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Chapter 7: Oh god, the fan girls.

The first thing Karen did when she and Kori arrived at their Geography lessen - only a little late - , was grab a piece of paper and rip a large square off. Kori watched, curious, as Karen scribbled a quick sentence on to it and folded it up. Writing a name on it, she waited till the teacher wasn't looking to throw it across the room and hit Vic on the head. She blushed as he turned to look at her before looking down at the note's name and passing it on, looking a little irked.

Roy stared at the note as Vic passed it to him. Looking at the other boy in confusion, who just shrugged, before twisting in his seat to look at her. Karen narrowed her eyes at him, silently telling him to read and reply if he wished to see the next day. Scowling, he turned back to read the note. Seconds later, he went bright red and then paper white so fast that Kori was sure he would pass out from lack of blood. He didn't, instead he wrote back and threw it to land on Karen's book.

Kori jumped when a note of her own fell into her lap. She looked around to see Dick grinning at her. Smiling back she opened the note to read it when another fell in front of her. Taking another look around the class, she was surprised to see Xavier wave at her. He hadn't been in any of her classes yet nor had they spoken to each other since that morning. She grinned quickly before turning back to face the front.

The rest of the class was fairly boring, everyone passed notes while pretending to watch the movie put on for them and the teacher read a book while pretending not to notice the notes flying. Just twenty minutes to the end of the class, they were interrupted by a sharp knock on the door. The teacher, Mr. Light, blinked before placing the book down and calling out for them to enter. All the students hid their notes as Principle Wilson walked in.

"Sorry to interrupt," He said briskly, with an air of wanting to hurry. "We have a new student joining you from England." He motioned behind him to a young girl. "This is Toni Monetti."

Toni was a very pale, very thin, small girl with dark tastes. Her shortish black hair was spiky with two red streaks at the front that framed her small, darkly made-up face. She wore a short red and black skirt and a black corset-type shirt with tall black boots and long black fingerless gloves. A plain black bag and a bored expression completed her look and the class was left with the impression that she would rather be somewhere else.

Principle Wilson placed a hand on her bare shoulder and continued. "I trust you'll all be nice to her and help her fit in." He gave the class a warning look and, with a nod to Mr. Light, he turned and left - shutting the door firmly behind him. Mr. Light paused for a second before clearing his throat.

"Well, welcome Toni. We'll find you a sit, hm?" His eyes scanned the room and fell onto the empty seat next to Jinx. He hesitated, wondering if it was a good idea to put the new girl next to the punk. Figuring that they would get on well - and that there were no other seats - he pointed to Jinx. "Ah, here you are. You don't mind, do you Jinx?"

The pink haired girl eyed Toni, who replied with raising an eyebrow defiantly. Deciding that this was good enough, Jinx nodded and pushed her bag off of the seat to allow Toni to take the place. Mr. Light breathed a sigh of relief.

"Excellent. Now, on with the film?"

Wally was the first to get to the lockers, having had his English lessen in the room just across the hall from them. His own locker being in the same row, he had already dumped his books into it and was now slumped lazily against Garth's locker… Or Kori's. He forgot which was which. Eyes on the floor, he had resorted to counting the gum marks on the tiles while waiting. He didn't hear the footsteps approaching him, too caught up in trying to guess the different flavours, and only looked up when someone coughed.

Black heels, pink and black stripy tights and a long black shirt with a silver belt… 'Only one girl could make this work.' He thought, blue eyes meeting pink. He grinned, shifting to stand straight.

"Hey Jinxy."

"Wally." Her reply was cool, collected. She looked up at him under her eyelashes, the ends sparkling with glitter. The black glitter also covered her eyes, ending in dramatic points several inches along her cheek bones. "What's up, speedster?"

The boy bounced on his heels, leaning forward. "My heart rate." He quipped.

She giggled but was cut off by a sharp British tone.

"In which case, I don't want to know what else is up." Jinx raised an invisible eyebrow as Toni slandered past. "You must be Wally." She didn't stop and just raised a hand as she continued down the hall. "See you tomorrow, love." She called back to Jinx.

Wally opened his mouth but Jinx shook her head. "Don't ask. She's a new girl. Toni something-unpronounceable. I like her."

