Chapter 1

Why me? I mean, yeah! I'm strong I can fight, do things not everyone else can but why me?

Then again glancing at the little girl next to me I guessed this was why.

When Faith had told us about the weird knife attack I just figured crazy inmate. None of us thought it meant something else. When Willow arrived and she spilled on the whole 'Potentials' baggage and the glowy ball of pain that hit me… Jesus I wanted to tear every strand of red hair out of her wiccan head! Not that I didn't try but Faith and Angel were stronger together than apart so… not a chance in hell I was gonna get to do it. Not that I wanted to anymore.

If it weren't for that-. Well, I guess maybe it made more sense now, why I was supposed to be at the Hyperion, what I was supposed to do. Which is why I was in Sunnydale California. The Hell Mouth.


"Hello?" the girl was about as young as the one hiding behind me, though her curling brown hair and twinkling blue eyes shifted uncomfortably as she looked past us to the street. I glanced over my shoulder seeing it deserted and thought that was just a little too weird.

"I've brought another Potential. Is Willow here?"

The girls eyes widened at that then another figure poked out behind her.

"PJ! Yo, what brings you to the Hell Mouth?" the brazen voice reached me before the dark Slayer did but as her smiling face came around the corner I could see the smile she wore. Right then I would have strangled my little brother for that stupid nickname. I mean why couldn't they be more creative?

I let out an exasperated breath and went inside. "How many times do I have to tell you-?" the often repeated phrase received the usual brush off

"I know, but its not as much fun. So who's the half pint?" Faith asked glancing at the dark girl behind me.

"Says she brought another Potential." The girl with brown hair put in. Faith just looked at her, eyes slightly squinting.

'She has no idea what the girls name is. Unbelievable!'

"What's your name kid?" I asked. She looked like no one had bothered asking her that before and I wondered what the hell was going on here.

"You know what. Just take Sabine and get her settled."

"Sabine?" Faith asked with an arched eyebrow as both girls went up the stairs.

"Hey, I didn't name her. Besides, what's wrong with Sabine? It's not like they named her Faith." I quipped with a slight smile touching my lips. Faith laughed outright and grabbed my arm already heading towards the doorway.

"Come on in and meet the rest of the gang."

The rest of the gang as it turns out consists of an ex-Watcher, as if we don't have one back in LA. Then there's the ex-vengeance demon, and again we have one that's still retains his demon status though this one, Anya happens to be Xander's ex-fiancé. Xander, Willow and Buffy's best guy friend and all around fix it guy. Now, well we don't really have one of those I don't think…

"You guys have a lot of ex's around here." I commented. "Anyone here not somebody's ex?" I wondered but seeing the annoyed expression on Mr. Giles I just shrugged.

"Buffy's not here at the moment." He said wiping at his glasses in the same way Wes would wipe at his when he was annoyed or buying time while he thought. I arched an eye brow and gave Mr. Giles my full attention. He noticed and cleared his throat a tad disconcerted. "Will you be staying-?"

"Here?" I asked in shock. I looked around hearing the other girls not with Buffy clearly running rampant in the house. "Oh no…" I replied with a chuckle. "I have a safe place." And that was a total bold faced lie. Too bad none of them knew that.


It had taken some doing but I managed to get out of the house and into the night. It wasn't too late I couldn't get some recon done and if I was really lucky maybe I'd get to kill something.

So before I went looking for a hotel I drove around Sunnydale trying to get the lay of the land. Not something I liked doing but it had to be done and I was good at it. Just add another thing to my list of extra abilities.

"Ooh, a cemetery. Isn't that just my luck?" I wondered out loud. I knew already, even before I pulled over, that this was going to be eventful.

There was a good spot up ahead and I parked under the branches of a weeping willow which effectively hid my Shelby. I love this car. More than words could ever say.

I opened the trunk while slipping out of my coat. I set it down in the corner taking the leather belt and slipping it on. I buckled the straps around my thighs before slipping the Sai into the sleeves. On impulse I strapped on two silver stakes before closing the trunk and heading into the cemetery.

It was dark but the moon was out tonight so there was no need for the violet glow. I took my time walking through the paths noticing the clean well kept lawns and the head stones all lined up. In a way they looked like bones the way they were all lit by the moon. Maybe I was getting a little morbid with all this talk of bones but I couldn't help it.

The paths continued but I set off through the lawns feeling the silence creep in. I kept looking around, alert for anything undead wishing I'd find them sooner rather than later. I mean this is a HellMouth! Where the hell are all the demons and undead?

"Damn, it's too quiet." I grumbled then slid on the wet grass. "Fuck!"

I was lucky I didn't fall on my ass though I did curse my very comfortable and cute maryjanes. I had bought them for the heel, well partly. It's just that when you're in my line of work you can't always wear heels especially stiletto's and I love those. The Mary Jane's? The square heel kept me from sinking into the soft ground and I loved the warm wine color not that running in them wasn't easy cuz it was.

