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Chapter One: Broken Mirrors

The inner sanctum of the ruins turned out to be a twisting, nonsensical maze of corridors. Old branches were cut off by fallen ceiling tiles, old and dented pipes and whatever else was a part of the debris. The rest of the structure, however, was in pretty good condition. The overhead lighting, although nothing like the blinding brightness in his own 'home', lit up where he was going- a definite improvement over the flickering torches sporadically placed in the Underworld on Olympus Colisium- and the non-deteriating parts held the remnants of the building as it once was- old wallpaper was easily visible along the walls.

Heartless of various types wandered the maze, charging around corners with a recklessness that wasn't matched in the slightest by the other adventurer. In fact, the latter was taking his time, trying to follow a sort of plan that would, hopefully, not get him lost any further. Demyx hesitated at a corner, counting to three before inching closer, peeking around the edge, and then continuing on. He didn't see any of the red marker lines that Zexion had suggested he make to keep from getting lost.

"Playing my sitar everyday..," Demyx headed down the corridor, singing bits and pieces of the lyrics to one of his many favorite songs. "I like my sitar... I like my sitar, I play the sitar, sitar, wherever I go..." The hallway was starting to narrow- not that he was claustrophobic or anything... but it was still a rather uncomfortable observation, "Play the sitar with my toes-" The words, and hallway, came to an abrupt stop.

Demyx glanced over the door in front of him, trying to remember whether the vague- very, very vague- directions he had been given included a door in it. "Go through the door... down the stairs... down some hallways... and..." An utter blank came up in his head. With a sigh, the blond dug into his pocket, home to every note he took down on every single mission he went on. He withdrew a pile of index cards and started flipping through them. "Dust the- no..., release the Heartless upon, no- ah!! Order cherry pie from... no, not that either.."

A few more minutes later... "AHA!!" Demyx held the correct index card, running over his own notes written in what Zexion preferred to refer to as 'incomprehensible lines of graphite more like chicken scratch than actual words.' "Go through the door, past the study and into the back room, where a very large computer thingamajig is. Go past that. Mirror is under cloth- pick it up carefully, bring it back in one piece or else. Note to self: Seven years bad luck if broken."

Demyx shook off the shudder from the last part- he had more than enough bad luck without adding another seven years to his karma.

However, as long as he successfully completed his mission- unlike the ten or so before it...- then he was bound to win some good luck back. And with that happy thought in mind, the blond placed aside the the pile of index cards, and opened the door. He took one step inside before coming to an abrupt stop.

The 'Study', or so he hoped, was a mess. A large wooden desk took up the center of the room, a pile of papers scattered across its surface. The wall behind it had been drawn on in a scrawl of writing and diagrams. Other bits of the room had the same sort of scribbles on their surfaces. A portrait that looked far too much like the Superior was resting on the floor, leaning back in its frame against the wall.

"Nice tie, boss," Demyx muttered to the painting, casting his eyes around the curved room for any sign of another way out. Nothing. He wandered further inside, turning a few circles in his search. "Ah man-" Even he could tell it was pointless- a closed off room was a closed off room. "Huh?" In his disappointed state, Demyx had leaned back against the desk, placing both hands on its surface. The pressure from his left hand must have been too great for the one corner, since it dipped towards the ground, almost threatening to break off entirely.

A long grating sound filled the room, drawing Demyx's attention to a piece of the wall to his right. A tall, rectangular piece had sunken out nearly a inch behind the rest of the wall, and was slowly sliding out of sight, behind the room. Beyond that- much to the blond's surprise and delight- was the promised second hallway between Study and Computer.

Once all was silent again, Demyx walked over and through the hidden 'door', hesitating just a step inside, waiting for the entrance to close up on him. Much to his relief, it didn't. Demyx continued on his merry way, noting that the 'hallway' as the Superior had called it, was more like a cat walk high above a theater stage. He could see the expanse of some room below, stretching beyond his sight, filled with nothing more than a lot of space, and a lot of stacked capsules against the walls.

The path took a turn away from the mystery, bending along the corners of the wall and ending abruptly in front of another open entrance. Demyx edged to the side of the entrance, figuring that checking around one more corner carefully couldn't hurt anyone or thing. In fact, it would certainly be better than risking failing yet another mission.

The room beyond the corner happened to be empty. Demyx sighed in relief and moved inside, coming to a stop in the middle of the room. A large, boxy gray machine rested against the half-wall to his left. From the top of its screen to the ceiling was made of some see-through glass or plastic, allowing those inside to overlook what was going on in the lower room. To his right was a much larger machine, taking up the entire space from floor to ceiling, a flat, red circle, with a smaller white and then dull yellow circle in that. Otherwise, there wasn't anything extraordinary about the room at all.

Minus the long, dark cloth stretching over some tall, oval object. "Bingo."

Demyx crossed the distance directly to the object, picking a side-edge and flicking aside. It wouldn't be a good idea to bring the wrong thing back to Castle That Never Was, afterall, certainly not if he wanted to make up for those past failures. He smiled at the sliver of his own reflection, letting the cloth go and covering the mirror surface again. Now all that remained was to get back to the Castle and-

"Move one more inch and you're dead."

Demyx 'eeped', freezing up instantly at the order, all thoughts of an easy, laid-back afternoon gone. Trying to remain as calm and like a real member of Organization Thirteen as possible, he glanced over his shoulder at the new comer. He spied a tall, muscular brunette in jeans, a white shirt with a darker leather jacket over it, standing in the entrance way, holding a very large, very pointy sword at him. Ice blue eyers, narrowed nearly to slits, glared at him. Not. Good.

"Step away from the mirror and turn around. Slowly."

The blond went to do what he was told, and that was when everything went wacky. His feet tangled themselves up in mid-turn, spilling him backwards against the mirror, tipping that and then himself to the ground. He could hear the echoing clang the metal frame made as it made contact on the ground, a shout from the stranger, and saw a rippling of light reflecting off the veltvet-y cloth as it flew off the mirror completely. Demyx's hand landed on the super-smooth glass surface of the mirror, and a brighter flash of light lit up the glass.

He yelped against as he felt the mirror's surface start to give and then pull his hand... then arm.. and then the rest of himself down to the floor. Struggling was useless- the now liquid-y surface was pulling him- its silvery substance licking hungrily up along his body. Everything behind him- the weird room with its lower levels, the stranger, all of it- vanished in another, brighter flash of light. He closed his eyes, and thought he could hear someone shouting... himself, maybe?

Whoever it was, it all came to an end with a very large thud against a much sturdier, harder surface than that mirror had been. Demyx stayed where he was for the longest time before pushing himself back up off the ground. "Ouch." The headache he was now suffering was even worse than the ones he got from the mornings waking up after an entire night of eating too much sugar and caffeine.

He glanced over the length of his body, grateful to find no obvious broken bones or pools of blood. A familiar voice drew his attention upwards and in front of him. "Sir?" Standing behind a row of bars, meeting his gaze with bright blue eyes from beneath the fall of silver bangs, was Zexion.

Say what?

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