He grinned cheekily. "Actually, was gonna ask how she knew about me." Red eyebrows rose. "Been talking 'bout me, Jinxy?"

A soft blush ran across her cheeks, but that didn't stop Jinx from smiling wickedly and taking a step closer to the boy. A black painted finger pressed lightly against his chest and Jinx had to rise up on her tip-toes to make their noses touch.

"Don't get cocky, hero." She murmured, noting with satisfaction that his breathing hitched. Stepping away, Wally's body relaxed and slumped back against the lockers. She nodded and span on her heel, looking at him over her shoulder. "Later, Wally."

The boy replied with something that was a cross between 'Bye' and 'Oh dear god' in a whimper - which he would later refuse violently - and didn't even hear the clicking of Jinx's heels on the floor or notice the death-glares that Seymour sent him across the hall or how the boy slammed his locked shut and stalked away. In fact, the next thing he remembered was Raven waving her hand in front of his face.

"Hello?" Garth called into his ear. "Anyone there?"

The dark girl snorted, dropping her hand. "I doubt it." The two chuckled as Karen shut her locker and unscrewed a bottle of water. Kori gave it a curious look, green eyes widening a second later.

"I give you to the count of three." She warned and then quickly called out, "Three!" before splashing the water into the red-heads face.

Wally jumped, smacking his head into the lockers with a resounding crash. His friends winced as he howled, excluding Karen who calmly tightened the lid on her water.

"What the fuck, Kar?!" Wally yelled in between cursing her children's children and any type of god that there is. "I thought we were friends!"

The girl clicked her tongue. "Don't be dramatic." She scolded.

Garth tugged on his sleeve. "C'mon, man, you can whine while I'm two feet under water - if I'm late, Orin will feed me to the sharks, have no doubt about that."

Rubbing his head, Wally pouted. "Dude, he loves you. Plus, he's known you since you were what, three?! He aint gonna kill you - or kick you off the team - anytime soon."

Garth shook his head, leading the other four out the doors and towards the inside swimming pool next to the gym. "You know how he feels about those… stalkers crowding the area. If I thought it would help me or him in anyway, I might just kick myself off the team." He paused, throwing a sheepish smile over his shoulder. "Maybe."

The smell of chlorine hit them as soon as they opened the door to the building. Kori wrinkled her nose, she hadn't been swimming in a while and had forgotten how strong the smell could be. She followed her friends down the hall, the stink getting stronger as they neared the changing rooms.

Garth held a hand up as he opened the door marked 'Males.'. "I'll be two minutes." He told them.

"And your sure I cant take pictures to sell to the fan girls?" Karen questioned, tilting her head. "I'll give you part of the profit."

A scowl passed the boys face and he shook his head wordlessly, stepping into the changing room and letting the door fall shut behind him. Karen pouted.

"Spoil sport." She mumbled.

Rachel scoffed, slipping down to sit and lean against the wall before reaching into her bag to pull out her maths book and then motioning to Wally. "My text book, please?" Cursing, the red-head scrambled around in his own bag to yank it out. Rachel took it with a nod. "C'mon and help me with algebra."

Wally whined. Kori shook her head with a smile. She liked her friends. They were so different to each other, to everyone. Rachel was beautiful and could fit in amazingly, but too dark and quiet; Wally was happy and overly kind, but too deep for most people; Karen was strong and a trend setter, but too strong willed to follow others and Garth was gorgeous and friendly, but too elegant and shadowed. Outcasts but by choice. And yet, she felt as though she fit in. It was weird but perfect. Feeling happy, the girl walked down the hall a little, to examine a board full of pictures she had seen on her way in.

Familiar faces flew out at her. There were several of Wally, him posing or caught mid-run; each with a caption underneath with his name and the date. A few of Garth, diving or swimming, and one of him sitting by the pool, looking up and blushing as he saw the camera. Karen was in some snap shots too, partaking in different team and solo events on what must have been a sports day.

Further down, Kori found Richards pictures. Kori wondered idly why he didn't tell her he was so interested in martial arts. Her eyes lingered on his, taking them all in carefully. Jade only had a few for the same sport as Dick, but they all captured her perfectly. Kori had to admit that she was beautiful, especially with that peaceful expression that covered her face while fighting. Kori blinked at Roy's pictures. She had no idea that schools even did archery. She eyed the dates; there was a large gap of almost a year. How curious.

