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Chapter One

George-Michael Bluth tapped the car window rhythmically. It was pouring outside, which he found odd. It was summer, after all, and in California no less.

Maybe the sky's crying for me. Or maybe it's just global warming. Probably the latter.

"Hey, George-Michael?" his father, Michael, asked, bringing him out of his reverie.

"Oh, yeah Dad?" George-Michael asked, pretending to seem awake.

"You mind stopping that?" Michael gestured towards the window that his son was still tapping.

"Oh. Yeah, sorry, Dad." He stopped, placing his hands neatly in his lap.

"It's okay." Michael looked over at his son with a smile. He placed his hand on George-Michael's shoulder, shaking him a bit. George-Michael smiled back slightly, his eyes half-closed from boredom.

"I'm not so sure about you, though, son." Michael still had his hand on his teenager's shoulder. "You gonna be okay?"

"Uh-huh, yeah! I'm glad that we're going to be with the family again." Especially Maeby.

"Good, good. Hopefully we can -"

"Dad! The light's red!" Michael stomped on the brake pedal. Maybe it wasn't the best idea to try and have a conversation with his son about his welfare at the intersection.

"George-Michael, wake up. We're here."

George-Michael's eyes flashed open. He looked out the window that he had been resting his head on to see his uncle GOB standing outside the familiar Bluth model home. He dashed out of the car without getting his stuff from the trunk first and embraced GOB. Never had be been so happy to see the failed magician/con-artist in his life, and he himself did not understand why he was so happy, especially since GOB had stolen his ex-girlfriend.

"Um…hi, George-Michael." GOB patted his nephew on the head, and then walked over to his brother. "Michael! You're back! Thank GOD!" George-Michael watched as the two brothers hugged, and felt kind of jealous. He was young, polite, bookish George-Michael; Uncle GOB would never care about him as much as he cared for Michael.

However, there was someone inside who cared about him.

Or, at least, had cared about him before.

George-Michael opened the door and walked inside. "Hello? Anyone home? It's George-Michael! We're back!" he called throughout the house. Upon entering the kitchen, he found his "Uncle" Tobias Funke in his bath-robe, sipping coffee and reading a body-builder magazine. Tobias turned, putting down his magazine. "Why hello there, George-Michael! It's good to see you again; how are you?" He looked over the boy's shoulder. "Where's your father? I'd like to talk to him about my Lindsay."

Of course. Always about Dad. "He's probably still outside talking to Uncle GOB," he replied, sighing. "Um, is Maeby around?"

"You know, she hardly ever is home these days…"

"Well I guess that's Maeby for you. But is she here today?" George-Michael was itching to see her.

"Oh, oh, yes. She's in her room, which I would assume to be both your and her room now that you're back." Tobias chuckled to himself awkwardly as he went to see what GOB and Michael were up to.

George-Michael's pulse was racing; his palms were sweaty, and he was incredibly nervous. He, Michael, and his grandfather George Sr. had lived in Cabo for a month; while Michael and George-Michael easily tired of this living situation, George Sr. chose to stay behind. When George-Michael found out that he and his father were moving back home, all he could think about was reconciling with Maeby.

He trudged upstairs and headed to his old room. Knocking as he always did, he heard Maeby's voice: "What the hell do you want, Dad?"

Oh, it was so good to hear her voice again. "M-Maeby? It's…it's George-Michael."

"George-Michael?" Maeby opened the door. "Oh my god! You're back!" The pair hugged each other for a good five minutes, and afterwards George-Michael looked at his beloved cousin's face.

This has to be one of the best moments of my life.