family trip to Bermuda!"

"Oh, which teacher? The cute one?" Mimi exclaimed, fixing her giant pink hat.

All of the girls squealed in excitement.

The team sighed. It was hard having a teacher who was better looking than you were.


Harry and Ron clambered out of a Mitsubishi Outlander and lugged their sports equipment to the field. They found the team already waiting.

Within minutes they were doing drills out on the field.

"Sort of brings back memories," Ron mused. "I mean, it's not Quittich or anything, but it brings back memories."

"Yeah. It's kind of weird not being out there," Harry agreed and got the team working on goal-scoring.

Ron looked in the bleachers and saw a small boy with a white fisherman's cap, looking forlorn. "Oi, you! Are you okay?"

The boy looked up and saw the redheaded man jogging toward him. "Oh, yeah, I'm okay. I wish I could play soccer, though."

Ron was puzzled. "Why can't you?"

The boy sighed. "My brother won't let me. He says I'll get hurt or something."

Ron nodded. "Which one is he? The kid with the goggles?"

"No. The goalie. His name is Matt and I'm TK," the boy said, watching the goggle kid score a goal. "He thinks that he has to be really protective of me, but he doesn't."

Ron smiled sympathetically. "Hey, at least he cares. I grew up with five brothers: the twins were pranksters, Percy was a mini-mum, Charlie spent all of his time outside, and Bill was the ladies man. I was the babysitter for my little sister. So be glad Matt cares."

TK looked at the British man and smiled. "Thanks, Coach Weasly. May I go down and watch?"


The two trotted down to the field. Harry took one look and put TK in as center.

This annoyed Matt. "What do you think you're doing? He's just a kid, he'll get hurt!"

Harry looked up at the pink and orange clouds of sunset. "Matt, I know how you feel. There's someone in my life that makes me the exact same way. But trust me: TK will be fine."

Matt looked disgruntled but stomped off to his post in the goal.

After practice, Tai, Matt, and TK walked to the library and picked up Joe, Izzy, Sora, and Kari, and then they picked up Mimi from her dance class. The eight of them then trekked over to Tai's apartment complex.

"Hey, Mom, can we use Dad's computer?" Tai called.

Mrs. Kamiya, who was peeling potatoes at the sink, looked up. "As long as you don't fry the hard drive or something."

"'Kay thanks Mom!"

Izzy promptly sat down and hooked it up to the Internet and found the connection to Gennai's modem. Finally he got it hooked up and called triumphantly, "Okay, people, I think we have liftoff!"

The others crowded around him.

"Hi!" said someone on the other end of the transmission.

"Agumon?" Tai asked tentatively, pushing to get a better view.

"Yeah! Everyone else is here, too!" Agumon replied.

"And boy, oh boy, have we got news for you!" Gomamon put in.

"There's been another disturbance, but this time it's in your world," Tentomon explained.

"Do you have any idea who's behind it?" Sora asked.

"All we know is that he's human, but not entirely human. Does that help?" Gatomon asked.

"Isn't that physically impossible? To be human, but not entirely human?" Joe asked, fixing his glasses.

"We don't know that for sure," Matt pointed out.

Joe stiffened.

"We're going to use a portal to get over there," Biyomon warned them. "Stand back!"

Moments later, Agumon, Biyomon, Gabumon, Gomamon, Gatomon, Tentomon, Palmon, and Patomon were hidden in Tai's room and the Digi-Destineds had all headed home.


Ryou closed up shop and brought his six employees downstairs to the lab.

Keiichiro was sitting at the computer, zooming in on some images of monsters, a few black cloaked figures, and a few mutated looking animals. "We've detected a few kirema animas in nearby Obedia. We've also spotted a few unknown creatures as well."

Mint cocked an eyebrow. "Are you sure they aren't kirema animas?"

Keiichiro shook his head. "No anima could do this." He clicked a photo off to the side and a blown up picture showed up on screen. In the photo was an average family seated at a kitchen table, their eyes glazed over, totally lifeless.

Zakuro sucked in a breath, whereas Lettuce fainted.

"These must be pretty dangerous," Masaya reasoned.

"Danger? Ha! I laugh in the face of danger!" Pudding cried, thrusting her finger up in the air.

Ichigo covered her friend's mouth. "We'll be extra careful, then."

"I hope so. I've grown kind of, erm, fond of the Mews," Ryou said, looking away and scratching the back of his blonde head.

Pudding broke free of her friend's grasp. "Ry-ou loves I-chi-go! Ry-ou loves I-chi-go!"

Ryou made a face. "Ichigo? EW! I've felt a strong attraction towards Mint though…"

Now it was Mint's turn to make a face. "EEW! Ryou, you sicko!"

"Proud of it, too. Now you should get home soon. Your parents are going to get worried."

The Mew Mews said goodbye and headed out.

"Merlin, Harry, they ditched us! They really ditched us!" Ginny exclaimed, tugging his sleeve.

He whirled around, saw, and swore.

The Weasly siblings, Harry, and Hermione had gone out for the day, and Ron and Hermione had left Harry and Ginny in a park outside of a little café.

