From: XxJustXxAxXNobodyxX

To: Everyone

Me again!!

For anyone:

Okay so truthfully I have to admit that I have a crush on a real guy...

So his name is Dave and I REALLY like him, but the problem is though we were good friends before, he doesn't want to be around me anymore. He says it's because he doesn't like some of the things I believe in and he just tells me that they're lies. Should I still try to at least keep him as a friend and hope for the best, or just forget about him and 'move on'?


Vexen: Hmmm…You could try talking to him. Talking always helps. If you really care about him, and if he cares about you (as a friend) then you try staying friends with him. But, if it's obvious that he doesn't care for you, don't worry about him. A friend who doesn't care isn't really a true friend, now are they?

Best wishes,



From: tomunderfire

To: Everyone.

Have you guys seen the spoofs/fanmovies, yet? If so, what do think of them. I started to work on my own (currently on my 3rd). Please watch and review them.



Axel: Oh yeah! I've seen those! Those rock!

Xaldin: I think they're frivolous, and a waste of time.

Axel: You're frivolous and a waste of time.

Xaldin: Your face.

Axel: Your MOM!!!

Xaldin+gasp+ I know you not talkin' 'bout my Mom!

Axel: And what if I AM?

(Axel and Xaldin start fighting)

Xemnas: Uhhh…? Perhaps we'll watch your movies some other time…



From: Chibi Inuyasha Lover 4ever

To: Everyone

Dear rox-da-nobody-sox,

Thanks for the advice Demyx :D I'll be spending the next few months in the US of A! 8D (I was already in Canada to begin with XD)I have a different problem (3 in a row?! Boy do i have problems XD), and this one doesn't include rogue nobodies (thank GOD!):

You see, I have this friend. She is, well, was, the sweetest person I knew: bubbly, kind, and was the kind of person you just KNEW you could lean on when things got terrible. But... about two months ago, I don't know what happened, but, she stopped talking to me. She got an attitude, a down right bitchy one at that. We (my friends and I) say hello to her, but she doesn't even look our way, much less move - and we KNOW she can hear us. We call her and ask if she wants to come to the cinema with us and she tells us she's EXTREMELY busy. Next thing we know, the 'popular' people walk up to her in school the next day and say how much fun they had at her house on the very same weekend we ask her to come with us! We asked her what was wrong: she told us 'nothing' in a VERY angry tone and stormed away. Since then, we've stopped asking. We all know what the problem is: she wants new friends. Popular friends.

Why, WHY, would she throw away all our seven years, SEVEN YEARS, of friendship away all for popularity? Those guys CONSTANTLY turn on each other! Your always in the hot seat and one wrong move and thats it! Why doesn't she want to keep all the friends she's known every since she was eight years old?!

I don't know what to do. None of us do. We want to just let her go, but its HER we're talking about! She's really grown on us, and some of us are having a really hard time knowing she's going... And the one thing we hate most about letting her go, is that if she ever does come back, we can never trust her again. What can we do?

Sincerely, CIL4


Demyx: Hmmm…I say you talk to her. Tell her what you told me: That you don't want to let her go, that you still want to be friends. But, if she insists on pulling away from your group, then maybe you should let go. I know it may be hard, but if she's not acting like a good friend, why keep her? But, what you want to do is what you want to do, okay? Remember: this is just advice; you guys are the real thing. Just follow what you think you should do, and everything will turn out in the end. :)

Good luck!



From: Star Tours Traveler

To: Larxene, Axel, Demyx, & Roxas

I have 5 questions, one for each and one for all.

Larxene...Are you currently dating Someone+prays for the answer to be no+ And whats your idea of the perfect date?

Axel...Where do you get those Chakram's? (My cousins are betting with Luxord that I can't find any.)

Demyx...Have you ever written and/or performed any songs on your Sitar? If so can you send me a CD of em? You ROCK man!

Roxas...What would you say to the fanfic writters who pair you romanticly with Axel +shudder+

Everyone... Do you guys like each a sort way?

p.s. I know I'm not asking advise...I'm a fan of you 4, as for the remaining 9...they can jump off a cliff...especialy Xemnas and Xaldin. +wants to stab Xaldin with his own lances+ D


Larxene: Nope. What? You think I'd date any of THESE idiots+points thumb over at the rest of the Organization+ Pfft, as if!

Xigbar: MY LINE!!! :P

Larxene: Anyways, my idea of a perfect date is just a nice time out, an evening on the town, going out to dinner, and just having fun. Either that, or using one of the Orgy members for target practice +smiles evilly+

Everyone: …+gulps+

Axel: They are handmade. I made em' myself, with my own two hands. It was hard work, but I—

Roxas: Axel? Why do your chakrams say. 'Made in Costa Rica'?

Axel: …

Demyx: Of course I've written songs! Tons of them+throws you a CD of songs+ They're all on there :) Tell her that Demyx says hi, 'kay?

Roxas: …??? I'd say ewww. That's all.

Axel: Same here. Yuk!

Xemnas: As for your last question…uh…define 'like'.

Larxene: In short, no, we don't like each other. And I agree, everyone else can jump off a cliff. ESPECIALLY Xaldin. I HATE the dude.

Xaldin: Gee, thanks. :P

Larxene: Any time XD


From: amyrosefreak10

To: Axel

Dear Axel,
My friend DemyxPyrofan told me to use this. Okay Why does fire hurt when you try to burn things? Why does water not help with hot chips? Why is Zexion scary looking when you look at him really closely? Why do nobodies like to destroy my room and so do the heartless? How do i get rid of them? Also how do i get a cute guy to notice me when i am a emo punk gothic girl at the bottom of the school chain?
Thanks for your time


Axel: Fire hurts because…I don't know. It just does. I think it has something to do with nerves. Go ask Vexen about that. The man will literally be jumping for joy that he can explain it to you. Water doesn't help with hot chips because…fire is stronger than water! Yeah, that's it!

Demyx: HEY!! :P

Axel: Shut up!

Demyx: o0 +cries+

Axel: Like I was saying, he's scary because he's emo. I've noticed that too! He's actually a nice guy, just scary looking. I think it's 'cause of his hairstyle… +shrugs+. As for the Nobodies and Heartless…did you feed them cherry pie? Man, those dudes HATE the stuff! You better give them some Cheese Nips or something, or else they'll go for anything shiny that you have. Give them carrots to get rid of them; they run away as soon as they see the stuff. Boy troubles, eh? Try talking to him first. Become friends with him first. Maybe he'll catch on. If not, you can always ask him!

With much love,

The totally hot and date-able Axel


Everyone: AT LAST!!! AN UPDATE+glares at Xed+

Me: Okay, okay… sorry about that, alright? I had a lot of stuff to do…

Zexion: Oh yeah? Like what?

Me: Work on my stories, songs, hang out with my family, the like.

Axel+rolls eyes+ Sure…and I'm a fire-controlling pyro-maniac with great hair…


Axel: Oh shut up…