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AN: Richard and Kori used to be best friends before she moved away. Coming back several years later to join him in high school, she finds that time changes people. AU.

Kori is Starfire.

Dick is Robin.

Gar is Beastboy.

Victor is Cyborg.

Rachel is Raven.

Karen is Bumblebee.

Garth is Aqualad.

Roy is Speedy.

Wally is Kid Flash.

Jinx is… Jinx.

Kitten is… Kitten.

Chapter one: Not a good start.

A young girl chewed nervously on a finger nail as she eyed herself and her outfit in a full-length mirror. She had played it as safe as possible for clothes; dark jeans, a purple tank top and purple flip-flops but was still worried that she wouldn't fit in at her new school. She, her sister and their father had just moved to America from Europe and this would be Kori's first day in high school. She hadn't been in America for over ten years and was terribly worried that it would show.

'Maybe I should have taken Dad's offer to home-school me…'

The girl shook her head to rid herself of such thoughts. She needed to get out there and start a new life, and, unfortunately, high school was the best way to do so. Sighing, Kori continued to pull at her outfit, wrinkling her nose at it despite the fact that it was fine.

"Kori! Move it or you're walking!"

Raising an eyebrow at her sister's shout, Kori quickly checked that her long red hair was in place and that her make up wasn't smudged before grabbing her bag and running through the halls and down a long staircase. Kori couldn't help but wonder why her Dad would buy such a large houses when there were only three of them in it. Her older sister, Korma, was tapping her foot impatiently when she arrived at the door.

"'Bout time." She said, rolling her dark eyes.

Kori mumbled her apology as they walked out the door and to Korma's car. Once they were in Kori turned in her seat to tilt her head at her sister's hair.

"Dad is so going to kill you when he sees." Korma just grinned and flicked her newly blackened hair over her shoulder. True, it did look good on her as it matched her dark eyes but Kori would never tell her that; they might be sisters but they certainly weren't friends. Korma's snort brought Kori out of her thinking.

"Yeah, when he sees." Kori frowned. They're Dad was away a lot and barely saw them, but he did work hard to provide the best for his daughters. "Besides, I doubt he'll even notice!" They sat the rest of the trip in silence, the radio being the only source of noise until they pulled up in to the school's car park. Out of the car, they didn't bother to say goodbye as they went they're separate ways.

Kori walked through the large halls of the school, looking around in a slight daze while trying not to bump into anyone. The halls were completely crowded though, and it didn't take her long for her shoulder to crash into someone else's and make them both drop their bags.


"Ow!" Kori quickly ducked down, blushing as she heard people laugh as they passed them, to pick up her bag along with a bright pink one. Straightening, she passed the pink item to the blonde girl she had bumped into.

"God, I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to -"

"Geez, watch where you're going you idiot!" The blonde said loudly, her friends snickering behind her. "Those things on your face, your eyes? Use 'em, huh?!"

Kori blushed more, stuttering out an apology as the girl rolled her eyes. The rude girl opened her mouth, probably to say something to make Kori even more embarrassed, when another voice, more confident and hard than the other girls, joined in.

"And why don't you use your eyes to rethink your fashion taste." The blonde gasped and then narrowed her eyes at the dark, black-haired tall girl who was heading towards them. "She was probably blinded by that thing you call a bag."

Squaring her shoulders and Kori forgotten, the blonde sneered. "This doesn't concern you, Karen."

"Anything that annoys you, concerns me." Karen replied sweetly. Huffing, the blonde turned away, snatching her bag and throwing her hair over her shoulder as she started down the hall again. Her friends, giggling slightly, followed after her. The girl who had defended her, Karen, moved towards Kori, smiling.

"Ignore Kitten, she's like that to almost everyone." Kori giggled. "I'm Karen… You new? I haven't seen you before…"

Kori nodded quickly. "Yes, I just moved here. I'm Kori. And thank you, by the way."

Karen snorted and waved her hand as she started walking down the hall to the lockers. "No problem, annoying Kitten is always fun so it was my pleasure. So, Kori, huh? Nice name."

Looking along the wall of lockers for her new number, Kori smiled warmly. "Thanks. Ah!" Pulling out a slip of paper, Kori quickly turned the dial for the right amount of numbers before trying to open it. She sighed in relief that it opened straight away. Looking down the hall, she noticed Karen was only a few feet away, now talking to a red haired boy.

