Guess what everyone!

I've gotten a few offers from some fellow readers and writers who want to either take over the story or co-write with me. At the moment I have decided to co-write with Tvnut wants her Edward Cullen. I have exams in two weeks but this week after practices and whatnot. I'm going to sit down and re-read what I wrote in the past. I realized how much I've been neglecting this story but I'm going to try and change that since I now have someone helping me.

If you guys have any ideas whatsoever with the next chapter. I'm going to try and have that out by the time exams finish. I can't promise anything beforehand, but I can promise you that I'm back and ready to write!

I want to thank you guys for still supporting me. Since I stopped writing and posting for this story, I still have gotten numerous reviews, favorite story, favorite author and story/author alerts.

Let's make this story a great one, there are so many on fanfiction now it's unbelievable - it's hard to find a decent one to read. Hopefully I can make my story one that you'll recommend everyone to read.

Cheers !

unworthy love