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The Pain Within
Chapter One

"Where the fuck were you Bella?" yelled Aiden

"I ... I um, … well I was …" I stuttered

He raised his hand and slapped me, "spit it out you worthless bitch"

I bit my lower lip to contain myself, knowing that I would start crying if I didn't.

"I was at work" I whispered

"WORK?!" he fumed

I nodded my head slightly

"Why the fuck were you at work Bella? Did I not tell you to quit that stupid job?" he said with disgust

"Yes" I said quietly

He advanced towards me, "so why are you still working there?"

"I, I ... needed the money ok" I sighed

Aiden had me trapped in a corner, "why would you need the money?"

"I need to buy some things Aiden" I said carefully

"Like what" he scoffed

"Let's see … I need some new shirts and pants … oh, and female necessities" I said rudely

"Are you trying to be funny Bella?" he places his arms above my shoulders, boxing me in and closing my only exit

"No, not really" I retorted

It's never a good idea to talk back with Aiden, but with all the times I've been with him. I thought that this time was the safest of out all, but I was very wrong. When I finished my sentence, his face grew very hard. His eyes didn't hold the softness or the anger it usually held; it was and endless pool of ice blue. There were no emotions within his eyes, his face nothing. He just started at me for a minute or two collecting his thoughts perhaps? Then he finally acted.

Aiden picked me up by the waist and chucked me across the room. My head smashed against the door, my whole body vibrated for a few seconds. He walked across the room very slowly, picking me up by my neck.

"You will never talk to me like that again, you hear me bitch" he howled in my face

Just as I thought things couldn't get any worse, I smelt it. I smelt the thing I hated most in life; aside from Aiden that is. I smelt blood, my blood. This can't be good I thought to myself. Out of habit, I placed my hand to the back of my head trying to find where the blood is coming from.

After feeling around, I found the source. It felt as if something was placed into my head forcefully. Causing my head to bleed, reluctantly I took my hand off my head and placed it in front of me to see how much blood there was.

It wasn't a good idea; the smell of my own blood was getting to me. Instantly I blacked out; not knowing what happened.

When I woke up, I found myself in my room on the bed. I turned around and saw that I was naked. All my clothes were on the floor. I tried to sit up but to no avail, I couldn't. It felt as if something was weighing me down. I looked beside me and saw that Aiden was half on me and half on my bed. He too was naked.

I put two and two together and realized that yet again, he had raped me. I tried my hardest to push him off of me, but I had no luck. He was still inside me. Aiden was asleep and his body was half on my bed and half on me; and he was still inside of me.

I let out a quiet sob. How did this happen to me? I thought. I never did anything wrong, why do I deserve this? Do I even deserve this? I turned my head and saw that Aiden was still sleeping. He was pure evil, yet he looked innocent sleeping. It has to be my fault. I fell in love with him. NO I thought, I fell in love with who he was, the person he was, it was all fake. An act. Yet, Charlie allows him to do what he does to me. I guess he doesn't care, I mean he is the chief of police in Folks, yet he is an alcoholic and abusive father. He also puts up a front. He makes it seem that he is a lovely father, an amazing man, a good officer. But I know the difference. My thoughts were swirling around me when I felt movement beside me and inside of me.

Aiden turned around and placed his large hand on my breast. He moved his head so it was on the crook of my neck.

"Have a good time last night babe?" he whispered into my neck

I stiffened. He let out a laugh

"Don't worry babe, I know you had fun" Aiden mumbled into my skin

He started to grope my right breast while he places himself on top of me. Moving his lips from the bottom on my neck up to my face. I could feel him getting hard inside of me. I wince mentally; I knew that he was going to rape me or whatever he calls it before he'll let me go get ready for school. I turn my head to look at my alarm clock. It said 5:30 am. I had an hour left before I had to get ready for school.

Aiden didn't care that Charlie was next door to my room or that he could hear him. Charlie enjoyed the fact that Aiden could cause me harm, that I feared him. Before Aiden, Charlie was the one who raped and abused me, every night. He still does on some occasions and often him and Aiden team up.

