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"Aw, man, my head is killing me," Tai groaned, slumping over his desk. "I can't think anymore!"

Harry approached the student's desk and looked at what he had written. "'You will have your time to shine, like a star, like snow glittering in the sun. You don't know how truly beautiful you are, do you? Your eyes are a striking glint of crimson and your skin is fair. How could I not fall in love with a girl whose heart is just and caring? How could I not fall in love… with you?'"

"That's beautiful," Harry said, picking up the paper and giving it a closer examination. "I didn't know you could write love poems."

"I didn't know I could, either," Tai replied.

"Is if for Sora?"

Tai flushed red. "Maybe…"

"It IS isn't it! Why do you bother to deny it?"

"Just shut up…"

"Now now, that's no way to talk to your teacher is it?"


"Mr. Kamiya, I'll see you after class." The teacher began walking towards the front of the room.

"But why?!"

Harry turned back around to face Tai. "Number one, because you were disrespectful to a teacher, and number two, because… well…" He subconsciously ran a hand over his forehead.

"Oh. Yeah. Okay."

Harry smiled weakly at him and approached the front of the classroom again. "All right, everyone, pencils and pens down."

There was a collective sigh of relief from the class as the clatter of dropping writing utensils filled the room.

"To make sure that you all are getting the hang of poetry and proper grammar, I'm going to have you each come up to the front of the room and read all of your poems aloud. You will be graded on presentation and on content." Harry smiled and wrote the points on the whiteboard – "Composition – 50 points", "Presentation – 10", and "Proper grammar – 40 points".


"No fair!"

"Come on, dude, why us?"

"I just wanna drop into a hole and disappear."

"No frikkin way! Come on, man, you've gotta be kidding!"


The class silenced.

"You will all read your poems to the class so that you can see what you did wrong and how other people did it right. Understand?"

The students groaned.

"All right. First up is… Mr. Ishida. Why don't you grace us with your poetry?"

Matt turned a deep shade of pink and approached the whiteboard. He turned to face the class, swept his bangs out of his face, cleared his throat, and began.

"I don't quite know my feelings

You left without a trace.

I was twelve years old and alone

Until I saw your face.

Brown hair 'n' eyes, fun persona,

You were such a good friend

Never thinking that we could part

Together till the end.

Then you left for better things

An' I was so heartbroken

Even if it was just a month

My heart had been ripped open."

The class stared at him, their mouths hanging open. Instead of just reading it as a poem, it was a song. A beautiful song.

"And, um, that's as far as I've gotten," he said, blushing again.

Tai looked around the silent room and stood up. He began to clap. On the other side of the room, Sora followed suit. Then Mimi, then Ichigo, then the rest of the class.

Matt sat back down after handing the teacher his paper.

Harry cleaned his glasses and squinted. There were notes, guitar chords, piano parts, and the whole shebang. "Um, Yamato? Could you copy the lyrics onto another sheet of paper alone? Not that all the guitar and chords and whatnot aren't lovely, but this is English, not band."

"Oh. Sorry." Matt slumped low in his seat.

"It's nothing to be ashamed of. Just… collect your music after class."

"Yes, sir."

"Moving on. Hm… Sora, why don't you go next?" Harry asked, gesturing to Sora to stand up.

She did so and approached the front of the room. She took a deep breath and pulled back her bangs in a clip that Tai, even from the back of the room, noticed as the one he'd given her a few months before.

"Soccer was something

to get me away

from real life.

It wasn't something

To get me social

Or make friends.

I'm glad I played, though

Because we

Ended up meeting.

Best friends forever

Never were we apart

Always underneath that oak tree.

We were eight years old,

Eager to grow up,

But not quite knowing what it meant

You carved our initials

Into the trunk

Me and you '4 LIFE'.

I still want that

To happen, but…

You don't know what I feel.

You'd say, 'Oh, well,

We had fun!'

Sure, we did. Big deal."

There was a round of applause from the students and Sora handed Harry her paper, eager to sit down and start to write in her notebook.

She stayed like that all class, only looking up to see who went next.

"Tai! Front and center, please!" Harry barked.

Tai blew his hair out of his face and began.

"You'll say that we've got nothing in common

No common ground to start from

And we're falling apart

You'll say the world has come between us

Our lives have come between us

Still I know you just don't care.

And I said 'what about

Breakfast at Tiffany's'

She said 'I think I

Remember the film and

As I recall I think

We both kinda liked it'

And I said, 'well that's

One thing we've got!'"

"Come on, Tai, that's not your poem. That's a song by Deep Blue Something. 'Breakfast at Tiffany's'," Matt said simply.

"So? He never said it had to be our own."

"Shut up, man, you suck!" Matt joked, giving Tai a shove as he passed.

