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Naruto's POV

The clock ticked, non-stop and the patience was running out. The phone had rang four times and no one picked up. I was sitting there in that chair, waiting… Nothing happened. I looked at the little light that would turn off when she was ok. After minutes of torture, the light turned off.

I rushed at the nurse that came out of the O.R (operation room). Sakura-chan came with a glowing smile at me.

"Naruto, Sasuke, she is OK." She said smiling. My best friend came rushing towards us, carrying the flowers he went to pick up at Ino's shop.

"So how is she?!" Sasuke yelled, not waiting.

"She is fine, they are twins" she said still with a glowing smile.

"Twins?" I muttered…I couldn't believe it. "I want to see them" I reached out to Sakura's hand showing a puppy face. She gave in and said "Sure come with me", she took us to this room all full of babies, I couldn't find my children, where were they??

"Naruto, Sasuke, those two kids in the front row with black hair, whisker marks and white eyes are your children." Lord… our children… my kids… hey hey, lets rewind OUR children?! That's not possible they are Hinata-chan's and mine, myself, I. Not Ours unless she meant mine and Hinata-chan this will be trouble. Well they do look like Sasuke but that's not good… They can only have one father and that's me, see the whisker marks show it.

"Naruto just one thing… this kids have something not normal… strangely they have two fathers" she said with a concerned look in her face.

"You mean Parents… that's how you say mum and dad together" I replied

"No I mean fathers, somehow they don't have just one dad, meaning both, you and Sasuke are their fathers and with Hinata that would make you their Parents; I know It is scientifically impossible for a kid to have three parents, one mum and two dads but, somehow it happened. Tsunade-sama still doesn't know how it happened…" her words rang in my head, over and over again…

"HOW?!" that's all that Sasuke and I could ask


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