Group shots were scattered; mostly of the cheerleader teams through the years. Kori spotted Kitten and Terra quickly and was surprised slightly to see Karen grinning at her in two. Kori opened her mouth to ask, when a picture of two cheerleaders caught her eye.

The two girls had an arm wrapped around one another each, their outside arms stretched out and gripping pom-poms, both smiling. Kori recognised the shorter, blonde one as Terra and the other…

Green eyes flew across the hall to stare at Rachel before darting back to the photo. Her hair was longer, just hitting below her shoulders, and a little lighter too but her eyes were unmistakable. They were wide and makeup free but just as bold and violet as they were now.


A door opening startled her out of her staring contest with the pictures. She turned to see Garth pouting at Rachel and Wally.

"Homework?" He wrinkled his nose. "I wasn't that long."

Wally laughed and threw the text book up at Garth who caught it with a grin. Kori couldn't help but notice how his muscles flexed as he moved-

She flushed, turning her head to look stubbornly at the wall. Rachel, having stood up and placing her work book back into her bag, sided up to her.

"Calm down." She murmured, giving the taller red-head a small smile. "I know how it is."

Kori blinked, eyes darting from Rachel to Garth and back. "Y-you mean you-"

"I used to have a crush on him, yes." Violet eyes ran down the swimmers body. "I almost asked him out too, but then he told us that he was gay…" She shrugged. "It's still nice to have a look sometimes."

Kori giggled lightly. "What what about Karen?" She asked, eyes flying to the dark haired girl who was helping Garth to yank Wally up from the floor. "Does she… like to look?"

Rachel paused, starting a slow walk after the other three who were headed towards a set of doors. "No. She and Garth have been friends for a long time. When she found out I has a crush on him, she gave me 'The Talk." She shuddered. "Weird girl."

The two entered the swimming area, following Karen and Wally around the pool as Garth moved warily towards who Kori assumed was his trainer, Orin.

"Ah." They all stopped as Orin spotted Garth. "And so he appears! Just-" He glanced at the time, "- eight hours late for his morning training." Garth visibly winced, mumbling an apology. Kori watched, curious, as the blonde man's face softened and he moved closer to the teen to allow them to speak softly. A few moments later, Orin nodded, giving Garth a light tap towards the pool. He was frowning now, a crease settled on his forehead.

Wally snorted, moving towards a crash mat that was placed behind the metal bars and flopping down onto it. "See." He waved a hand as they followed him and settled down onto the mat. "I told you all, didn't I?"

Rachel shook her head. "Yes, yes. 'Lo and behold, we shall never question thee, Wallace West, again." She praised sarcastically as he pouted. She looked up. "You sitting down, Karen?"

The girl was still standing, narrowed eyes trained on Garth. As if feeling her watching him, he looked up. A shadowy look passed his face and he hesitated, nodding. Karen hummed distastefully, dropping herself next to Kori on the mat.

Rachel pulled a face. "Whatever." She muttered, pulling out her maths book again and holding her hand out for Wally's text book. As he groped around for it, Kori turned to the girl.

"I didn't know that you used to be part of the cheerleading squad." Rachel froze for a second, before giving a sharp nod.

"Mm. A few years back. How-"

"There's a picture, out in the hall, of you… and Terra."

Karen and Wally fidgeted, Rachel waved them off with her hand. "Yes." She paused for so long that Kori wasn't sure if she was going to continue. They waited, watching as Garth dove in. "Terra and I used to be best friends." She said suddenly. Kori's eyebrows shot up. Seeing the disbelief on her face, Rachel smiled. "Yeah, I know. Up till the year before last, me and her were inseparable."

Kori bit her lip. "Then why… why do you no longer get on?"

Rachel drew her legs to her chest, a thoughtful look on her face. "My mother left. She had just lost her job and was loosing faith. She needed time away and alone; so she left. My father became depressed, absorbed in his work. I was starting to withdraw, myself." Rachel didn't look sad, just accepting. "Then the rumours started. People were saying that my father was abusing my mother, and that's why she left." She looked at Kori, violet meeting green. "Terra started them. She made an offhand comment and it escalated. It wasn't… completely her fault, but it started the fight. One thing led to another and we drifted over the summer." Small shoulders shrugged. "We never made up."

