Ai Love my Baby Girl

Chapter 1: The Misplaced Daughter.

It had been a very long day for Naruto Uzumaki, not only had he just returned from a solo information gathering mission but it was also the one day of the year he had hated for the entirety of his life, his birthday. Until recently he had just avoided the day as if it was the plague, but now he had friends, some of which were like family to him. So the day became more and more bearable. Still, things remained quiet on his seventeenth birthday as he prepared for his official coronation as ANBU squad leader. This day had been a long time coming and he was glad that he would finally get the recognition he craved.

Naruto pulled on his favorite pair of cargo pants and white tank top and looked at the forehead protector that lay unassumingly on the corner of his night stand. The forehead protector he had spent so much time and effort on had much too much significance to him and he wore it with the pride of the very blood he had spilled into it. However, today did not seem the day to wear it; after all today was to be a celebration, not a solemn fight for life. Naruto decided to take the day off and had planned to walk the streets of Konoha all day just to see how people where doing, but that was not to be as just as he reached the door there came a loud knock that rattled his house. "Who would be bothering me this early?" wondered Naruto to no one in particular as he opened the door. As it swung open, he was greeted by the faces of Tsunade and his various other mentors, but what surprised him the most was that Kakashi had a young girl on his shoulders. She looked as if she could not be any more than five years old and had feathery black hair with radiant red eyes. She was clothed in a loose sweater and some very tiny jeans that fit her small frame perfectly. Naruto could not help himself but wonder who the young girl was.

"May we come in?" asked Tsunade with a serious tone as Kakashi played shamelessly with the little girl.

"Sure thing Granny Tsunade." Replied Naruto as he still kept his eyes fixed on the small child. The group of teachers piled into the relatively small apartment one by one, it was now that he was able to get a bead onto how many people had come to visit him. He counted five minus the girl. There were Tsunade and Kakashi, followed closely by Iruka and Jiraiya, the perverted hermit, with Shizune being the last to enter clutching a small folder under her arm. As they all shuffled in like nervous ducks, Kakashi set the little girl down on her feet and smiled at her through his mask.

"Bathroom." The munchkin stated simply to Kakashi.

"Um, over there." Naruto pointed to the small room in the corner.

"Thank you." The little one bowed politely and made haste to the small room.

"Naruto," called Tsunade, "We need to talk." She said as she and the others sat down at the small living room table. Naruto caught the message and followed suit. It was cramped but the atmosphere was thick with importance so Naruto did something he had not done in a very long time, he sat quietly and listened. "I don't know if you've heard this but last week Sarutobi Asuma was killed in battle while on an S-class mission." Explained Tsunade

"What?" Naruto bellowed.

"And Kurenai has disappeared," Kakashi finished the Hokage's sentence. Naruto remembered the family joining more than five years ago. He had attended as Kakashi's guest and recalled how beautiful Kurenai had been and she had also, apparently been pregnant as well; though before or after, Naruto could not tell. Kakashi continued, "That's partially why we're here, Naruto. The poor girl is only five years old and needs a caretaker."

"Here," Jiraiya offered Naruto a small folded piece of paper, "Read it." Naruto took the small piece of paper and read its dark contents.


Please forgive me for what I'm about to do, but I am no longer fit to take care of my dear Suzu. I have decided that I need to travel and I leave the promise that I will come back for my dear daughter after I have settled some of my own issues. Please take good care of her for me.


Yuuhi Kurenai.

Naruto could not believe what he read, if Kurenai-sensei had truly disappeared from the village than surely she would be declared an A-class rouge ninja if only because of regulations. However, what was worse, she had abandoned her own daughter. Now Naruto had been judged and scorned all of his life so his ability to do the same was shunted, and he considered it unsavory to form an opinion as such until he had gotten both sides of the story, but he was finding it very hard not to judge Kurenai. As if sensing his dilemma, Shizune spoke up. "Naruto, this is a mission of the highest importance. You are charged with protecting this little girl until such time as Kurenai returns to claim her."

