Chapter One-

No More Lab Coats

Allison Cameron yawned and stretched out her arms, only realizing after a few seconds that she was in someone else's. She slowly opened her eyes and lifted her head from the crook of Robert Chase's neck to see his handsome face. She smiled and ran a finger over the bridge of his nose and down to his lips, then snaked her arm around his neck.

After a few minutes of just lying in the still sleeping Robert's arms, Allison brought herself to look at the clock beside his bed, then jolted upright.

9:12 am

"Shoot! Oh, crap!" she jumped out of bed, unwrapping herself from the tangled mess of sheets on the bed. She reached down and picked up the pair of last nights underwear from the floor and dropped them in the hamper before scurrying around the room, trying to distinguish her clothes from his.

"Wake up! Robert, wake up!" She said hectically as she tried to work herself into last night's bra without having to unhook it.

"Mwuuuuugh…" He moaned, stretching and giving her a questioning look. "What are you so worked up for?"

"Work! We have work! Come on, Robert!" She said, still making a mess of the bra until she gave up and unhooked it.

"Allison, remember? I got fired? You quit?" he smiled playfully, observing her getting dressed. She looked down at herself and gave a small laugh. She was wearing her bra, a pair of jeans, and her old lab coat.

"I don't even think I'm wearing underwear." She said, laughing at herself a little.

"Well, then, thing's aren't all bad." Chase said in his adorable accent.

"Not having work is kind of nice." Allison took a few steps and flopped over on Robert's bed, removing her lab coat as she begun to softly kiss Chase. "We can sleep in."

"Somehow I have a feeling we won't be doing much sleeping." Chase said, wrapping his arms around her waist and rolling over onto her.


Dr. Gregory House got out of the elevator of the Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital, walking down the halls to where his section of the hospital lay. He passed another doctor, Dr. Wilson. He tried his best to do an almost-smile, but Wilson looked down and kept walking. House sighed slightly but kept walking. Entering through the large glass double doors, he suddenly felt a large pang inside. He felt… lonely. It was strange, he thought. He'd been trying to alienate everyone around him his whole life, and now that he'd finally gotten what he "wanted"… it wasn't what he expected.

He was lonely. He missed his team.