Artemis was reclining in his leather armchair, laptop on his lap, when he heard a faint giggle coming from the adjacent room. He was in one of the four parlors, and Butler's room was next door. He disregarded the sound. Butler's probably reading another of those cheesy romance novels he so adores, Artemis thought. He scolded himself for being so easily distracted.

This was an important code sequence. If one figure was off, even by a fraction of a percentage, the entire experiment would blow up in his face. He was attempting to alter the speed of sound in an enclosed area. If done correctly, he could converse openly with any person in the vicinity, and only said person would be able to hear him.

The giggle came again, this time louder. Artemis massaged his temples. The distraction was giving him a headache. The code scrolling across his screen was complicated enough as it was. The giggle sounded again, this time seemingly right in front of him. Suddenly, a shimmer appeared in the air. He realized what was about to happen a second before it did, and quietly stood up, laptop under his arm. As predicted, a disgruntled Holly crashed into the chair where he had been sitting a moment before. He yawned for effect.

"Hello, Holly," Artemis said coolly.

"Hey, Mud Boy," she replied.

"Crude as ever I see. I believe you wish to tell me something? No one crashes into my study just to spend time with me these days."

"Yeah, since you asked, I have a message from Foaly. He wants to know if it's okay to-"

Just then, the fountain outside his window shot fifty feet into the air, only to land in the rhododendrons. Moments later, it was followed by a shining metal pod shaped like an egg. The pod maneuvered around the shattered fountain and landed smoothly on the lawn. By that time, Butler was already there, Sig-Sauer in hand. Foaly stepped out of the metal egg.

"Sorry 'bout the fountain there, mud boy. Rouge magma flare," whinnied Foaly.

Artemis sighed. What would he tell Mother?

"Guess what?" Foaly spouted. "I get a vacation! And today, I'm going to come have fun at your place! Got any carrots? Everybody's coming! We've got Root, and Trouble, and Grub, and-"

Wit a sneer on his face, Artemis drawled, "Oh, come in, Foaly. You're all invited into my manor to wreak whatever havoc you may bring. Be my guest." "My pleasure. Anyways, we're gonna have a blast! Guess what we have planed!"

"Who says I want to know?"

"We are going to play truth-or-dare!" he stomped his hoof for emphasis. Artemis stared.

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