Ai Love my Baby Girl

Chapter 3: ANBU

Naruto awoke to the smell of freshly cooked eggs, ham and bacon. The aroma of golden brown toast and grilled fish permeated the room with a gentle waft and a slight sizzle that stirred him to full consciousness. Naruto looked down at the little angel sleeping in his lap and began to think. Naruto knew that he wasn't cooking breakfast, and he just found out that Suzu wasn't cooking breakfast, plus he didn't have any bacon, eggs, ham or fish to make breakfast with. It took him a moment with his head still foggy from sleeping with a craned neck for several hours, but he finally figured out that a burglar was in his house. Wait, if it was a burglar why did they bring things in instead of taking things out, and why were they cooking? He decided to investigate. Naruto carefully placed Suzu fully on the couch and got up. He walked to the kitchen catching the scent of a familiar perfume. He turned the corner, and found that the familiar perfume was attached to a familiar person. "Ino?" Naruto asked as he saw the blonde continue to cook, "What are you doing here?"

"I came to return the key you gave me." Ino responded without moving from the process of cooking.

"Why?" At that question the tall leggy blonde turned a rather irked face to glare at the asker.

"Well, I can't come over whenever I get the itch anymore; you've got an impressionable live in guest, now. How can I?"

"What Itch?" Suzu plodded sleepily into the room rubbing her eyes startling Naruto as Ino went back to cooking, leaving Naruto to deal with the question.

"Uh… Do you want some bacon or fish?" Naruto wondered hoping to deflect the question.

"Can I have some pancakes?" inquired Suzu as she forgot her previous question, much to Naruto's relief.

"Sure thing cutie." Replied Ino as she started making pancakes. Suzu sat down at the table with her head barely peaking over it enough to reach her plate effectively. After a short while Ino plopped some pancakes onto Suzu's plate and handed her the syrup. Naruto grabbed some of the already cooked food and began eating. Ino just sat there staring at Suzu as she ate. Just as Naruto was going to ask Ino if she was going to eat some of the food she had made she spoke first. "Naruto, what are you going to do with Suzu while you're training your team?" Naruto dropped his chop sticks; he had not thought about that and looked at the clock it was almost time for him to appear at the choosing ceremony.

"Ino, can you watch Suzu!?" Naruto gasped loudly as Suzu sucked all the syrup from the fork she was currently using.


"What, why!?"

"Don't yell, Naruto-nii, Momma says it's un-lady-like." Suzu chastised inciting a slight giggle from Ino.

"I have to be there too, I'm one of the recruit candidates." Ino responded. Naruto promptly shut up, and thought for a moment. No matter anyway he put it there was no way around it.

"Well, Kit, it looks like you're coming to work with me." Naruto smiled as he picked up the small Suzu and placed her on his right shoulder as she continued to suck the syrup off her fork.

"You're not going to make her go in that?" wondered Ino as she pointed to Suzu's yellow pajamas.

"What's wrong with that?"

"You really have no idea how to treat a girl do you?" Ino sighed as she took Suzu from Naruto's shoulder and placed her on her hip. Suzu was about five years of age but seemed smaller than most. She looked like a she wasn't at all a burden to Ino.

"I've taken care of you pretty well before." Naruto flashed an innuendo laden fox grin at the blonde girl and for the first time in a long time, Ino blushed. "Ha got you, YES, score on for me, baby!" He crowed but soon found himself laying face first on the floor with a swollen cheek and Ino standing over him with a vein protruding from her clenched fist.

"Jerk," Ino stomped into the back to help Suzu change, "saying that in front of a child, you're the worst."

About five minutes later, Ino returned with Suzu at hand and Naruto noticed something oddly similar about the two looked at them both. Ino had dressed Suzu in the exact same clothing that she had worn from the beginning. Suzu was clothed in a blue skirt and matching top with bandages around her thighs. Naruto winced a little as the tiny Suzu walked up to him, "Do I look good?" she wondered. Catching a slight glare from Ino, Naruto answered the only way he could have, in the positive. Satisfied, Ino left and Naruto pulled Suzu onto his shoulders. They didn't have any time to waste. Naruto raced to the Hokage's mansion. He had, at first decided to leap from building to building, but found this uncomfortable as Suzu took upon herself to grab a new fist fulls of hair with every jump.


After running to the Hokage's mansion as fast as he could he was met at the door by Shizune who, despite her naturally pleasant features, was looking somewhat wrathful. "Where have you been!?" She roared like a house wife whose husband had come home at three o'clock in the morning.