I don't know why they get such pleasure from my pain. I mean, how much lower can they go? Aiden saw me looking at the clock and used his right hand to turn my face back to him.

"Don't worry baby, we still have an hour left before you can go get ready" he said in his raspy tone

I wince again, and this time he saw.

"Aww, don't you like what I do for you? No one gets a good of fuck before they have to go to school now do they babe?" he asked

I didn't say anything, I just lied there while he was groping my breast and caressing my face. He placed his forehead on mine and lowered his lips. He started to kiss me, forcefully and was trying to get his tongue in my mouth. As he was stronger than I was, he got in and started to kiss me even harder, and making my mouth sore.

He obviously didn't know that I wasn't doing anything back to him so he started to grope both of my breast, hoping that it would turn me on. It didn't work, so he started to suck on my bottom lip and squeeze my boobs even hard. He even started to move his 'thing' in and out. It didn't turn me on, not even a little bit.

I knew it wasn't love; it was just something to please him. He gave up trying to turn me on, and sat up, straddling me.

"You will have fun bitch, you hear me?" he moaned

Then he lowered himself and placed his hands on my hips. He started to move his erected penis in and our.

"You like that? Huh? You like feeling my big cock inside of you, fucking your pussy?" he asked

I just lie there and wait for it all to be over, waiting for my life to be over. I can't take this anymore. I have to get him off of me.

Then, he starts to thrust himself inside of me, moaning like a wild animal. I let out a cry. He took it as a sign that I liked it. So he started to thrust even harder and faster, grabbing and squeezing my boobs even harder.

"OOOOOOOO" he moans loudly

This causes Charlie to walk in.

"What is going on at 5:45 in the morning?" he asked while rubbing his eyes

"I'm raping your sorry excuse for a daughter Charlie" Aiden replies while still thrusting even harder. "Wanna join?" he asked in a moan

"Do I ever" he replies softly

"I hadn't fucked Bella in ages" he grins

"Well, let me tell you Charlie. She's gotten better" Aiden says as he gets up

"I'm done for now. I'm going to go get a bite to eat downstairs. Yell for me when you're done Charlie. I want to fuck her once more before school starts"

"Deal" Charlie smiles

As Aiden closes the door and makes his way downstairs. Charlie starts to strip off his clothes.

"Dad" I whisper "Why are you doing this?"

"Why?" he replies

I nodded

"For one, I hadn't had sex in a while. Two, you're my daughter, so you are mine until you die. Three, you're a good fuck" he smiles

This is sick and wrong I thought. Why does it happen to me? Why was I cursed with a horrible life? I let out a whimper as Charlie entered me. He took it the wrong way and thought I enjoyed it so he thrust himself even harder in me.

I didn't dare to make another sound, knowing that Charlie will force himself harder inside of me.

"Bella" he moaned

God, this is wrong I thought. I swiftly turn my head to look at the clock. But it wasn't swift enough; Charlie saw me and pulled himself out of me.

"BELLA" he screamed

I just laid there and stared at him.

"Get on your fucking knees"

My face had shock written all over. Charlie just laughed.

"Aiden!" he bellowed

As Aiden was making his way up the stairs, I heard him say, "Yeah Charlie?"

"Get in here" he sighed

Aiden opened the door and saw me still lying on the bed, naked. "What do you want Charlie?"

"I want you to get your bitch on the floor, on her knees" Charlie said, as he was stroking his ….. penis ..

Aiden laughed, "Is that all my good man?"

Charlie nodded his head.

"Oh Bella..." Aiden sung.

I turn my head to stare at him, my face still frozen with shock. I didn't move an inch, I didn't breathe. Aiden walked over to my bed and started to caress my breast. "You will do as he says" he whispers in my ear "because if you don't. You'll be very, very sorry my dear"

What more can he do to me? He already ruined my life, I am alone, dead, hopeless. No one even talks to me anymore. Before Aiden left the room, he groped both of my breasts for a few seconds. "She's good Charlie, she's really good"

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