Tai grinned, shrugged, and said one of the very few phrases he knew in French. "C'est la vie!"


"That's life!" he replied, handed the teacher his real poem, and sat back down, looking rather nonchalant.

Matt narrowed his eyes at his best friend and slouched over his desk.

"Mimi, you're next."

Mimi approached the front of the room, said, "My poem is called, 'The Color Pink'", and read right off the paper.

"Pink is the color of my clothes

But also the color of my cheeks

Whenever you're around.

Pink is the color of love

But I know you know that.

You're always complaining about

This or that or the color pink,

But I know better.

Your guitar pick is pink

And you say it's red to cover up.

Your favorite drink is pink lemonade.

I know because you told me when we

Were in our cabin at camp.

So even if you say you hate

The color pink

And just cuz it's my favorite color

Do you hate me too?

Or are you denying the meaning

Of the color pink?"

The class looked at Mimi in awe, amazed that she could compose something so meaningful and true.

"Very good, Mimi," Harry said, obviously impressed as he accepted her paper.

"Thank you."

She sat back down and tossed her long brown hair over her shoulder.

Matt was looking after her out of the corner of his eye. The way she chewed on her pen cap was so cute…

Cam, the boy who sat next to him, gave him a gentle shove. "Snap out of it, Matt. Pay attention or Potter's gonna have your skin."

Matt shook his head and looked at his blue English binder. "Yeah. You're right. Sorry."


Harry paced the front of the room, his hand running through his hair. "How close, how close…" He sat down on a desk, squinched his eyes shut, and started muttering incoherently to himself.

"Um, Hermione? What is he doing?" Sora asked, eyeing the British man strangely.

"He's trying to see into You-Know-Who's mind," she replied dully, her eyes glazed over as she stared into space.

"That doesn't sound very… pleasant," Matt said, a look of disgust flashing across his face, then disappearing.

"I wouldn't think so," Ginny said, spinning around in Harry's swivel chair. "Whee…"

"Oh, grow up!" Hermione snapped, then swiveled her head around to look at Ron, who was snacking on something in the mini fridge on the counter. "And Ronald! Get your head out of the fridge!"

Ron flushed and pulled away from the fridge. He finished off the cheese stick in his mouth and shut the door.

"Hush up, you lot," Harry snapped, rubbing his temples.

The others shut up.

The silence lasted until Harry started muttering under his breath.

The others looked at him, and realized he was leaning on his desk for support, unable to stand on his own.

Ginny's eyes widened and she was apparently stuck in one spot, unable to move out of fear.

Ron and Hermione stood close by Harry's side, probably to catch him if he fell.

Tai scrunched his brow, trying to figure out what was going on.

Matt studied the scene carefully and finally said, "He's seeing into You-Know-Who's mind."

"Seriously, dude?" Tai asked, facing his blonde friend with surprise.

"Well, that's what it looks like to me."

Harry finally collapsed into a chair that had been strategically placed behind him by Hermione. "Merlin's beard…" he muttered, struggling to sit up as he opened his eyes.

"What happened, Harry," Ginny asked, crouching next to her friend and putting a hand on his arm.

He took a deep breath and finally said, "Voldemort knows we're on to him. He's on his way here as we speak. I saw… the Empire State Building. He's flying over America."

"It won't be long till he's here then," Sora said, sliding off the desk. "America's not that far off."

"Knowing him, he'll send Death Eaters and those other things first," Harry added darkly, trying to stand up. "We've got to be ready."

"Let's call Remus and everyone, I'm sure they can help," Hermione said, picking up her purse and dragging Ron towards the door of the classroom by his arm.

"Just… use your cell phone, because nobody has enough for a pay phone," Harry groaned, looking at the ceiling. He wondered if anyone else noticed that he was in the Idiot Brigade.

"Oi vey," Sora sighed, putting her hand over her forehead and shaking her head. "They such spazzes."

"Not as spazzy as Kari," Tai shuddered. "Especially on a Hershey bar."

"Well, yeah. And not as spazzy as Ginny on a can of Monster," Sora laughed.

Ginny narrowed her eyes as Harry chuckled a bit at the jab.

"Well, I've gotta get home, I don't want Dad to burn the apartment trying to cook," Matt said, picking up his backpack and making his way towards the door.

"Up, gotta go to soccer," Tai said, following suit.

"His mom's gonna give me a ride, so I'm going with him," Sora added, following her best friend out. "Bye, Ginny, bye, Harry!"

The three middle schoolers bounded out of the huge brick building.

Harry and Ginny looked at each other, and then went to find Ron and Hermione. They were going to need some real backup for this one.


Okay, this sucks. I'm seriously considering discontinuing this. If you have plot ideas, let me know, because I don't know how to continue it. It's going nowhere fast. Sorry!

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