"So…what do we do now?" Ginny asked.

"I don't know, coffee and lunch? I never ate breakfast so I'm famished."

Ginny nodded vigorously and the two headed into the café.

They were seated by a high school/college aged blonde boy.

"Hello, welcome to Café Mew Mew! My name is pudding and I'll be your server this morning," said a bouncy strawberry-blonde. "What can I get for the happy couple?"

"I'll have a cappuccino," Ginny said promptly.

"Tea, please," Harry added.

Pudding smiled and jotted it down in her notebook before heading off.

Right after the waitress had taken the check, the warm September air turned cold. Screams came from outside the café, and if you asked anyone, they'd say they felt like they'd never be happy again.

"Tokyo Mew Mew, move out!" a pink haired, pink suited cat girl cried and led four other similarly dressed girls out.

Harry made Ginny promise to stay in the café and ran outside to see what the commotion was.

A horde of Dementors was approaching the park.

"Come on, Greymon! You too, Garurumon! Kick some digi-butt!" a little girl cried, pumping her fist into the air.

A giant dragon/dinosaur like creature shot flame out at the dementors, but it didn't stop them.

"Impossible! It had no effect!" a boy Harry recognized as Tai shouted.

"Help him out, Garurumon!" Matt added.

A giant wolf like creature shot a blue substance at them, but it too had no effect.

"Idiots! EXPECTO PARTRONUM!" Harry shouted, casting a silver stag.

As everyone stared in awe at the animal, and Harry took that as his cue to leave the premises.

Ryou, though, had seen the whole thing from the window of his upstairs bedroom. This black haired guy could be their answer to their prayers. Or their worst nightmare. The question was: Which was he?

"What was that?" Mimi wondered aloud.

"I don't know what it was. It looked an awful lot like a stag," Izzy commented.

Joe gasped. "Maybe it's a signal to the enemy!"

"Then why did those digimon run from it?" Sora pointed out.

"Uh, guys? Just a shot in the dark here, but I don't really think those were digimon. My digimon analyzer doesn't even recognize it," Tai exclaimed, leading the group to the shade of a nearby tree.

"Then what were they?" Kari asked as she sat down.

The group thought about this. As the gears in their head turned, they overheard a conversation between the soccer coach and a cell phone.


Blurbed reply.

"Hi, Ron. Look, you know that café you dumped us at?"

Blurbed reply.

"There was a dementor attack here just over five minutes ago."

Angry blurbed reply.

"Yes, Ron, your sister is fine, and yes, I had to use the Patronus charm!"

Angry female blurbed reply.

"Hermione, calm down! I know the risks, but I couldn't let innocent bystanders get hurt! Look, I've got to go. 'Bye." The coach hung up and dropped his head into his hands. "Urgh, Ginny, she's so irritating sometimes!"

An attractive redhead girl tugged on his arm and led him to a tree nearby the DigiDestineds.

"Wow, she's so pretty!" TK exclaimed.

"Aw, Coach Potter's in love!" Kari squealed.

"Yeah, but with who?" Matt asked. "I've never even seen a picture of her before."

"I have," Sora said quietly.

Everyone stared.

"When I was looking for a pencil on his desk during fourth period yesterday, I saw a picture of those two, a black boy, a sandy haired kid, and a few other people wearing black robes with a colored patch on the chest. They were smiling, but the expressions on Coach's face and that girl's face were sort of, well, faked."

"Maybe she's a friend from school," Joe suggested.

They all silenced and watched the couple once more.

"You know, this sort of reminds me of sixth year when we went out and spent most of our free time under the beech tree by the lake watching the giant squid and snogging each other senseless," he remarked.

"We didn't just kiss, Harry, we talked too."

"I know, but I liked the snogging best."

Ginny adjusted so that she was face-to-face with him. "I still don't understand why we have to stay apart. I mean, isn't he going to find out anyway?"

The coach's words sort of caught in his throat. "It's just– Ginny, I- Urgh! Ginny, I really like you. I don't want you to get hurt."

"What if I don't care if I get hurt?" she demanded.

"I do."

She tilted her head up to face him. "Why? Isn't it my choice whether or not I go out with you?"

"It would be – if I was willing to go out," the coach replied, grinning like a madman.

Ginny immediately lightened up and smiled, too. "Maybe I'll just put you under the Imperious Curse…or a love potion."

The coach shifted uncomfortably. "I can resist an Imperious Curse, but not a love potion…I am soooo not letting you cook supper tonight."

Ginny smiled smugly. "Fine by me, but you know that neither Ron nor Hermione can cook for beans, and I'd like to see you try."

"Then I will," he replied simply, sticking his nose up in the air.


Little did they know that Pudding was hiding in the tree they were leaning on. She, being the romance-crazy little girl she was, cried out in joy. "Whoo! Coach, you get a special discount here for you and your girlfriend."

This took the two by surprise.

Mint, who had seen the whole scene from the window of the café, came running out. "Pudding! Ack, shut it!" She turned to the older couple. "Sorry about that, people. She's a little, erm, talkative. We do mean it about the discount, though."

Harry grinned. "There's one couple that could use it a little more than we could."