"I… overslept?"

"Doesn't matter; go to the main stage! The recruits are waiting," Shizune handed him a set of five fox masks, and stuck hand towards Suzu who promptly hid behind Naruto's leg, "Come now, You can't go on stage with Naruto." Suzu only hid completely.

"Onee-chan, it's alright."

"No, this is a serious matter…"

"I don't want Naruto-nii to leave me alone." Quipped Suzu

"It's fine, Shizune. Suzu won't cause any problems. Will you Suzu?"


"Fine," Shizune checked the time, "just get out there!"

Naruto picked Suzu up and ran toward the stage, nearly overshooting it, and looked out over the crowd. There must have been at least fifty recruit hopefuls all of which Naruto knew had passed the rigorous requirements to become ANBU hopefuls. When Naruto first applied, there had been more than one thousand from several of the villages in the fire country that had tried. Some had even been killed in the test. Naruto heard that only ten percent made the cut this year and most were from the leaf. After glaring at him with a glance that would make a grown man cry, Tsunade moved to the front of the stage and began the opening. Naruto was not the only new ANBU captain, but he had finished first, which meant he got first pick. It also meant that the ceremony couldn't start without him.

"All of you have earned the right and privilege of being selected as the very protectors of you're home village," Tsunade beamed, "but know this, most of you will not make it this round of selection and there is not another ANBU recruitment for a very long time. If you are not chosen to join one of these two new squads or to fill the ranks of those already established, know this. You are the best of the best, and your village is proud to have you!" The crowd gave a militaristic whoop and stood straight as Tsunade walked over to Naruto and whispered in his ear, "Go get your four."

With that Naruto moved to the front and, with a quick glance off stage to check on Suzu, he closed his eyes and concentrated on the many different auras in the field. First things first, he needed a powerhouse someone who could deal damage as well as take it. Naruto panned the crowd searching for an aura that met those qualifications and found them easily but there was one that stood out among the rest. It was soft yet hard, peaceful but fierce, but most of all it gave off an air of intelligence. He had found his first. "You!" Naruto called out as he opened his eyes to find that none other than Hinata Hyuga was bowed at his feet after having sped upon the stage. Hiding his surprise, he handed her the mask of the bird and signaled for her to stand next to him closing his eyes once again. This time he was searching for someone fast and skilled, someone whose strength lay in agility and cunning. He soon found the aura he wanted "You!" He called out again as he found Konohamaru at his feet. This time Naruto wasn't surprised so much as proud, and handed his pupil the monkey mask and signaled for him to stand to the left. Naruto closed his eyes once more; he needed to pick two more members of his team. Naruto had gotten two that he was satisfied with; If it had been up to him he probably would have stopped right there, but he knew he needed someone medically inclined. Naruto haphazardly scanned the crowd once more and found someone who glowed with medical ability. "You." He called out once more and opened his eyes to find a cherry blonde ninja he had never seen before knelt before him. To her he handed the bear mask and bid her to stand behind him. Only more to go and then he could get back to making sure Suzu was taken care of. So Naruto closed his eyes and focused on the crowd's chakra once more only this time he could not find an all-arounder as his he had hoped he would but instead he found a presence off to the side of the stage to find that there was a strange presence standing behind Suzu.

Instinctively, Naruto opened his eyes and snapped the small Suzu into his arms, while quickly scanned the surroundings of the little girl and found nothing. There was simply nobody. "Naruto-nii, am I on your team?" Suzu looked at him questioningly.

"Yes," Naruto replied as he swept the place were Suzu had been again and found no signs of the presence.

"Anbu squad formed," Tsunade crowed, "next Captain!" Naruto took his team and left the stage.

"Who's the munchkin?" wondered Konohamaru as he waggled his finger at the little girl as if she were a stray dog. Suzu grabbed the finger and bit inciting a loud yelp from Naruto-like boy.

"I-is she related to you, Naruto-kun?" Hinata probed timidly.

"Nah, she's a girl I'm charged with protecting. She's my hime-sama." Naruto smiled a fox-like grin at the little girl as she giggled at Konohamaru.


It wasn't until much later, that Tsunade was able to sit down in her office and take a breather from the day. Only she found that Genma had been waiting for her with some surprising news. "What is it Genma?"

"We've found Kurenai…"

AN: Sorry guys this chapter was a pain to write but I just got finished watching the Aishiterze Baby anime and I gotta say it didn't really have any closure. I'm left thinking that there is going to be a season two. Meh Oh well. Let me know if you liked it.