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As with my previous fic, many characters will be replaced by Rangers and former Rangers.

Summary : Blake is struggling to live his life after Tori gets stuck in Spira, when one day, he finds out a portal has opened up. Without even thinking about it, he jumps through and almost immediately spots the former Summoner and the woman he loves. They are happily reunited, but why was she kept there, and why was he brought back? This is a tale of their second journey to save Spira, meeting new and old friends along the way.

Oh yeah...and I changed the story a bit from the preview, but basically, the same thing happens.

Legend :



Tori's Narration (can happen at any time and always in Tori's POV)

Telepathic communication and any/all messages, and lyrics

Dreams, visions and flashbacks.

(Scene, POV, and time changes)


(Two Years Later, London)

I'd just gotten back from a particularly grueling race, when my phone began to ring. Yawning, I looked at the clock that read 3 am, and wondered who the hell would be calling me at a time like this. Shrugging a bit, I answered the phone, thinking it was probably Roger wanting to make plans or something. I'd signed on for another year, though I really didn't need to.



I almost dropped the phone when I heard Cam's voice on the other end. It had been so long since we last spoke. The last time I saw any of them, was the day we beat Lothor once and for all, two weeks after I came back from Spira, two weeks after I was forced to be apart from the woman I loved, Tori. That was now two years ago, and I'd almost given up hope. There wasn't a day that I didn't wake up, hoping to find myself still in Spira with the woman I loved, but I was sorely disappointed every time.

It was hard to hold on.

And that's the reason I left. Well, the main reason. It hurt to look into Shane and Dustin's eyes and see their pain that Tori was still gone. As much as they were friends, that they didn't blame me, I also knew they were jealous of Hunter. His little bro had come back, but their little sis hadn't. Even Cam was hurt, though he didn't show it as much.

I mean, sure I kept in touch with them, but it had been so long since I heard any of their voices, and from the sounds of it, Cam had something really important to tell me.

"Yeah. What's up?" I asked, far more awake now.

There was a sigh on the other end. "There's a strange energy reading coming from Zanarkand Ruins."

Frowning, I thanked God it was a secure cell phone, and wondered why the hell he was talking about this so freely. Then, what he said hit me, and I felt my eyes widen. "Wait...you think it could be...?"

He cut me off. "No. It's strange, but whatever it is, it's matching your morpher signature." In other words, it wasn't Tori.

I looked down to my useless morpher. When we had to fight Lothor the last time, he managed to absorb our powers into Cam's amulet and somehow, they all got drained. Now, no powers lay in his morpher, or anyone else's for that matter, except for Tori's probably, seeing as how she was in another world at the time and escaped his attack.

Remembering how the Fayth kept Tori in Spira, after everything we'd done to help them, I felt more than a little jaded, and let out an irritated sigh. "And exactly what do you want me to do about it?" I all but snapped.

"Go check it out. My readings say it's a one-way portal. Whatever's happening, the portal leads out of this world." he answered easily, if not softly, as though he knew what he was asking.

And he's telling me because he knows about my feelings for Tori. With a curt nod, I realized this might've been the chance I was waiting for. "Alright. I'll check it out."

Without even waiting for an answer, I closed my phone and tossed it on my bed after deleting the memory and frying it with my thunder powers. If it was an outgoing portal, I was going to check it out, but if I went missing, I didn't want anyone to trace the call or the caller through my phone.

Sneaking out of the hotel, I Ninja Streaked to the half sunken city of Zanarkand and began looking around.

It didn't take long before I heard some strange music and rounded a corner to see the portal. It was a light blue, and swirled, but I could faintly make out what looked like Luca stadium on the other side.

Without thinking, I found myself jumping through the portal...

Coming out in a crowded stadium as a lift in the center rose, showing Tori, just as I remembered her, in her Summoner attire.

Frowning, I wondered, had any time at all passed here? She looked the same.

That's when the music started and her eyes opened. She began walking briskly forward, and twirled around, a light violet light surrounding her and her skirt shortening into a mini skirt, and her shirt changing, as two separate, ruffled sleeves clothed her arms, and a ruffle-trimmed shirt clothed her upper torso, baring her midriff, as well as a pair of tan colored knee high boots. Her whole body remained clad with the light violet light, and she danced forward, spinning around to walk back and reach her hand up, catching a microphone as it fell.

That's when the light faded away, revealing her to be in a two piece dress with a lace miniskirt over a pair of black short shorts and her ruffle-trimmed shirt turned out to be a royal blue with light blue trim, and one side hung to her knees. The sleeves were also a royal blue with black cord tied in several places to keep the sleeves fitting her arms snugly.

Her hair had changed too. No longer was it shoulder length, but it was cropped to just under her ears, flipped out on the ends, and she had a long braided tail of it, wrapped in red ribbon that hung to her ankles.

I felt my jaw drop as I took in her appearance.

Then she began to sing.


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