"Good to have you back, General."

Jaelyn Kasra heard these calm, quiet words as if from miles away. After their spectacular 'landing' on Telos, she never wanted to move again, but even in her haze the speaker's tone intrigued her. Grudgingly, she sat up, wincing slightly as her head flared in protest.

"My head…feels like I've been ripped in half."

"Easy there General…" At this Jaelyn could no longer pay any attention whatsoever. Somehow, even after all this time, being called 'General' could bring that entire hellhole of a war rushing back. She fervently hoped that this man, whoever he had been in the war, only knew her vaguely, enough to know her rank, but not know much about her beyond that. Please don't let him bring up Malachor, she silently begged. Maybe he barely recognized her, a hazy figure from recruitment holovids…Unfortunately, as Jaelyn listened to the Iridonian it became clear that he not only knew her, but expected her to know him. Her confusion must have shown on her face because he stopped short, a hurt look on his face, before snapping back into a calm façade.

Completely lost, and feeling as though she had missed something, Jaelyn accepted his help finding the Ebon Hawk and began briskly walking toward a group of cannocks, eager to escape the awkward situation.

Bao-Dur watched Jaelyn closely as she fought every obstacle in her path. She was just as amazing a fighter as she had ever been during the war, and just as commanding a leader. He wasn't sure how to take her sudden reappearance in his life, especially given the fact that she had no memory of him whatsoever. He wasn't sure if he was glad about that. He would certainly have been glad if she'd remembered him, but he was relieved that she did not recall the part he had played at Malachor. Somehow, he knew that he would tell her eventually, if she didn't remember on her own, but for now he could pretend, and simply be there to protect her.
A/N—I know, short first chapter, but I will get into longer ones soon, I promise! Poor Bao-Dur, thinks he can protect her. (Jaelyn is a Guardian in this fic, by the way) Thanks to Niobe Asha for encouraging me to post this.