Kori looked away. "I'm sorry…" She mumbled, Rachel smiled sadly.

"It's not your fault-"

"I meant for asking." The red-head shifted. "You didn't have to tell me…"

The smaller girl paused before laying a hand on Kori's tanned shoulder. "It's ok. Anyone would be curious; I wish they'd take that photo down. …Anyway," She continued softly. "We're friends, right?"

Green eyes went wide. "O-of course!" Kori was ecstatic. Rachel was so quiet and reserved, she obviously didn't let people in a whole lot so this was a huge step for their friendship. The two girls smiled at each other, their moment broken with a amused whistle from Wally.

"Here they come." He sang, grinning.

"They-?" Kori's question was cut off when she saw a gang of girls huddled on the opposite side of the pool. They all had they eyes on the pool, searching through the swimmers and waves; Kori wondered what they were looking for.

"There!" The shout was teamed with a hand shooting out, pointing to the end of the pool where Garth just happened to be re-surfacing. High pitched squeals followed the yell and Garth froze at the sound. A little away, Orin face-palmed. (1)

Kori stared as the girls started calling across to the now alarmed swimmer; saying how much they had missed him over the summer, how great he looked, phone numbers and email addresses. Then, without warning, they started yelling at each other. Fighting.

Rachel sighed, standing. "Garth!" She shouted over the girls; drawing the attention of some who glared darkly at her as Garth looked over. "How about we time how long you can stay under?"

The boy nodded, took a deep breath, looked over at the girls and dived under, barely giving Orin enough time to pull out a stop watch and start the counting.

Immediately, the girls started counting too, yelling the numbers and cheering him on - occasionally pausing to threaten Orin if Garth drowned. Kori twisted to stare at her friends; mouth opening and closing with no sound.

Wally nodded knowingly. "We know, Kor." He said soothingly. "It's weird and creepy and wrong."

"And you would want them?" She questioned, thinking back to yesterday. Blue eyes shot to the girls and Wally frowned.

"Well, no." He confessed. "I had forgotten how insane they were…"

Rachel grimaced at the group. "Why do they continue to fawn over him if they know he's gay? He's hardly secretive about it…"

The runner grinned cheekily. "Maybe they're yaoi fan girls?"

Karen rolled her eyes. "I wish we had never taught you that word-" She paused, mouth snapping shut.

Rachel raised a thin eye brow, following her line of sight. "Oh." She frowned. "What's he doing here…?"

Kori and Wally turned too, to see a boy shifting nervously and looking over his shoulder before scanning the area with green eyes.

"Roy?" Wally blinked, standing and cupping hands over his mouth to call him. "Ro-!" Karen slapped him upside the head.

"Hush." She hissed, eyes darting from Roy to the water and back. Bubbles floated up from the side nearest the door and then a dark head of hair broke through, gasping lightly. Orin called out his time, unaware, and Garth grinned, turning to collect applause from his friends. When none came he frowned, turning in the water to see what had caught their attention. Eyebrows shot up as he saw Roy.

The red-head met his eyes, mumbled something no one could have heard over the rush of the water and the screams of the fan girls, flushed and sped out.

The four pairs of eyes flew to Garth as he scrambled up the side of the pool, not bothering with the ladder, and stumbled as he ran - ignoring Orin's calls and the yells of the girls - to grab his towel and follow the boy he hated.

Wally frowned, moving from the metal bars to walk towards the door, only to be stopped once again by a serious faced Karen.

"Kar!" He scowled, pulling at the hold she had on his shirt. "They'll murder each other!"

The girl didn't answer right away, but sighed. "Fine. But I'll go." She leant to grab her bag, brown eyes thoughtful as she threw it over her shoulder. "Garth'll be getting changed." She mumbled. "See you guys in a minute."

She made her way round the pool, ignoring the odd looks from Garth's fans. As she walked passed Orin, she met his eyes; he gave her a knowing look, letting her know that she wasn't the only one that Garth had informed about his earlier encounter with Roy or his feelings for the archer. She nodded, letting the doors swing close as she walked through.

Her intentions were to walk straight into the boy's changing room and demand answers but she stopped short when she saw Vic heading to them.