I wasn't exactly dressed for hunting but I hadn't had a chance to change out of my work clothes. Then again who lets their employees wear jeans in an office?

Gotta love Angel.

It wasn't cold, not too much anyway so I left my corduroy coat in the car and walked around wearing my shiny plum satin blouse, dark navy jeans and cute maryjanes. Not that I was hiding the Sai strapped to my sides or the silver stakes in my cuff.

Finally, I heard noise and moved in that direction. I kept my attention on my surroundings while trying to distinguish the sounds. I tilted my head not sure if I was correct but the next muffled grunt said I'd just hit pay dirt. Well, at the very least I was gonna get to put something in the ground.

Behind the next line of trees I could make out two figures and then a third, much bigger one.

"Come on poppet, hit me." the male voice was laced with mirth but not the kind that's happy. No, this one sent a small shiver through me which I welcomed. Somehow the pleasant tone managed to convey a large amount of menace. I watched for a moment as the two girls tried to fend off the vampire that was toying with them. He looked to be enjoying himself as he smacked another one down. I knew it wouldn't be long before he tired of playing with them and then he'd really enjoy himself.

I had the stake in hand before I thought about it and stepped through the trees. The vampire didn't notice me, didn't hear because I made no sound but he felt the stake as it imbedded into his thigh. He yelled bending low as he grabbed at my stake. He pulled his hand away as it burned and I smiled. Now I knew they were no different…

"Turn around." He could hear the menace lacing my voice and as he turned I kicked his chest sending him to the wet grass in a bundle of limbs.

The vampire clutched at his thigh were my stake protruded. The girls looked at me with big wide eyes and I noticed they held stakes. Mr. Giles had said Buffy was training some of the girls. I wondered if these were part of that group or was Buffy sending the girls alone? The others hadn't mentioned that, just said she was training some of the Potentials with Spike.

I knew about 'Spike'. I'd read all about him and the others long before I came here. Not that Wes had much on them.

I was assuming this was the same 'Spike' I'd read about and I really didn't care. He didn't have a soul, he wasn't like Angel and all the things William had done still counted. That meant I had every right to send him right back to hell.

"Wot the bloody hell is wrong with you!" he yelled. It was obvious it pained him to get up but he did.

As answer I kicked him. He doubled over giving me a perfect opening and I rammed my knee in his face. I heard the slight crunch and then he howled like a little puppy as he fell on his back.

"What are you doing?" one of the girls cried.


"You can't-!" they exclaimed.

"I can and am. Until he bores me then he's just another pile of ash." I ground out. What the hell was wrong with these girls? What was Buffy thinking to have this walking suck head around the Potentials in the first place? I didn't buy the whole he's good now krap.

The vampire was scrambling away from me and I noticed his leg was steaming.

"Allergic to silver are you?" the smile on my face was anything but pleasant and he wasn't sure what to think. "Burns. Does it hurt much?" I asked already crouching next to him, the second stake held loosely in my hand.

"Who are you?" he rasped.

"Why?" his face changed going from human to vampire.

"So I know what to write on your bloody head stone!" he raged. I felt the air move dangerously close to my face as he raked it with long nails. It pissed me off and I rammed the stake into his shoulder without thinking as I rolled back.

"Spike!" the girls screeched then I had them on me.

To be honest, as it was it wasn't a fair fight. Add to that how pissed off I was and it really wasn't nice, not nice at all.

I flipped to my feet blocking the skinny screeching girl with long brown hair. I wrapped it around my hand pulling her close and slapped her hard before shoving her away. She was going to feel that one in the morning. I rolled forward away from the kick aimed at my head. These girls were obviously Buffy's and it wasn't because of their impressive skills, they had none.

"Come on. Try and hit me." I goaded them and the little stick still feeling the sting of my palm came at me obviously pissed. "Bad idea, twiggy." She went down again then the vampire was to my left coming at me with a right hook. I turned slapping his fist past my face and brought the Sai in a clean arc cutting through his neck. He stumbled back clutching at the bleeding wound in surprise.

"I'm not a Slayer." I whispered smiling slightly. His eyes widened too late to move as I threw the Sai. He slammed into the tree behind him my Sai sticking out of his stomach. It wasn't a mortal wound but it had to hurt especially the silver. I smiled feeling very satisfied with my work so far. I was letting off some tension, working out my aggression and what better way to take out all my anger than to pin a vampire to a tree and make his un-life extremely uncomfortable not to mention miserable.

"Hey, these are expensive." I said flipping the Sai so they pointed at the blood staining my knee then time moved at a sluggish pace and I knew this was another warning. I moved my body so that once time returned to normal I could see the danger. I used my Sai to block turning the blade at the last moment. The wooden stake thudded into the grass. Well, the two pieces then I lightly jabbed the twig in the jaw and she went down. They were human after all, no sense in hurting them. I turned going down on my knee and grabbed the other girl's ankle. As soon as I stood pulling my arm up high she flipped over and landed face down on the grass. I bet she was wondering how she got there.