"Hiya, neighbour." Kori jumped at the voice behind her, throwing her bag up. The owner of the voice reached out to grab it before it hit the floor. Kori pressed and hand to her chest and turned, blushing, to look at the person who had startled her.

It was a boy this time, pale - especially compared with Kori's tanned skin - with long black hair and very dark eyes. He blushed slightly, holding out her bag to her.

"Heh, sorry about that. I didn't mean to scare you…"

Smiling, Kori took her bag. "It's ok, I should have been paying attention." The boy opened the locker next to hers and she understood what he had met by 'neighbour'. Looking up, they saw Karen and the boy she had been talking to walking over.

"Ah, see you two have met." Karen said. She motioned to Kori. "Boys, this is Kori, she's just moved here. Kori, this is Garth," She pointed at the black haired boy. "And this is Wally." The red head grinned at her and waved, bouncing on the balls of his feet and looking completely hyper.

"Hiya, nice to meet ya -"

"Yo, Dick! Go long!"

Wally, moving extremely fast, jumped out the way as a ball flew towards the group with a spiky-black-haired boy racing after it, completely oblivious to the group he was about to run into. The next thing Kori, Karen and Garth knew, the ball had smacked Garth round the head hard and the boy chasing it ran straight into the two girls.

The whole hall burst out laughing at the scene. The pile of three people groaned as one, pulling away from each other in an attempt to de-tangle themselves. Karen got out first and yanked the boy to his feet to yell at him. At the same time, Garth shook his head and picked up the ball, spinning on his heels and instantly locating the boy who had thrown it in their direction his and Karen's yells intermingled.

"Grayson! -"

"Harper! -"

"- What the hell is wrong with you?! Look where your going -"

"- You prick, Roy! You knew we were here -"

"- Such an idiot, why cant you think before you do something so -"

"- And yet you threw this god-damned ball at us regardless to the fact that your friend is stupid enough not to look where he's going -"

Kori blinked as the argument continued. 'Harper' - the ginger haired boy that had thrown the ball - had immediately taken the chance to fight with Garth and had already jumped into it. Wally and Karen - forgetting 'Grayson' temporally - moved to tear the two boys from each other, knowing that they wouldn't hesitate to start a physical fight. Meanwhile, the boy that had ran into them leant down to help Kori up. Standing, she sighed.

"This is so not my day…" She groaned, forgetting the boy was there. He tilted his head at her.

"You're new, yeah?"

Nodding she turned to him and was immediately caught of guard by his bright blue eyes that shone as he smiled at her. He held his hand out. "I'm Dick."

"K-Kori." She shook his hand quickly and tried to move back, but he gripped her hand an pulled her closer, looking at her intently.

"Kori…" He muttered and then his eyes went wide. "Kori Anders?" Wally, now holding the other red head by the waist, looked over with mild interest.

"Err…Yes." She raised an eyebrow as his face broke out into a large grin. "Do… I know you?"

He nodded excitedly. "You used to live here before, right? We used to be good friends! It's Richard Grayson." Kori looked confused for a second but then an image of a small boy with messy black hair, a dirt streaked face and sky blue eyes entered her mind and recognition dawned on her face.

"Oh…! Richard!" Karen was watching now too - as Kori hugged Richard hard - one arm round Garth's waist and the other yanking his hair. As they pulled back, the bell went, signalling the start of morning registration.

Scowling, Richard stepped back. "We'll talk later!" He waved as she nodded and turned around, grabbing Roy my the scruff of the neck as Wally let go and pulled him away. Karen finally released Garth's hair and gave him a whack on the head before moving to Kori.

"You know Dick?" Kori nodded and Karen paused, ignoring Garth yelling her and Wally tapping his foot impatiently. "Hmm… You'll have to tell me everything in class, c'mon."

"So, lemme get this straight." Karen said slowly. It had taken all morning registration to fill Karen in on her past with Richard and now they sat in French as she reviewed the situation. "You and Dick were great friends at age 5?" Kori nodded. "Then you moved and you haven't heard from him since?" More nodding.