"Hey!" She called out, relieved when he stopped to turn to her, his lips twitching up to smile. "Err…I… didn't know you swam." She started, lamely.

Vic blinked and then shook his head. "Oh. No, I don't. Well, obviously, I can and I do when we - err, me and my friends, I mean - go swimming but-" He flushed, cutting off his own rambling with a cough. "But, I was actually lookin' for the swimming coach." He motioned backwards to where the gym was. "We need a whistle and I was sent to see if he had a spare…" He put his hand on the handle and Karen - fearing what state the boy were in - shot her own out to stop him from opening the door.

"Orin's in there!" She nodded her head towards the swimming area.


There was a pause and then Vic cleared his throat again, cheeks darkening. "I'll need my hand back then…"

Karen looked down to where she still had his hand in a grip. She released it quickly, jumping back. "S-sorry."

He grinned. "No problem." Dark eyes went soft. "Definitely no problem." Karen almost missed the last mumbled part. She could feel her cheeks heating up.

"Right, well. I need… to check on Garth!" She nodded and he did too.

"Yeah. So, through here?" He moved towards the door, pointing.

She nodded again, then stopped for fear of looking like an idiot. "Yeah. Orin's the blonde guy. With the err… whistle." She finished, mentally slapping herself.

He chuckled and smiled again, pushing the door open and slipping inside. Karen let out a breath, trying to calm herself. Seconds later, she had regained her control and turned to face the door. Squaring her shoulders, she grabbed the handle and shoved it open, reaching to stop it before it banged against the wall.

Turning the corner, she wished she had let it slam as her brain tried to process what she was seeing.

Roy, pressed against the wall. Garth, pressed against him. Open mouths panting in between rushed and sloppy kisses. Pale hands in red hair. Strong arms wrapped around a thin bare waist. Garth was still wet, probably soaking Roy's shirt. Towel thrown to the side.

'Thank god he has his swim shorts on.'

"O-Oi!" She almost groaned at how high her voice sounded. The two snapped apart and Karen was delighted as Roy smacked his head on the wall and Garth tripped over his own feet.

'Ha! Thank you, Karma!'

Garth glared at her from the floor while Roy shifted his weight, avoiding eye contact and rubbing his head. The red head opened his mouth but was cut off by a voice outside.

"Karen? Garth?"

"Kori." All three whispered. Garth grabbed a bag Karen assumed to be Roy's and chucked it at the boy.

"Back door's that way."

Roy paused. He started towards Garth but then stopped as his eyes shot to Karen. He nodded, stumbled back and turned to hastily walk to his escape route. Once the door shut, Garth resumed glaring at Karen.

"What?" She pouted.

He shook his head. "Out." At her annoyed face, he motioned to himself. "I want to get changed."

"Oh." She chuckled nervously. "I'm err… Sorry for-"

"Yeah." He flushed. "Don't worry. And err…"

She cut him off this time. "Yeah, I know. I wont say a word." She moved towards the door but hesitated. "But… be careful, yeah?"

His eyes went soft and he smiled. "I know, Kar."

She nodded and yanked the door open, stepping out to stop short. Karen blinked. Kori's and Dick's heads snapped up to look at her.

The boy looked amused. "What were you doing in the boy's changing rooms?"

"Making sure your friend didn't start something." She snapped. Kori shifted, uncomfortable.

"Roy-" She paused. "Roy isn't in there then?"

Karen shook her head, thanking god that she was a good liar, for Garth's sake. "Na. Garth's just getting changed. He'll be out in a minute."

Dick frowned. "Roy was here?"

"Hm." Karen hummed, feigning disinterest. "I think he was looking for Vic. Something about whistles."

"Oh!" That seemed to be a good answer as Dick nodded. "If they had waited around, I would have told them that we found one."

"Man, you're shitting me!"

The three turned to see Vic scowling, a whistle in hand. "I had to go through some crazy-ass girls to get this thing-"

Another door swung open. "Yeah, sorry about them." They turned to see Garth pulling a shirt over his head, bag and jumper in hand. Dick gave him a long look and, just as Karen opened her mouth to tell him off, he turned to face Vic.

"C'mon. They're all waiting."

Vic sighed, glaring at the whistle he held. "At least we have a spare." He mumbled.

As they left, Garth snorted at his friends; watching as their eyes followed the two boys movements.

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