Welcome to the Organization XIII Advice Column! Here, the Organization will help you with any problem you have, regardless of what it is!

If you want a specific Organization member to help you, just say:

Dear (name of member),

And then your problem!

If you don't specify, then I'll assume that all can answer the problem! (and trust me, some problems are not meant to be answered by all…)

Also, questions are fine to ask as well!

Just submit a review to tell your problem or ask your question. :D

The Organization will do their best to solve your problems and answer your questions!

And remember: You can always ask the Orgy!

Xemnas: Don't say that.

Me: But that's the motto: You can always ask the Orgy!

Xemnas: I don't care. Unless you want to be turned into a dusk, don't say it anymore!

Me: Ok, I promise I won't say it anymore! (has fingers crossed behind back)