"Typical guy." The violet haired girl next to Karen muttered. Rachel, as she had been introduced, was a very different girl than Kori. She had violet hair with blue - almost purple - eyes, outlined in black with dark makeup on her very pale face. She was shorter than Kori, and possibly thinner too. It was hard tell with the fact that she was still wearing a long blue coat, hood up, despite being inside.

Wally, who was sitting next to her with his feet up on the table and completing their table, feigned being hurt. "Ouch, Rae! You don't have to hate all us guys just because your boyfriend dumped yo -"

"Malchior did not dump me." Rachel said through tightly gritted teeth. "And don't call me that!"

Wally and Karen snorted. "Girl, when was the last time you saw him?"

Rachel glared at Karen. "Two weeks ago, but he's in hospital for god's sake! He got in another fight with that damn Rorek guy."

"If you ask me those two spend way to much time fighting to be not doing each other." Wally mumbled, flinching as Rachel sent a soul-killing glare at him.

"Yeah, well. Roy and Garth fight all the time, you saying those two are doing the nasty?" They all paused before bursting into laughter; not only did the two boys hate each other, but Roy was straight and he had a girlfriend. A very scary, though pretty, girl called Jade. Catching her breath, Karen turned to Kori again. "So, tell us, princess. What was the great Dick Grayson like before?"

Kori paused. "Well, from what I remember, he was very sweet. I think we knew each other for… three years before I moved and we were quite close."

Rachel raised an eyebrow. "Dick, sweet? That's something I never thought I'd hear."

"Oh?" Kori lent forwards - casting a glance at the teacher. "Why?"

Karen shrugged, leaning back comfortably, obviously not caring if she got told off. "Dicky-boy's at the top of his game, here. He's the most popular guy in school." Kori wasn't completely sure why he couldn't be sweet if he was popular but she shrugged it off.

"Yup, and I can't wait to see him fall of his pedestal." Rachel smirked.

Wally rolled his blue eyes. "C'mon, Dick's not that bad. He's probably the nicest of all the jocks… Minus me, of course."

Rachel just groaned.

Karen giggled and looked at Kori to fill her in. "Wally's in with the jocks 'cos he's a runner." At this, Wally grinned and picked up his bright yellow jumper with the uncials FBA on it in red with a lightning bolt under it. He told her later that it had been a gift from some of the jocks he hanged with after winning some inter-school competition. Kori eyed the jumper before turning back to Karen. "But he hangs out with us losers 'cos of Victor Stone and his girlfriend."

Wally scowled, now actually offended. "It is not!"

Rachel gave a very small laugh. "I thought it was because his hyperness was too much, even for them." She paused, as though thinking about it. "Na, you're probably right."

As the two bickered, Karen pointed over to a large dark boy sitting on a table with another boy and two girls. "That's Victor." She said and then pointed to the boy across from him. "And that's Garfield, his best friend. The blonde next to him is Terra, Gar's girlfriend. And the girl next to Victor is Jinx; Vic's girl." Gar was a small boy with blonde hair and green eyes, he was talking loudly, some joke that only Terra laughed at. Terra was as small as her boyfriend with long blonde hair and blue eyes. Jinx stood out form the other three, with pale skin and bright pink hair gelled up into horn-like shapes and eyes with contacts in that made them seem like pink cats eyes. Karen seemed to notice Kori's observation.

"She's not a jock. Or a cheerleader." Kori guessed that this meant that Terra was in the cheer squad. "She's a punk, doesn't normally hang around with Vic's lot and prefers to make him hang with her gang." Karen wrinkled her nose. "Her gang is bad news."

Wally hear this and frowned. "Her gang is, yes. But not her!" He turned his eyes onto the girl and the three girls saw his expression melt into one that resembled a love-sick puppy. "She's different…" He murmured.

Rachel rolled her eyes. "Her kind don't change, Wally." She looked at Kori, dark eyes gleaming. "Wally has a crush on her, has for years."

Wally snapped his head to look at the giggling girls. "I do not!" He all but screamed. Jinx looked up at him at the sound and he immediately went as red as his hair.

Karen snorted. "No, Rae." Rachel's eye twitched at the nick name and Kori swore she was counting to ten. Karen smiled wickedly at Wally. "He loves her!" She sang. The three girls snickered as Jinx looked over again, looking unimpressed at the behaviour. Wally slumped down and buried his face in his arms.

"I need new friends…"

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