"WHAT!?!" yelled Naruto, "I don't know the first thing about taking care of children. Let alone little girls."

"You took care of yourself pretty good." Smiled Jiraiya.

Naruto lowered his voice slightly, "I heal fast." He responded. Just then the little Suzu came around the corner, and walked up next to Kakashi. He patted her on the head and looked up at Naruto. Kakashi seemed as if he was going to say something, but was interrupted as little Suzu spoke up. "Kakashi-oniichan, when is momma coming back?" Kakashi's face softened obviously at a loss for words. Naruto decided to speak up.

"She'll be back sooner than you think, but you can say with me until she does."

"Naruto-" Suzu pointed at Naruto's whiskers, "Kitsune-san." Naruto sweat dropped and looked to Tsunade to see if his secret he had been hiding for the entirety life had been given away.

"It's something the young ones call you because of your whiskers, nothing more."

"Ok." Naruto heaved a sigh of relief, and looked at the small girl. She was no taller than three feet with large powerful eyes and her feathery hair drawn up into two pig tails with a pair of ribbons tied into bows on them. She was a really cute kid and Naruto hated to see her alone. It was at this point that Tsunade turned the little girl to face her and spoke in a smooth motherly tone.

"I want you to stay here and be a good girl."

"Yes ma'am." Suzu replied as Tsunade turned to Naruto and whispered menacingly at him.

"If you touch her, I'll kill you."

"I'm not a pervert!" Naruto whispered back just as menacingly. Tsunade smiled and motioned for everyone to leave as they all got up to do so. Naruto noticed a slight glance Kakashi shot back over his shoulder. Kakashi had apparently become more attached to the little girl than even he knew; Naruto could see it in his eyes.

Moments later, after all his guests had gone, Naruto sat at the table in his sparse living area. Suzu sat across from him with her hands on the table trying to look like an adult (despite only barely able to look over the table). The two sat there trying to figure out what to make of each other. Suzu's bright red matched Naruto's blue ones. Naruto needed something to break the ice, or this girl might not get used to living here. "Do you want to see something cool?" Naruto smiled slyly as Suzu nodded her head slightly. Naruto formed a few hand seals and placed his hand on the table before him. A puff of smoke appeared and Naruto moved his hand. When the smoke cleared a small red frog with what looked to be tattooed swirls all over his body turned back toward Naruto, "Oy Naruto? Why did you bring me out? You want to fight?"

"No, Gamakichi, I wanted to introduce you to someone." The small frog turned to see the young girl sitting opposite Naruto, and the bright but muted expression upon her face as she leaned on the able to get closer to the small frog.

"Naruto-nii, can I touch him?" wondered Suzu

"Better ask him that."

"Gama..tachi, can I touch you?"

"Gamakichi!" the little frog corrected, "I don't mind… ACK!" Just has he finished his sentence Suzu scooped him into a tight embrace, and hugged him fiercely as Gamakichi struggled for breath.

"He's so cute!"

"Thanks, kid, but I need to breathe" Gamakichi leapt from Suzu's arms and landed on the table to mimic a human bow. "Pleased to meet you, but I need to go." Gamakichi went up in a poof of smoke and disappeared. Suzu ran around the table and began pulling on Naruto's shirt. "Naruto-nii, Naruto-nii, what else can you do? Even mommy couldn't do that!" It was about this time that Suzu's stomach let out a deep hungry growl. Naruto laughed.

"Maybe we should get you some food first?" Naruto's stomach let out a growl similarly ferocious to the one Suzu just let out.

"We should get us some food." Smiled Suzu.

AN: This is an Idea I got in my head after playing Princess Maker and watching an anime by the name of Aishiteruze Baby.

AN: A family joining is a joining in which two families join together as one, in this case both families keep their original name, but are legally one family. I made this up for the sake that I believed a Ninja joining would be different from that of a joining between normal people as the object is to make both families stronger.